Clients' reviews

I have various issues which led me to have decreased self-esteem and self-confidence. I also had some problems with addiction. Those were the reasons I worked with Roman.

I started working with Roman almost two months ago. I have more energy, more confidence, better strategy to deal with my own issues.

I recommend Roman to anybody who’s looking for a coach to really help them increase their confidence and their self-esteem.

Roman, I want to thank you.

In fact, after your coaching, I had a very interesting “side effect.”

I turned to you to improve the relationship with my man. Our relationship with him didn’t work out after all. At first, I felt unfortunate, but now I am happy.

When you worked with me as a relationship coach, I began to see myself differently. I began to love myself. I tried to learn how to make him love me, but in reality I got this interesting side effect—even though he left me, I started to love myself.

I have a completely different perception of myself. I realized that I deserve more and what that man was giving me is actually nothing compared to what I deserve.

And this is all thanks to you, because you constantly told me that I deserved more and I am wonderful. And I really felt it in myself.

And now, six months since we broke up, I can with 100% certainty say that he simply did not deserve me or the relationship I wanted to give him.

I hired Roman to help me find better work / life balance, and to prioritize and build better self care habits. He was helpful. Roman asked thoughtful questions, held me accountable, and walked me through some awesome meditations.

I’m very glad that I started a coaching program with Roman! He helped me cope with neurosis and find my love! Huge thanks to Roman!

I turned to Roman to improve my relationship with children and to gain self-confidence.

During our coaching, Roman supported and helped me in every possible way.

He taught me to listen to my children so that I truly understand them! He helped me to love myself and I saw myself from a completely different perspective! I stopped criticizing myself and my children. I stopped being a people pleaser! My life sparkled with new, bright colors!

I am very grateful to Roman for his sensitivity, professionalism, engagement, and the work that we have done! He changed my life—no matter how pretentious this might sound!

I started coaching with Roman in one of the most difficult periods of my life. I was switching jobs, going into a completely new field.

The resulting stress affected all areas of my life. Everyone suffered: my family, close ones, and myself.

Roman is very caring coach who listens carefully and gives practical advice. During this critical period of my life, he supported me, as well as my relationship with my husband and children. He gave advice on how to behave in certain situations and also taught me how to work out my personal issues.

Even after our coaching ended, he continues to check in with me about my progress. It’s very nice.

Undoubtedly, if you feel that you can no longer cope with stress or you’re scared of what’s happening in your life, you need an expert like Roman. He will help you relax, get clarity, and see life from a new perspective.

When we first started coaching with Roman, it was very uncomfortable, because he was making me think outside of my normal ways and realize some truths that I kind of didn’t want to realize.

I came to Coach Roman because I’m now in year three of building my own business. This year, that I share with Coach Roman, is the year for me to turn the corner and go from trying to build a business to running a business. One of the first things Roman helped me realize was, I was spending a lot of time on the little things. So, I focused more time on the big things and almost no time on little things, and results have been staggering.

If you yourself are looking to improve your life, contact Coach Roman, press that button, go ahead and make an appointment. I guarantee you, during that call you’ll learn things about yourself that maybe you were scared to admit or maybe you never knew. He can help you get to where you want to go and improve your life.

I was struggling with personal addictions, bad habits, ultimately stemming from lack of discipline in my life. I’ve been working with Roman for probably the past five or six months. As far as results, I have managed to control my addiction a lot more. I’ve gone a lot longer, more consistently without doing it. I’ve become more disciplined in my life, and I’ve learned a lot of new techniques for how to handle overcoming obstacles in my life.

I would say Roman is the coach for anyone who’s trying to overcome addictions that they’ve held on to for a long portion of their life, and they really want to get free from it; also anyone who’s trying to expand as a human being and just become the best version of themselves. And what it usually takes is, if you keep trying the same thing over and over, it might be time to get a coach and someone that really cares about you like Roman does.

I came to Roman to help me out with building confidence, to build an intimate relationship, get along better with people at work and in my daily life, in my family at home, friendships. I started working with Roman in the beginning of this year, in January. So I’ve been working with Roman for almost 4 months now. I got great results from Roman, he’s guided me on almost a weekly basis. I’m regaining confidence in myself to take on the world, and we continue to build as we go. I can recommend Roman to people that are looking to create a new relationship, maybe want to change their careers, want to get along better with their family at home. Roman could do all of those things.

I turned to Roman because I couldn’t make a very important decision in my life. I don’t think I doubted whether it was the right decision, but still, there was no certainty. The questions Roman asked during the free telephone consultation helped me to look at the problem from a new angle. No, things didn’t miraculously happen the way I wanted them to, the problem didn’t go away, but it became easier for me to look at it, and now I am confident in my decision. I recommend contacting Roman to those who need an outside perspective on their problem. Thank you, Roman. You helped me a lot!

I am very grateful for the consultation, Roman. You pointed out things that I sort of knew, but most likely didn’t want or was afraid to acknowledge. But you helped me, and I am very grateful for that.

I consulted Roman, a family psychologist, about my family’s problems. There are problems that you cannot solve on your own. Sometimes you need a view from the outside. I told Roman about my problem, he listened to me carefully, pointed out my weaknesses, told me what to pay more attention to, and what to do next. And I’m grateful to him for that.

I consulted Roman Mironov about a problem in my intimate relationship. I think everyone has problems like this at some point. I’ve been struggling with this problem for a very long time, I even had sleepless nights for two months. And you know, Roman’s consultation helped me so much. I am very pleased with our work together. If you need help in this area, be sure to talk to Roman.

Not long ago, I met Roman through social media. He is a coach and a psychologist. At that time, I had two problems, one very acute. So, I decided to consult Roman. And, most surprisingly, even during our very first session, I was able to realize, work out, and let go of the situation that had tortured me for almost a month. And this was very important to me—doing that with Roman’s help. I believe that in difficult life situations, it’s key to have a person like Roman who will help, provide emotional support, and guide you, so that you can understand, work through, and let go of what’s holding you back. This is so important. And this is why I’m very grateful to Roman.

Thank you for our coaching conversation. It was very interesting and pleasant talking to you. I have a clearer understanding now, both in my heart and in my head. So, we’ll continue moving in that direction. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Roman. Wish you all the best.

Roman Mironov is a very good coach—a real expert. He helped me sort out an issue that I have. I’m very grateful to him. I hope we will continue working together and dig even deeper into this issue. I had quite a few good realizations from coaching. So, I’m very grateful to him.

I’ve been working with Roman for some time now, and I can tell you from personal experience, Roman is dedicated to helping his clients take their work to the next level. Now, as a television producer and television host, I’m working on a number of key projects, and keeping the drive going, the initiative, the creativity, all those elements that go into a great production, a great television series, it’s not always easy, and I found Roman to be so effective and helpful, a powerful resource that has kept me focused on the key important parts of the project. If you’re looking for a coach or you think you’re ready for a coach to help take you to the next level, whether you’re making a television show or not, no matter what you’re doing in your life, I can tell you from personal experience, Roman is the one that you want to call.

I started coaching with Roman in September 2020. I can say I’m delighted. Helps me a lot. He created a program that’s individual to me. He develops an individual approach to every client. I’m grateful for the Universe helping me meet him, because working with Roman is easy. He hears me out and makes accomodations for my schedule. And, of course, I won’t hesitate to recommend Roman, because he’s the right choice as a coach.

I had a challenge with PMO for many, many years. It was important for me to change because my life was not where I wanted it to be. I was getting borderline depressed, I was not confident, I felt like my relationship with God was compromised. I felt down on myself all the time because I didn’t have the self-control to be able to quit and that’s why I reached out to look for help. From working with Roman I was able to start my journey of quitting PMO, and I have been free for over three weeks now. And I feel much, much better about my life and everything else in general. And Roman has helped guide me to that point and continues to guide me to be free from that. I would recommend Roman to anybody that is looking for help quitting PMO in general, because it is so important to take those steps to do so. And he is very good at communicating and facilitating the process and bringing effective tools that allow a person to start the process and to be successful.

I turned to Roman with a problem that was very serious for me: an age gape in a relationship, because my man, my partner, is much younger than me. During personal consultations with Roman, I realized that everything that I was thinking, everything that I focused on, is a limiting belief. Having understood myself, having understood our relationship, I began to feel myself even younger than him, because he is much smarter than me, much more mature when it comes to wit and actions. During consultations, we also sorted out my issues that I didn’t want to tell anyone about. But, having figured it out, it became much easier for me, I began to perceive myself, people, and my family differently. So, I definitely recommend Roman as a coach. He is a very good specialist, and he really does a very good job.

Roman is a very gifted life coach. He listens, and I felt he was on my side all the time. He understood my problem. He took it personally, as his own. And he guided me through with small steps. I just get sidetracked and I needed to focus, and Roman always brought me back to where I needed to be, so I could move forward. And he is helping me to overcome fear and confidence issues I had. And a lot of those fears are just because I have never done it before. But if you don’t do it, it’s always gonna stay in the same place. Roman stood right beside me when I was doing some scary things out of my comfort zone. So, it’s been a great, great help. I think Roman can help you in all areas of your life, but if you have a goal in your life, and if you feel stuck in the process, Roman will definitely help you move forward.

When I started working with Roman, I wanted to learn about myself more, be able to try to actualize my goals and to have someone who would hold me accountable. I feel positive results from coach Roman in being accountable, daily check-ins, being able to share my thoughts and general self-fulfillment and happiness. My relationships absolutely improved. With coach Roman I was able to be a lot more sensitive and conscious to the loved ones around me, and in doing so my relationships has since blossomed. Roman helped remind me of the things that are truly important, of following up on the goals that were important to me, being more careful and mindful about what and how, and when I eat. I’m grateful for it. I would recommend Roman to pretty much anyone who is… a human, who deals with natural levels of ups and downs of life, who’s looking to try to bring out a better you, I’d recommend Roman.

I asked Roman to help me with several issues. I didn’t have enough time for school, work, or my kid, and I didn’t have a relationship. Roman helped me to sort out many of my personal issues and problems. I am in a relationship now. And I became so much better with time management. Roman sincerely cares about his clients. I am actually studying to become a psychologist myself and I felt that Roman is a professional. Roman, thank you very much, I sincerely recommend you to anyone.
Roman helped me a lot. We had several coaching sessions and sorted out things that were bothering me. And in general, Roman pushed me with my self-development. A month ago, everything in my life was very sad. Now I am at my best. I feel strong and engaged, and I’m ready to move on, ready to do things that will benefit me. So, if you are still thinking whether to book a session with Roman, do not hesitate to do it. He is a very sincere and kind person who will support you and help you tackle any challenge. Roman helped me, and I’m sure he will help you. Thank you very much, Roman!
Before Roman and I were working together, I was considered prediabetic and had liver enzymes that were going completely in the wrong direction. And since working with Roman on weight loss and getting better control over my healthy habits, I’m happy to say that I’m no longer considered prediabetic and the liver enzymes are also improving. Working with Roman I’ve learned a lot of healthy life skills including setting boundaries and that it’s okay to think about myself and helpful to be more direct and honest with my communications while still maintaining a sense of humanity and allowing for better relationships with not only my friends but my family members as well.
I had a bad relationship with my wife. I was jealous, I spied on her. It was very difficult for me. I didn’t know if I should divorce her. Then I met Roman. He listened to me and asked for details. Just one session with him helped me to better understand my situation. Eventually, I realized what I need to do and decided to peacefully end the relationship. After that I felt better. Roman helped me a lot. I recommend him as a relationship specialist.
I had a long-standing psychological problem which I couldn’t handle myself. I turned to coach Roman Mironov who listened to me carefully and looked into my situation. As a result, he helped me get off the ground. I recommend Roman as a coach. He really helps.
I had questions relating to relationships and anxiety. I turned to Roman for help. He gave me some useful advice. I recommend Roman as an attentive coach.
I only see Roman once every several months, because you don’t need to see Roman more than that. Because after spending about half an hour with him you feel inspired, not only just from the outside in terms of having a good meal and having a quality conversation with him, but the conversation and the coaching material, the substance. Not only does he breathe and live what he teaches, he actually encourages and inspires you to do so. I find him to be a man of integrity. He’s super honest, sincere, and genuine. After having several sessions and meetings with him, you feel very inspired and you want to do more.
I want to thank Roman Mironov who is a great person and a skilled psychologist. He worked with me deeply on a challenge that I had in a one-on-one session. All advice he gave helped me a lot. Roman knows his job very well. I encourage you to contact professionals like him.
I hired Roman as a life coach at a difficult point in my life. I lost my job and got depressed. I spent several months at home pitying myself and felt absolutely unmotivated. I lost my confidence as well. I thought I couldn't find a new job because I had failed at the previous one. Roman gave me the push that I needed to start moving in a new direction. He helped me set goals and made me feel accountable. I've been applying to different job positions since. It's my pleasure to recommend Roman as a life coach.
Oil & Gas Industry Professional
I had an extemely compulsive habit which made me sick. I felt as if going with Roman was my last chance to quit because I had tried everything else. His coaching helped me finally quit. Do take advantage of daily check-ins that he offers!
I used to have compulsive behavior incongruent with my religion. I tried to stop it on my own about 30 times but failed. Thanks to Roman, I've been able to get clean and stay clean.
Tour Guide
If it wasn't for my daily check-ins with Roman, I could've never made it to a 90-day streak. If you need a coach to quit a terrible habit, Roman's the one to turn to.
Software Engineer
I came to Roman with a private issue that I've been struggling with for months. He explained the core causes of my issue to me. With the specific method that he had taught to me, I was able to resolve it after just four sessions. I've been recommending Roman to my family and friends since then. What I like about him most is that he walks the talk: he lives what he teaches.
Real estate professional
I went through a nasty divorce and felt my life was over. But then I met Roman through a Meetup group. He offered to do pro bono coaching with me. I liked his coaching style and ideas, so I became a paying client after two sessions. We met every other week for three and a half months. Roman helped me regain confidence and motivation. Now I'm dating again and looking forward to being in a relationship. Roman has been inspirational and a very positive influence for me. Working with him definitely made a difference in my life.
Independent Consultant
I was working long hours in my business and realized that my wife and I were drifting apart. I tried a few things on my own but nothing worked. That's when I was alarmed and realized I needed help. I was referred to Roman by a colleague. After 5 coaching sessions with him, I already saw results from the advice he had given me. I was able to make my wife happy again and fell in love with her again. If you want to save your marriage as I did, get Roman to coach you. He went through a lot himself and understands relationships very well.
Translation Business Owner
After being married for 37 years, I felt my marriage was doomed. I couldn't stand my husband's ways and habits, especially as he was getting older. And it seemed that the more I disliked him, the more resistant to change he became. But I stumbled upon Roman's videos on YouTube one day and they helped me. Especially his advice about unconditional love and long conversations. I've tried his ideas with my husband. That was difficult at first but the progress I saw kept me motivated. I also contacted Roman and he supported me over email. After a few months of watching Roman's videos, talking to him, and using his advice, I was able to accept my husband more and our relationship improved. We are no longer enemies as we were before. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Roman's coaching. His help was invaluable for my marriage.
Rental Business Owner