I'm Roman Mironov, Porn Detox Coach

Welcome to Version 2.0 of your life—Hero Version

This is when you realize great NoFap benefits:

Heal brain from porn

Stop fapping

Get a girlfriend

Feel in control of your life

Become motivated to do things that matter

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I've been on No PMO for 8 years. I share my No Fap experiences to help others on their journey

About Me

I was addicted to porn for 17 years
I was a loner and miserable
Jerking off was on my mind all the time
I didn’t develop practical or social skills
Later I murdered my marriage

I couldn’t live in that hell anymore

At 32, I began my NoFap journey

I am 40 now

I’ve been on NoFap for 8 years

I am purpose-driven instead of porn-driven

My life purpose is to help men heal brain from porn


Years on NoFap


Countries I traveled to instead of watching porn

My NoFap Timeline

It took me 17 years to see the dangers of porn. But I am happy I was able to stop my PMO addiction. I salvaged the next 8 years of my life ❗

Will you start your NoFap 2023 journey today?


I became a full-time Porn Detox Coach

I was living version 2.0 of my life. I shared my NoFap experiences online, and people reached out for guidance. 


I learned about No Fap

I got motivated with NoFap benefits. I stopped watching porn and masturbating. Soon, I realized NoFap is worth it


My marriage started to fall apart

Later, the woman I loved the most divorced me. I lost the ability to see my son Denis every day. A huge wake-up call


My porn addiction began

I was 14 when I discovered porn and got addicted to it. Fapping became my sex for the next 17 years

PMO Recovery

People kept asking me, “How do you stay porn-free for 8+ years?”

“How long to recover from porn addiction?”

“How to stop PMO?”

“Fap or No Fap?”

I created this program to answer these questions and many others.

Making sure that people can learn from my mistakes and not repeat them.

The course is mind-blowing
I have various issues which led me to have decreased self-esteem and self-confidence. I also had some problems with addiction. Those were the reasons I worked with Roman. I started working with Roman almost two months ago. I have more energy, more confidence, better strategy to deal with my own issues. I recommend Roman to anybody who’s looking for a coach to really help them increase their confidence and their self-esteem.
I came to Roman to help me out with building confidence, to build an intimate relationship, get along better with people at work and in my daily life, in my family at home, friendships. I started working with Roman in the beginning of this year, in January. So I’ve been working with Roman for almost 4 months now. I got great results from Roman, he’s guided me on almost a weekly basis. I’m regaining confidence in myself to take on the world, and we continue to build as we go. I can recommend Roman to people that are looking to create a new relationship, maybe want to change their careers, want to get along better with their family at home. Roman could do all of those things.
I was struggling with personal addictions, bad habits, ultimately stemming from lack of discipline in my life. I’ve been working with Roman for probably the past five or six months. As far as results, I have managed to control my addiction a lot more. I’ve gone a lot longer, more consistently without doing it. I’ve become more disciplined in my life, and I’ve learned a lot of new techniques for how to handle overcoming obstacles in my life. I would say Roman is the coach for anyone who’s trying to overcome addictions that they’ve held on to for a long portion of their life, and they really want to get free from it; also anyone who’s trying to expand as a human being and just become the best version of themselves. And what it usually takes is, if you keep trying the same thing over and over, it might be time to get a coach and someone that really cares about you like Roman does.

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Wondering if NoFap is good? Use these tools to learn more. Stop masturbation. Start Version 2.0 of your life.

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