One Meal a Day Results – I Survived 3 Months on OMAD Diet!

Here’s how you can benefit from it.


Here are my one meal a day results.

I’ve tried the diet for three months.

Today, I’ll break down my experience and explain how you can benefit from it.

And then I’ll show you how you can lose weight quickly and in a healthy way. As real, live weight loss coach, your weight loss success is my mission.

Let’s get started.

Update after 3 years of OMAD diet (August 2022)

Before OMAD, I was a vegetarian.

I thought I needed a lot of carbs. So I ate tons of grains and starch.

As a result, I felt hot all the time. I couldn’t walk for a few minutes without breaking a sweat. I had to have an A/C within 2 meters of me in summer.

I also looked plump.

Carbs made me retain water. I even had leg swelling.

After OMAD, I went back to eating animal protein. (I love it by the way.) And I reduced carbs drastically.

As a result, I got lean quickly. But I ended up with another extreme: feeling cold and hungry in the morning.

That was my OMAD before and after. And here’s what I changed to upgrade it.

I have Bulletproof coffee in the morning. Coffee + grass-fed butter + MCT oil + prebiotic fiber.

This coffee makes a huge difference. I feel satiated and I don’t feel cold anymore. I also feel more motivated.

It keeps me going until 2 p.m. pretty easily. And then I have my OMAD for about 2 hours.

So there you go: My OMAD before and after — smart OMAD!

Update after 2 years on OMAD diet (December 2021)

Everyday OMAD diet didn’t work for me long-term. Instead. I use it twice a week now as a tool to increase my metabolic flexibility. And I do two meals on other days.

Update after 6 months on OMAD diet (2020)

I wrote this post originally after starting OMAD in October 2019 and doing it for 3 months.

Now it’s been 6 months and I want to report my progress.

It’s been a fantastic journey so far. I’ve seen a major boost to my energy level and happiness.

I’m seriously hooked on it now.

To be clear: it wasn’t easy during the first months. But it’s so much easier now that it has become a habit.

There’s no way I’m going back to two meals a day.

That said, here’s my original account of one meal a day results after 3 months—updated with my latest observations.

Companion audio

Check out the companion podcast episode for my story of OMAD diet experience:

My OMAD diet results after 1 month and onward

For 3 months, my eating window on OMAD has been 22:2.

I wake up at 4 am.

I eat at around 5 pm.

Then I go to bed at 9 pm.

This is the list of the OMAD results I benefitted from already after 1 month:

  • I lost 5 kilos (10 pounds) on OMAD without much exercise. I got so lean that people asked me. “Hey, how did you get your veins to pop out”

  • I’m so much more productive. Eating 3 meals a day interrupted my workflow and other activities. Now I focus better on what I’m doing and I get so much more done.

  • I love exercising self-discipline and embracing discomfort. My one meal a day comes as a reward.

  • I didn’t enjoy my 3 meals a day as much as I enjoy one meal now. I’m so hungry in the evening that eating feels fantastic.

  • Seeing great OMAD fasting results also gave me momentum to begin dopamine fasting. I do it once a week now.

That sounds good but this kind of results comes with a cost

Bad OMAD Diet Results After 1 month:

I felt hungry all the time

Checking the time until dinner all the time

I developed a food addiction

Now let’s dive into my positive OMAD results in detail.

OMAD, before and after

I had been already very lean before I started.

Here’s a picture of me in 2013 and in 2020 to give you an idea.


I lost about 25 pounds during that time by eating a 2-meal-a-day keto diet.

So being super lean already, I didn’t experience any direct OMAD diet results after 3 months.

That said, my weight loss coaching clients have seen great results with OMAD.

You lose weight

One of the clients lost 15 lbs in 2 weeks.

Another one went from 240 to 220 lbs and plateaued. He then started counting calories and soon, his weight loss continued.

To be clear: OMAD produces amazing results for people. And it’ll do the same for you.

You’ll start burning your fat reserves and lose weight quickly.

You’ll also learn about your eating habits. With 3 meals a day, you probably overeat. Just eating because it’s “time to eat.” Realizing that you don’t need that many calories will also help you lose weight.


You have more focus and productivity

If you like focusing on one thing, OMAD is great for you.

It allows focusing the first half of the day exclusively on work or other activity.

Then, you can do other things such as learning, exercising, and cooking.

And finally, you can eat.

Finishing a task before moving on to the next one gives you a sense of completion.

Compare this to a 2-meal schedule where the first meal (say, at 12 pm) breaks the workday into 2 parts: before and after the meal.

So yeah, high-performing individuals will love OMAD for making them more organized and productive.


You reward yourself at the end of a fast

With OMAD, food comes as a reward for hard and concentrated work.

You enjoy your food, knowing that you completed your work for the day.

And it tastes so much better because you’re hungry!

On a 2-meal or 3-meal schedule, it doesn’t feel like a reward. It breaks the flow of your activities and feels more like a distraction because you still have to do a lot.


You simplify cooking and eating with OMAD

When you eat several meals a day, planning and eating can be difficult. Some people even carry several containers with them, eating on the go or in the office.

OMAD allows you to cook once and eat once. It couldn’t be easier.

Another example is travel. With OMAD, you can focus on your experiences and don’t worry about getting food.

You can even go on a 48-hour fast if necessary because OMAD prepared you for longer fasting. It just means that you need to skip one meal.


You’re less hungry longer

One of the OMAD diet results you’ll notice will be feeling less hungry during the day.

You won’t feel hunger longer in the morning. I don’t feel it for at least 6 hours after waking up.

And forget about food cravings a couple of hours after dinner. The meal size is so huge that there could be none!


You’re healthier with intermittent fasting

With OMAD, you get all the benefits of intermittent fasting:

  • Autophagy: cellular cleanup.
  • Compressing the eating window: less insulin and more growth hormone.
  • Hormesis: using positive stress to boost resilience. By exposing yourself to discomfort in the form of hunger, your willpower gets stronger.

Use it as pleasure for neuro-associative conditioning

One of the OMAD diet results you’ll appreciate is that your meal becomes more enjoyable.

You are hungrier and look forward to it.

Eating puts you in a peak state that you can use for conditioning yourself. Whatever you do during that meal your mind will link to pleasure.

For example, if you have a hard time communicating with your spouse or partner, talk to them a lot during this one meal.

That’s how you’ll like talking to them more. And they’ll notice it and start liking it more as well. The next thing you know, your relationship improves.


Make weight loss on OMAD effortless

My OMAD results for weight loss: 10 kilos (about 20 pounds) within a few months. But was it easy? No!

In fact, OMAD was super difficult in the beginning. I was too hungry and kept thinking about food.

But then it became pretty effortless. How so?

I hacked my hunger with Bulletproof coffee in the morning. Coffee + grass-fed butter + MCT oil + prebiotic fiber.

This surprising combination makes a huge difference for my OMAD results. I stay satiated for 4 to 5 hours. And then I can have my OMAD at 2 p.m.

Hack your hunger to get amazing OMAD results for weight loss, too.


What’s your fasting record ❓

Let me share my weight loss results eating one meal a day after 4 hours of fasting. This is my fasting record.

I went on a road trip from Toronto to Thunder Bay and back (2,800 kilometers total). It made my fast possible. I cannot fast on regular working days.

I had my last meal on Sunday. And broke my fast on Thursday. I only drank coffee with butter and MCT oil during the fast. Coffee makes a huge difference for me because it kills hunger even on Day 3.

My weight loss results are 2 kilos or 5 pounds. Most loss in my arms. I wish it were the waist, though 🙂

I felt light-headed on Day 4. It was difficult to do balancing yoga poses with my eyes closed.

I like the psychological wins of fasting:

I feel I am in control over my biological urges. I show my brain that I can be in control. This is a state that I need to remember to go to whenever my thinking mind is taking me in the wrong direction. Instead, I can say, “Wait. I know how being in control feels. Let me go to that place now.”

I enjoy the Stoic Pleasure. It feels great to suffer now and thrive later. My OMAD after four days of fasting felt out of this world. The cleanest type of pleasure.

I also really enjoy driving with coffee. It’s not the same HIGH that I get from eating one meal a day but it’s still higher than I would expect.

My senses are heightened.

And my weight loss results came as a side benefit.

What did I eat to get my OMAD weight loss results in 1 month?

I lost 5 kilos (10 pounds) on OMAD without cardio. That’s one reason OMAD is great for weight loss. Especially for someone who has a lot of extra weight.

When I started OMAD, I did a 22:2 eating window. I had one meal around 4 p.m. Here’s my menu:

  1. A lot of good fats: olive oil, grass-fed butter, avocados.
  2. Moderate protein: free-range eggs, grass-fed butter, sockeye salmon.
  3. A lot of vegetables as a “delivery system” for those fats.

My weight loss was great. But I also felt hungry all the time. It was only after 2 years when I realized I could hack hunger with Bulletproof coffee.

Do you want OMAD weight loss results in 1 month? Start an OMAD experiment next month.

Does one meal a day have results beyond weight loss?

For one, one meal a day results in more than just weight loss.

First, I feel more energy. I used to eat more calories than I needed. I then wasted energy digesting those unnecessary calories.

Second, I am more productive.

With less cooking and shopping, I freed up one or two hours of my time each day.

Third, I get the benefits of intermittent fasting. I fast on OMAD and give my digestion a break. My body uses that time to repair itself with autophagy.

Finally, food really tastes better on OMAD. But the caveat is that you can get addicted to food. I sure did

Experiment and see one meal a day results for yourself.

What if I overeat on OMAD?

My one meal a day weight loss results at 30 days ❓5 kilos or 10 pounds.

Look, I just don’t eat that much now. How much can I eat in one meal a day, after all ❓ Instead of eating, cooking, or digesting all that food, I’d rather spend time with family.

And even if I overeat on OMAD and feel super full, I still lose weight because I am still in a calorie deficit.

But if I switch to 2MAD and have the same amount of calories in two meals, I start gaining weight.

It’s like my body is better able to utilize calories from one meal. It goes, “Oh I am in scarcity. I need to use all these calories right now. Who knows when the next meal is coming!”

And with 2MAD, it goes, “I am in abundance so it’s okay to hold on to those calories.”

Does OMAD help with metabolic flexibility?

I use OMAD strategically now. By alternating it with other intermittent fasting protocols, I build metabolic flexibility.

I simply alternate OMAD and 2MAD.

First, I think that doing OMAD every day can be too difficult and unnecessary. It’s a positive (hormetic) stress for my body. I don’t want my body to be under chronic stress which can be negative.

Second, I listen to my body. If I feel I am hungry in the morning, I will have breakfast and dinner that day. My goal is to make fasting and weight loss effortless—not to suffer.

With this approach, I am teaching my body to be metabolically flexible. That is, to be ready for any kind of eating protocol and get the best of it.

Keto diet and OMAD: do they work together?

I believe OMAD works very well with a keto diet.

I’ve been experimenting with a keto diet for almost 3 years. And finally, I decided to test my ketone level.

I bought a ketone meter from Keto-Mojo. My first idea was to test it two times a day.

My first test was at 8 a.m. which was about 16 hours after my dinner the previous day. I got 0.3 mmol/L.

The second test was at 2 p.m., right before dinner (22 hours of fasting). And my ketone level went up to 0.9 mmol/L! Sweet 🙂

As an intermittent fasting protocol, OMAD contributes to my ketone levels. And that means cleaner energy for my body, less hunger, and easier weight loss.

Is a keto diet good for weight loss?

I think a keto diet is good for weight loss for many reasons. But here’s one specific reason it works so well.

I used to have a sweet tooth. I have an addictive personality and just can’t stop. I could eat a box of ice cream (20 pieces).

With my keto diet, I pulled my sweet tooth out. My sugar cravings are gone. Ice cream is never on my mind now.

Instead, I support myself with coffee or decaf with grass-fed butter. I carry a thermos with me all the time. Coffee keeps me satiated.

Probably, the sweetest thing for me is coconut oil. It keeps me happy.

A keto diet is good for weight loss also because it is compatible with intermittent fasting on OMAD. IF bumps up ketones even further. When I do IF, I drink coconut water because it quenches hunger well.

I love my vegetables. But they also serve a practical purpose on my keto diet. I view them as a “delivery system” for fats. The fiber in vegetables helps process fats and proteins more effectively.

Do I eat dessert ❓Well, I could eat dark chocolate because it’s quite keto. But… I don’t really want to. My taste buds have rewired to the point where I don’t need sugar bombs to keep them happy.

Now when I gave up sugar thanks to keto, I lost about 20 pounds effortlessly. A keto diet is that good for weight loss.

What’s next

Reading about one meal a day results that others have seen is motivating. But it doesn’t mean you’ll do it yourself.

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  • Are you tired of starting and stopping dieting all the time?
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What are clients saying about it?

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