About Roman Mironov

Roman’s main passion is international entrepreneurship. His particular focus is on exports from, and imports to, Russia, his home country.

He specializes in building, managing, and scaling companies. Roman was a founder or co-founder in 5 businesses.

His other passion is marketing. As the founder of translation services firm Velior, Roman has helped dozens of clients increase sales by making their products appealing for speakers of other languages.

Roman speaks three languages: English, Russian, and German. He is currently learning Chinese.

Roman’s values

Hard work ethic
I single-task, work long hours, and don’t stop until the job is done.

I’m 100% committed to my clients’ success, making sure to cross all t’s and dot i’s.

Staying on the forefront of technology
I remain relevant by being an early adopter of new technology and best practices.

Pushing my and everyone else’s limits
I expect myself and others to realize the full potential that we have.