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How to Stop Porn and Masturbation

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This basic tutorial shows you how to start NoFap.

If you want more help, I\’m offering a full course or my coaching services.

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Who is it for?

The course is aimed at anyone who wants to stop watching porn and masturbating. We cover everything, so even if you have no idea where to start, you\’ll be able to quickly jump in and become porn-free today.


Your Coach


Roman Mironov

NoFap Coaching

I\’m a life coach trained by a Tony Robbins program. 

I\’ve been on NoFap since 2014.

I\’m on a mission to help people break free from pornography and jerking off.  

I\’ve helped hundreds of people stop this addiction and realize their full potential.


Stop guilt and shame

Many men feel guilt and shame after jerking off. They crush your confidence and motivation. You hide from other people because you feel something\’s wrong with you. But you can live free from guilt and shame.   

Stop wasting your time and potential

Porn consumes too much time. You could be spending it on personal growth, getting better at work or school, or even starting your own business. That\’s how you become the best version of yourself—a hero!


Make NoFap easier

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