Sperm and Zinc – This Will Make You Hold on to Your Semen

Here’s one fact about sperm that will make you want to hold on to it

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Masturbation causes zinc loss

Every time I masturbated, I lost zinc

Is that a problem?


Zinc and sperm are tightly connected:

  1. Semen is high in zinc
  2. The quality of sperm depends on zinc a lot
  3. The male prostate needs ten times more zinc than other tissues to stay healthy

By jerking off, I was depleting myself of this important mineral, undermining my health

Shooting sperm is like shooting yourself

Let me share about a time when I first saw how important zinc was

I made myself almost infertile with masturbation

Masturbation had a huge negative effect on my fertility in 2008

I was 26 back then

I had a mild depression because my dog had died quite tragically

So I was watching tons of porn as a coping mechanism for depression

(Which only made me more depressed, by the way)

At that point, my ex-wife decided it was time for us to get pregnant

Funny enough, I was so depressed that I felt too tired to even think about whether I wanted a kid

I just agreed silently

We tried to get her pregnant for about 6 months, with no result

  1. One reason was that I didn’t want to have sex because of all the porn and masturbation
  2. But the other reason was having low sperm count and motility — that’s what my doctor found out

As a result of losing zinc with semen, I wasn’t 100% fertile. Maybe not even 50%

What did I do as a result?

  • The doctor put me on a zinc supplement
  • And I also limited my masturbation

Thankfully , we were able to conceive in a few months ❗

And now I’m a proud father of my 12-year-old


That said, let’s look more deeply into why zinc is important.

And see why zinc is one of the many reasons to avoid excessive masturbation.

Reason 1 — Zinc deficiency epidemic

Strength sensei Charles Poliquin talked to Tim Ferriss about the problems with zinc

Zinc is a great organizer in human tissue

It is essential for about 300 processes in the body

Without enough zinc, body chemistry can’t work right

But people are zinc-deficient these days, especially in the U.K., Ireland, and Australia

  • One cause is soil depletion—we are not getting enough zinc with food anymore
  • Another is xenoestrogens in the environment (foreign estrogens)—we use up our zinc to detoxify them. Examples include phthalates such as BPA chelate zinc
  • Yet another cause is anti-nutrients in the food we eat today way more than we did just 100 years ago. One example is phytic acid in seeds, nuts, legumes, and unprocessed whole grains. As it passes through the gut, phytic acid binds to zinc and other minerals, preventing their absorption in the intestine. Another example is lectins in whole grains and legumes that also decrease zinc absorption

For example, in the early 1970s, people could improve their testosterone rapidly by supplementing with just 30 mg of zinc a day

But in the 2010s, Charles was using as much as 180 mg of zinc a day for about 6 months with first-time clients

And he put zinc number 3 on his list of the most important supplements (after magnesium and fish oil)

Reason 2 — Zinc and testosterone

I already mentioned how important zinc is for testosterone

In a 1996 study, researchers found two things about the correlation between zinc and testosterone:

  1. Dietary zinc restriction in normal young men significantly decreased serum testosterone
  2. Zinc supplementation of marginally zinc-deficient normal elderly men increased serum testosterone

The more zinc you have, the more androgenic you will be

I was lowering my testosterone levels by masturbation ↘

And I was losing my masculinity, including manliness, confidence, drive…

And happiness as well

Reason 3 — Zinc and libido

Since zinc is key to testosterone production, low zinc is a problem for libido as well

The cells in the male prostate realy on high concentrations of zinc to work optimally

Not enough zinc in those cells ❓

Here comes impaired testosterone production

Not enough testosterone ❓

Your libido takes a hit

So literally by losing zinc through jerking off, you lose your libido

Reason 4 — Zinc and protein metabolism

Also, zinc is important for protein metabolism

I could be eating a steak

But without enough zinc, my body had difficulty breaking that protein into amino acids

Why is it bad? Here you go:

  1. When we can’t break down protein, we get problems from allergies —proteins we can’t break down
  2. Undigested proteins in the blood and the gut cause protein toxicity. It is the buildup of protein metabolic waste compounds that can lead to vomiting or loss of appetite

Reason 5 — Zinc for male fertility

Zinc has been shown to increase male fertility

Strength Sensei Charles Poliquin mentions that his athletes became fertile after supplementing with zinc


One reason zinc helps with fertility is by increasing sperm count

Knowing that, why would any man want to lose his zinc in cum by jerking off❓

Unless this is a weird contraception method that he uses

Reason 6 — Zinc for detoxification

The enzymes that detoxify xenoestrogens in the body are also zinc-based

Having enough zinc for detoxification helps with being more androgenic

Reason 7 — Zinc for better sleep

I used to be caught in this negative cycle:

  1. I would waste my zinc through masturbation
  2. My sleep got worse. I would wake up several times throughout the night
  3. And the next day, I would feel tired and depressed
  4. I didn’t have the willpower to fight off the urges. And would lose even more zinc with more masturbation

Now I know that zinc is as important for sleep as magnesium

When we waste zinc with sperm, our sleep suffers

I replaced this negative cycle with a positive one :

  1. No masturbation = not wasting zinc with sperm
  2. More zinc available in the body for good sleep
  3. Feeling better next day. Having the willpower to fight the urges ⚔️
  4. Forgetting about masturbation completely

Plus, I make sure I take zinc as a supplement daily

It adds to the reserves of zinc that I save by not losing my sperm

Reason 8 — Zinc for better mood

If you lose zinc with sperm, you don’t have enough of it

And you will feel it because your spirits will lower

Zinc is an antioxidant that helps with inflammation, making you feel better overall

Plus, zinc is likely a factor in dopamine regulation

And you know that dopamine is a huge factor in staying motivated and happy

With that said, if you want to feel depressed, go jerk off and lose zinc

(HINT: I’d prefer that you hold on to your sperm )

Reason 9 — Zinc for disease prevention

As I already mentioned, the male prostate needs ten times more zinc than other tissues to stay healthy

If you don’t get enough zinc and then lose it by masturbation, you are setting yourself up for a health crisis

Low zinc affects the immune system negatively

It just doesn’t produce enough T cells to fight viruses or bacteria

Having enough zinc in the prostate is key to minimize damage, inflammation, and cancer development

Semen retention for zinc retention

I wanted my zinc for myself—that’s why I stopped masturbating cold turkey

It was a motivating factor but not my biggest concern

I was even more worried about how masturbation left me feeling physically and mentally

I didn’t want to feel guilty about wasted time and opportunity cost

I also hated what watching porn was doing to my mind

Porn rewired my brain to crave weird online images instead of real sex

So, all motivating factors combined, I decided I needed to save my brain and my health in general

Now I practice semen retention, limiting ejaculation to about once a week

And I do it with my girlfriend rather than with my hand

For healthier sperm, I also supplement with multiple forms of zinc chelates such as glycinate or orothate

Stop losing zinc in sperm

Are you as serious about your zinc as I am?

Do you want to have more testosterone?

Do you want to restore fertility?

Do you want to feel amazing?

Do a 30-day porn-free challenge: 30 days of no porn and no ejaculation

And see how it makes you feel

And really to test yourself: every man should have the discipline to go 30 days without these

I can help with that

As a porn detox coach, I can help you in three ways:

  1. Take the basic version of Go 100% Porn-Free Course on Udemy, version 1.0. Since 2021, it’s been helping people create a system to follow for 30 days. At $20, this is the most affordable option.
  2. Take the full version of the course in my Academy. At $99, this is the most cost-effective option. And the most popular.
  3. Or take the full version of the course + 2 coaching sessions with me. At $299, this is the most costly version.

Check out this short video about the course:



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