About Porn Detox Coach Roman Mironov

I wasted many years on porn addiction. You don’t have to make my mistake. My life purpose is to help you stop and make 2022 your NoFap year

About Me

I discovered porn at 14. I was horny and quickly became a porn addict. I watched tons of it from 16 to 21

I was alone and miserable. I made myself self-conscious. I didn’t develop practical skills.

I missed 5 years of dating, not developing dating or relationship skills. I was too shy around girls.

At 21, I landed a lovely girlfriend by dumb luck and later married her. But I couldn’t appreciate her… and returned to watching porn and fapping soon.

I let my marriage fall apart. The woman I loved the most got tired of me and divorced me. I was alone and miserable again. I could no longer be close to my son Denis who I love so much.

I couldn’t live in that hell anymore. At 32, I committed to quitting porn forever.
I am 40 now. No PMO for 8 years.

I feel in charge of my life. I am actualizing my potential.
I channeled my sexual energy into years of learning dating and relationships.

I shared my story online in 2019 and many resonated with it. They kept reaching out asking me about my NoFap experiences and tips.

I created my No PMO Course to help people realize these NoFap Benefits:


Years on No PMO


Books Read in the Time Saved

I've been porn-free for 8 years. With my course, I share my passion to inspire others to quit watching pornography

As Featured In:

My NoFap Timeline

It took me 17 years to see the dangers of porn. But I am happy I was able to stop my PMO addiction. I salvaged the next 8 years of my life ❗

Will you join me on this NoFap journey?


I became a full-time Porn Detox Coach

I was living version 2.0 of my life. I shared my NoFap experiences online, and people reached out for guidance. 


I learned about No Fap

I got motivated with NoFap benefits. I stopped watching porn and masturbating. Soon, I realized NoFap is worth it


My marriage started to fall apart

Later, the woman I loved the most divorced me. I lost the ability to see my son Denis every day. A huge wake-up call


My porn addiction began

I was 14 when I discovered porn and got addicted to it. Fapping became my sex for the next 17 years

What People Say

This is what my clients say about the course. Commit to quitting porn addiction today to get the same NoFap results.

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Roman, thank you for this excellent course! I recommend this course to everyone who is trying to quit porn. This course gives you all the information that you need to quit porn addiction for good. It is made in a proffesional way.
Great course! Learned a lot, and I think it will really help solve my problems.
I don't think I had a terrible porn addiction. I just felt it was a waste of my time sometimes. So I took the course and surprisingly got quite a lot from it. I now understand how porn is detrimental. I don't want to watch it any more. And feeling quite motivated right now.
Roman Mironov is awesome. The way he explains with examples and the way he motivates me to kick that porn habit out of my life is mind-blowing.