PMO Addiction – Quit PMO Instantly with These Science-Based Reasons

Here’s some motivation to help you break PMO addiction.

Masturbation is so addictive that even unborn children masturbate.

But excessive masturbation can be unhealthy.

Today, I’ll explain science-based reasons to stop excessive masturbation.

But before we get started, let me share what motivated me to go No PMO originally.

My motivation to break PMO addiction

I had mild depression  after my dog had died in 2008.

I tried to numb myself with a Porn Diet  (PD).

I thought watching porn would make me feel better.

And it did… but just for 15 minutes I was watching.

But after that my depression only got worse ☹️.

With every PMO session, I was sinking deeper.

I was lucky to discover a different PD—Porn Detox.

It promised relief in my depression and that was my initial No PMO motivation.

Indeed, my depression got significantly better. My brain fog lifted.

And suddenly I realized I didn’t have direction in life.

This is when my third PD came in—I got Purpose-Driven instead ⬆️

My life purpose gets me out of bed. And now PMO addiction… seems stupid.

Make this your No PMO motivation, too. And then add the scientific evidence below to reinforce your commitment.

Companion video

Watch the video if you don’t want to read:

Reason 1: Escaping problems with masturbation is ineffective but solving them is.

A study shows that children may masturbate due to psychological or behavioral problems.

study children masturbation psychological problems

It’s a mechanism for children to deal with negative emotions.

I believe the same thing is true for adults as well.

We often masturbate because we want to escape feeling bad about something in our life.

But such escaping is unproductive:

  1. The problems that we’re trying to escape will only get worse.
  2. It causes guilt and regret that make us feel even worse.
  3. It hurts our intimate partner and can cause breakups in relationships. (Reddit example.)

Instead of escaping underlying problems through masturbation, we should solve them.

Here’s an example:

Solving the underlying problem stops masturbation.

Children crave love from their parents.

And when they don’t get enough love, they may succumb to unhealthy, excessive masturbation.

A researcher described five cases where changes in parents’ behavior led to masturbation.

study children masturbation symptom of tactile deprivation

But restoring affectionate tactile contact by the parents stopped excessive masturbation.

So here’s a powerful bit of No PMO motivation:

Solving our problems is effective while escaping them with masturbation is not.

Reason 2: Don’t let masturbation cause psychiatric disorders.

As I mentioned before, psychiatric disorders can cause masturbation.

But masturbation, in turn, can make those disorders even worse or create new ones.

Researchers studied children with psychiatric disorders who masturbated.

They found that masturbation might lead to a sex crime in adulthood.

That’s how it messes with our brains.

We get used to getting what we want sexually.

And when masturbation isn’t enough, we look for something even more stimulating.

That’s a dangerous path that can lead to a crime such as rape.

study children masturbation sex crime

Reason 3: Fewer ejaculations mean more testosterone.

In another study, healthy men masturbated after not having sex for 3 weeks.

The researchers found that abstinence from orgasm increased testosterone.

And why is it good?

This study shows numerous benefits to having high testosterone levels for men.

nofap motivation study high testosterone benefits

They include:

  • Increased muscle mass and strength.
  • Increased bone size and strength (density).
  • More circulating hemoglobin, which increases athletic capacity.
  • Mental health benefits (mood, aggression, and motivation).
  • Increased muscle myoglobin content.

Dave Asprey is a well-known proponent of limiting ejaculation.

dave asprey quantifiying sex

He suggests the following Chinese Taoism formula:

(Age – 7)/4 = X days

For example, I am 37.

(37 – 7)/4 = 7.5 days

Knowing that I should ejaculate about once a week is a powerful motivation for me.

When I don’t ejaculate, I save testosterone and get all the great No PMO benefits.

Reason 4: Having sex is healthier.

We know intuitively that having sex is better than masturbation.

  1. A shared experience multiplies the feeling.
  2. You give love to your partner and feel it yourself as a result.

But there’s also science behind this belief.

According to another study, semen content is better during sex compared to masturbation.

study semen intercourse masturbation

These parameters of the semen collected during sex significantly improve:

  • Volume of seminal plasma.
  • Total sperm count.
  • Sperm motility.
  • Percentage of morphologically normal spermatozoa.

They even recommended collecting semen for artificial insemination during sex.

That’s another reason to convince you if you are wondering, “Is No PMO worth it?”

Save sexual energy for finding and having sex with an intimate partner.

Reason 5: Porn is detrimental to men’s sexual performance.

Now, a study done on 100,000 men and women…

In a 2022 study from Switzerland, researchers looked at how porn influences men and women. Here’s what they found for men:

A higher frequency of porn use (wave 1) and increased porn use over time (waves 1–3) were associated with lower levels of sexual self-competence, impaired sexual functioning, and decreased partner-reported sexual satisfaction.

Interestingly, the study showed a different result for women:

Among women, higher and increasing frequencies of porn use were associated with higher levels of sexual self-competence, improved sexual functioning, and enhanced partner-reported sexual satisfaction (for some aspects).

As a man, you kill your sexual drive and satisfaction with porn. How’s that for motivation to break PMO addiction?

Reason 6: PMO doesn’t go well with relationship stability

PMO is detrimental to relationship stability as shown by a study from 2022 from Utah. The study involved 3,750 U.S. adults (71% female and 28% male).

1️⃣Regardless of individual factors, pornography use tended to have a negative effect on the stability of relationships.

2️⃣Individual factors can exaggerate the negative effect of PMO on relationship quality. Being religious or believing you are addicted to pornography can magnify these negative associations.

3️⃣There was no evidence that aggressive pornographic content had a greater impact than non-aggressive content.

4️⃣There was no direct relationship found between pornography use and relationship satisfaction.

Want to kill your relationship ❓Keep doing PMO.

Dangers of NoFap ❓

A study released in February 2023 offered some critique of NoFap as a community. The study name is Iatrogenic effects of Reboot/NoFap on public health: A preregistered survey study. Let me respond to some of the ideas from the study.

“Pornography addiction” is an unrecognized diagnosis.

I will reply with a comment Dorian made on my blog: “I’ve also been consuming porn for 15 years, now starting my journey. I recognized it as a problem a few years ago, but I’m just now realizing how bad it really is. Until now I’ve made excuses or just pretended it isn’t a problem even though I knew the truth. I’m totally lethargic and demotivated.”

Qualitative studies have consistently suggested that “Reboots” paradoxically cause more distress. The distress appears to occur in response to (1) the abstinence goal, which recasts common sexual behaviors as personal “failures.”

Honestly, I don’t think this distress is that bad. In fact, it’s okay to feel distress when you are pushing yourself to improve yourself to get rid of a bad habit. You are getting out of your comfort zone, after all. I’d recommend decreasing the distress by getting support, though.

Part of that distress is indeed unhealthy. You might feel shamed or bullied. You might feel something is wrong with you. But that’s not true. You are a good person. It’s just that PMO addiction is getting the best of you.

Then, it’s key to see the distinction between porn and masturbation. Masturbation is not bad. It’s a natural way to release sexually when you can’t have sex. Sex should be a priority, though.

Excessive masturbation becomes a problem when it’s a waste of time and energy. And a coping mechanism. And an excuse not to be social and seek real sex.

Finally, porn is poison. Kill me, hang me but porn is poison to guys. Porn is bad to your brain just like weed is. You can consume it and convince yourself it’s helping you but on the backend, it’s killing you.

(2) problematic and inaccurate Reboot/NoFap forum messaging regarding sexuality and addiction. Participants reported that their most recent relapse was followed by feeling shameful, worthless, sad, a desire to commit suicide, and other negative emotions. More engagement in NoFap online forums was associated with worse symptoms of erectile dysfunction, depression, anxiety, and more sex negativity.

Well, I felt porn-watching was wrong for me way before NoFap became a thing. The problem is not about NoFap as a particular community. I think that overall, they have a positive message. But are there still particular people in a community who are toxic ❓For sure. And that’s normal. Now if you feel your self-improvement goal is not supported by this community, don’t go there. Or filter what they write.

Results support and expand previously documented harms and problems with Reboot/NoFap claims of treating pornography addiction from qualitative research.

This is a controversial topic. See some of the studies above that talk about the dangers of porn for sexual confidence in men and the stability of relationships.

Whenever someone takes PMO to an extreme, it’s easy to attack them. Perhaps, the answer is common sense and moderation.

Motivation to not masturbate

If your mind is telling you to peek or edge a little bit, remind yourself why you made the decision to break PMO addiction. And how great you feel when you stay committed to that decision. And how broken you feel after a No PMO relapse.
Your mind tricks you into thinking that PMO will feel amazing. But in reality, you’ll feel good for 15 minutes. And then you’ll feel very bad for 2 hours.
With every cycle of PMO addiction, you will feel worse. Because you fry dopamine receptors more and get less motivated.
I don’t need to give you motivation to not masturbate. You already know how much better you feel on No PMO.
Don’t let your brain trick you into thinking that fapping will make you feel good. The truth is, if you really want to feel better, do No PMO.

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