Semen Retention: Is It Good for You❓

Semen Retention: Is It Good for You or what?!

Well, you probably already feel that masturbation and ejaculation come at a cost. There are mental and physical costs: you become weaker psychologically and you waste energy. Especially when excessive masturbation and compulsive masturbation are used as a coping mechanism is not healthy.

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PRO 1: Increase sex pleasure

I do semen retention and I will tell you about my protocol later in this video
Before starting NoFap, I would masturbate to porn every day or once in a few days
And I didn’t want to have sex with my ex-wife
But sometimes, I would be very busy during the week and forget about porn
Then I would have sex on the weekend
And that sex was amazing
I actually looked forward to having sex instead of dreading it
I felt motivated to be a better lover
My orgasm felt out of this world
So amazing that I would even consider NoFap for that increased pleasure alone
Later, this would be one of my motivations to quit porn

PRO 2: Rechannel sexual energy

Sexual urges are powerful
Most people choose to waste that power
But some people were able to manage this power in a productive way
One of them is Napoleon Hill, a famous self-help author
100 years ago, he practiced and wrote about sex transmutation
He rechanneled his sexual energy in order to boost creativity, willpower, and success
That’s how he was able to be a very successful writer
His book Think and Grow Rich is one of the top self-help books
Or take the example of John Gray
John Gray is the best-selling author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
But did you know he was a celibate monk for 9 years?
Semen retention gave him special energy
He pushed this energy up his body
And felt huge effortless spaciousness of awareness and fluidity
He says, “If I have sex without ejaculating, I’m so in my head, I’m like a sunshine. I kind of like this altered high state, a little bit hyper”
Semen was the fuel for his brain to have higher consciousness
What did he do with that consciousness?
Well, he became quite successful by my standards
Over 15 million books sold
With that said, when you ejaculate you don’t just lose that altered state and get back to your regular level
You go lower

PRO 3: Enjoy life more

In his book Game Changers, Dave Aspey wrote about a 2 or 3-day ejaculation hangover
He was less engaged and less happy about life
He did a 30-day experiment
And he felt better about sex and his life in general
Your body believes that along with fight and feeding, reproduction is so important
It uses a lot of energy to produce semen
With semen retention, you are saving that energy
After ejaculation, prolactin increases sharply. It extinguishes the sex drive and makes you want to take a nap. Prolactin counteracts dopamine. Elevated prolactin also decreases testosterone.
And it goes into enjoying life

PRO 4: Get more attention from women

In his book Game Changers, Dave Asprey also confirmed more attention from women while he was doing semen retention
One thing that women responded to was his high energy and confidence coming from sex desire
The other thing was probably pheromones
Women would literally smell semen off him
But let’s be honest, Dave is a successful guy and women are attracted to that, too
With that said, I do agree with Dave about this increase in attention
I noticed it, too
When I watched porn and jerked off, I had low energy
No one wanted to be around me when I was like that
Especially girls
But when I went NO PMO, I noticed more female attention

PRO 5: Keep your circadian rhythm in check

There is now scientific evidence that ejaculating daily is harmful
A study on rodents showed that after regular ejaculation for 2 to 3 weeks, their circadian rhythms got disrupted
And it caused imbalanced hormone production

With that said,I want to counter these stories with a few other ones to make sure I am objective
As much as I can be objective?
After all, I believe porn is evil


John Gray’s story does not have a happy ending
As you know, he used to be a celibate monk for 9 years
Then he had sex without ejaculation
In fact, he taught men how to have sex without ejaculating.
And he ended up overdoing semen retention
After those many years, he developed Prostatitis
(And his wife also liked when he ejaculated)

Okay, should you do semen retention? Well, yes and no

Semen Retention: Conclusion

There are benefits to semen retention
But can you can overdo it?
Very likely
Especially if you are a guy prone to black or white thinking sho says,
“Yesterday, I was watching tons of porn and masturbated a few times a day
And now I will go cold turkey”
You need to find a balance that’s healthy for you
You harm yourself with excessive masturbation
But then you can also hurt yourself with the opposite — no ejaculation at all
Make sure that you don’t hurt your health because doing semen retention for too long can be detrimental
For me, this is about once a week
And no porn or masturbation
Most of my ejaculations come from sex or wet dreams
And I trust the wisdom of my body — When I am not in a relationship, I just release with wet dreams
That’s what I consider normal
There’s no way I am touching myself


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