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Do you want higher profits for your business?

Well, of course, you do… who would ever refuse that?

In fact, there is a very practical way to do this: produce products or generate services in Russia for exports.

You might be overwhelmed by the idea, but this is where I come in as your strategic local partner.

I help you do this successfully, minimizing the effort on your part.

From finding an OEM supplier to getting a full-fledged manufacturing facility up and running, my turn-key services will establish your footprint in Russia.

Who am I, though? I’ve been a Russian entrepreneur involved in international business for 15+ years.

Case study: Velior

I started my translation business Velior in 2005 when I was 23.

This was a one-man operation initially.

I spent endless days translating and editing since I wanted to do everything myself being a perfectionist.

I also juggled many other responsibilities.

It took me about one year to realize that I need to work on my business, rather than in my business.

Since then, I’ve grown my sales 10-fold.

Currently, my business employs 4 full-time in-house employees and 3 full-time freelancers.

Here’s what my clients say:
Veronika Stone
ALTA Language Services
We’ve been working with Roman’s company since 2009. They completed over 900 translation projects for us. This cooperation has always been to our satisfaction.
Jacquelyn Fox
Roman’s company has completed a total of 462 jobs since they began working with TransPerfect in 2008, assisting us by performing English, French, and German into Russian translations. They are certified in the fields of Legal and Life Sciences.
Donna Bishop
RWS Life Sciences
RWS Life Sciences (formerly “LUZ”) has used the services of Velior since 2011. They completed over 1,500 translation projects for us in various medical fields.
Leslie Heyrman
Yamagata Europe
We have been working with Roman since 2007. His company has performed translation of 1,866,000 words and revision of some 11,500 pages. These concerned technical translations in subject areas such as automotive, audio & video, camera, office equipment, computer hardware, software, air conditioning & heating—a total of 363 jobs.
Case study: Arna

Before that, I had been a co-founder of another translation business.

We started in late 2004.

These were my very first steps in the business arena.

I made a lot of errors and learned from them.

For example, I learned that you need to build an exceptional team.

The company is quite successful, in part thanks to the reputation for hard work that we’ve built from day one.

Here’s what my ex-partner Oleg Kiselev says about me:
Roman is a perfectionist and workaholic. He is a kind of performer that you want to be on your side in any business.

Why you might want this

The main idea is to make products or generate services taking advantage of low costs in Russia. You then sell them to the rest of the world at high prices. Four reasons to consider this move include:

Reason 1

Russian exports outside of raw materials are expected to double by 2024, reaching an impressive figure—$250 billions annually.

In May 2018, President Putin instructed the federal government to back up this growth through various initiatives.

Major work is underway to implement this instruction. The government will go to extra lengths to support exporters:

They pay for your participation in trade fairs.

They return VAT.

They reduce or eliminate taxes.

You’ve got to ride this wave!

Reason 2

A favorable currency rate makes it very attractive to pay employee wages in rubles and sell products for prices nominated in dollars or euros. Here is the graph for USD/RUB exchange rate:

As you can see, since mid-2014, USD increased by more than 100% against ruble. This means that USD can now buy more than twice as much compared to four years ago, including employee wages.

Produce at low Russian costs and export to Europe for European prices.

Reason 3

Lower transportation costs thanks to cheaper fuel. Fuel currently costs in Russia roughly 50% of European prices.

Proximity to Europe also means reduced transportation costs. Everything can be transported by train or truck, without complex logistics such as by sea or air.

Reason 4

Not only do you benefit from cheap labor, but you also take advantage of lower prices for most everything else in Russia. Examples include:

Rental of office or production space

Office supplies

Raw materials

Business services
What I can do for you

You need a local partner to do business in another country. Russia is no exception.

Helping you set up operations in Russia

I work closely with you to understand your business needs and come up with a free detailed proposal.

If you approve it, we proceed according to the plan.

Overall, I take the hassle out of this process for you, acting as a consultant or a full-fledged manager of your local business.

Until your Russian operation is up and running, you don’t pay me anything except obvious costs such as government fees.

Finding an outsourcing partner in Russia

You have a product or a service that can be outsourced in order to optimize costs.

Russia is ideal for this because of excellent costs to quality ratio.

An average monthly wage in Russia is $400.

Yet, Russians are among the most talented in the world. Russian education is widely recognized.

For example, India is a go-to country for writing simple code, but if you want more advanced software, you go to Russians who are regarded as the best programmers by many.

You end up with the right partner who will work under your brand following your guidelines.

Marketing your business in Russia

I help you gain exposure through my network of contacts.

I also help you create an engaging web presence in Russia. This includes:

Translation and interpreting

Take advantage of my Russian translation agency to translate from and into Russian cost-effectively and with high quality.

Take advantage of my best-in-class-interpreting between English, German, and Russian. I did my first interpreting for a Swedish company back in 2003! I wasn’t good yet, but the next 15+ years gave me tons of experience.

General consulting on doing business in Russia

Engage me for consulting, market research, and due diligence.

Chances are, I already know the answer, so that it won’t cost you anything.

Otherwise, I’ll research this subject area and present a detailed actionable report to you.

If you want to buy from a Russian company or buy the company itself, I can perform due diligence to verify the company’s legal and financial status. This involves a thorough investigation of all risk areas. As a result, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing that your investment is 100% safe.

Your benefits include:

Leverage my passion for international business that I’ve developed by running businesses focused on US and European clients since 2005. Take advantage of many years of international experience under my belt and extensive network of contacts.

As I know specifics of doing business in Russia, you get a perfect local partner in me.

Free initial face-to-face consultation: I come to your office wherever it is located.

Armed with three languages and adding the fourth one, it’s likely that I speak your language.

Test-drive my services free of charge: all consultations are absolutely free. With most services, you pay for results only.

Get easy access to excellent marketing and translation resources.

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