What Goals Should I Set for Myself? (One Goal That Makes All the Difference)

“What goals should I set for myself” is out of the question for me.

I know there is one goal that is the most important.

My number one goal is to be happy no matter what.

In this article, I explain why it comes before any other goal.

Here’s a companion video:

I feel happy right now thanks to a breakthrough

I’m so happy right now because my parents sold their house.

It’s been a headache.

This house was too big for them.

It was too difficult to maintain.

It was almost impossible to sell because of its size.

And now they sold it!

This is going to improve their lives immensely.

And I’m so happy for them.

Why am I telling you this?

I want to show you how easy it is to be happy by having a breakthrough like this.

A big and impractical house that's difficult to sell is a costly mistake

Being happy with breakthroughs vs smaller things

The problem, though, is that our mind gets hooked onto that state of total happiness and craves it.

But that’s unsustainable because breakthroughs don’t come that often.

A more sustainable approach is to retrain our minds to be happy with little things.

Here are 3 reasons why this goal is the answer to the question “What goals should I set for myself” for me.

REASON 1: By setting the right goal, I’m in control of my happiness

I need to have control over what makes me happy.

Making my happiness dependent on money or other external things is asking for trouble.

Suppose I achieve these goals and they don’t make me happy, then what?

That’s exactly why some rich people have all the material things in the world but still feel miserable.

REASON 2: If my happiness comes from the inside, I’m better prepared to face life challenges

Heart-breaking problems come unexpectedly and inevitably.

Like the death of loved ones or losing a business because an industry gets disrupted overnight.

If my happiness depends on everything outside of me being perfect, such events will shatter me.

But if my happiness comes from the inside, I’m so much better prepared to face them.

REASON 3: I don’t need to use destructive ways to escape unhappiness

I train myself to feel happy about simple things like listening to audiobooks for free through Toronto Public Library.

When I feel unhappy, I listen to them and feel better.

And I don’t need bad habits to escape unhappiness.

Like overeating or drinking alcohol.

What do I do specifically to reach the goal of being happy no matter what?

One thing I do is allowing myself to feel happy as long as I achieve three small goals each day.

For example:

  1. Wake up early.
  2. Work out.
  3. Help one person in a meaningful way.

These small goals must be stretching, but I shouldn’t overstretch myself.

What goals should I set for myself?

Make being happy your main goal.

Think of three semi-stretching goals for tomorrow.

This will be a good first step to be happy with what you have.

Break through your barriers

Dr. Dave Turpen said:

When you have an accountability partner (i.e. personal coach), you have just a 5% chance of failing to meet your desired outcome.

Dr Dave Turpen on the importance of setting goals

Hire me as a personal coach and start moving toward your goals today.

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