You failed No Nut 2022, again…

An average porn addict spends 10-13 hours a week watching porn. Add 15 more for brain-fogged, unfocused, and unmotivated hours.

That is 25 hours a week (conservative estimate).  Now, let’s say your hourly rate is $50. (It’s likely to be double, especially if you’re experienced and efficient.)

That’s 100 hours a month x $50/hr = $5,000/m.  A full-time salary for some.

That’s $5,000 x 12 months x 10 years =$600,000.

31-day NoFap Challenge

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If you continue with fapping for another 10 years like that, you’ll unknowingly sign a $600k cheque to the porn industry.

So the next time you think of watching porn, think of the $600k you’re donating to the filthy industry.

And if you’ve had enough and want to recover from it, I can help.

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NoFap Challenge

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NoFap Challenge + Willpower Challenge + Get a Girlfriend Challenge

Most savings — just $49 a month


Option 3

3 challenges + 4 coaching sessions with me


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