9 Guaranteed NoFap Benefits in 2022 – Do You Know Them?

A coaching client of mine has been struggling with his porn and masturbation addiction.

Even though he was aware of many NoFap benefits, he couldn’t commit to the recovery program.

But in April 2020, he finally quit PMO.

And he has seen incredible benefits.

More confidence, intense creativity, and more awareness.

And most importantly: he’s in control of his emotional state.

He feels amazing.

Here are NoFap benefits that you can reap as well.

Benefit 1: More dopamine receptors ➡️ more pleasure
Benefit 2: When you can’t get distracted, you get motivated
Benefit 3: Get creative
Benefit 4: You feel in control and feel great about yourself
Benefit 5: You no longer objectify women
Benefit 6: Your romantic relationship gets better
Benefit 7: You help others (and strengthen your own commitment)
Benefit 8: Face challenges instead of escaping them temporarily
Benefit 9: Do more in ten minutes porn-free than in entire hours addicted

Companion video

You can watch my story of going No Fap and loving its benefits.

My NoFap 5 years

Here are my three lessons from NoFap 5 years.

I’ve been porn-free for 8 years. During this time, I had two short relapses in 2017 and 2018. So technically my current NoFap streak is 5 years.

Those two relapses were painful but they taught me a lot:

1️⃣I felt embarrassed by watching porn. I felt like a creep. I don’t want to feel like that anymore.

2️⃣I felt regretful for losing my multi-year streak. It had been an accomplishment that had made me proud.

3️⃣I realized that porn-watching had been hell. This lifestyle is not for me.

And not for you either. I can’t wait till you do your own NoFap 5 years.

Benefit 1: More dopamine receptors ➡️ more pleasure

If you resist an urge to watch porn and masturbate, your brain doesn’t get the easy dopamine it’s used to.

So what does it do? It fights for that dopamine high.

It makes you suffer by creating NoFap depression.

But if you persevere through suffering, the brain adjusts to the low dopamine level.

It increases the number of dopamine receptors to maximize the effect of the low dopamine it gets.

By having more dopamine receptors, you’ll feel more pleasure from simple things.

You’ll need way less stimulation to feel happy.

In other words, the more you suffer, the more pleasure you’re able to feel later.

That’s why an orgasm is more intense after a period of abstinence, for example.

Or that’s why I’m excited to see my family after being away for a month—I miss them badly.


Benefit 2: When you can’t get distracted, you get motivated

After you start NoFap, your brain starts to get pleasure from activities that used to feel boring.

This makes you more motivated to do those activities.

For example, when you have a PMO addiction and sit down to work, you’ll feel an urge to distract yourself with masturbation.

That’s because your brain knows that this is a reliable source of pleasure.

But after you don’t allow distractions for some time, magical rewiring happens.

Your brain goes, “Okay, now I can’t get pleasure from distractions. Where do I get it?”

And the answer is, “Work and other productive activities!”

So you don’t need to get distracted to feel pleasure anymore.

You feel motivated to get it by doing something productive instead.

Accomplishing small goals starts to give you pleasure.

Especially now that you’ve also increased the number of dopamine receptors.

That’s how you feel more motivated in life.


Benefit 3: Get creative

My client was lying in his bed the other night and felt bored.

A perfect situation for wanking, right?

He called me for support and I reminded him that we’re the most creative when we’re horny.

I told him to use this life force for something creative rather than letting PMO be the outlet.

As a result, he sat down at his computer to work on a problem he had been trying to solve for 2.5 years.

His Ubuntu virtual machine had a size of 320 GB while the actual size of files in it was just 25 GB.

And it was causing trouble because the daily backup took about 8 hours instead of 30 minutes.

And that night, he solved this problem!

He realized that he could mount his entire system to a specific folder to find out why it occupied so much space.

And he was able to see where the hidden files were.

They were in a folder where the other folder was mounted and that was why he couldn’t see them.

By finding and deleting this folder, he solved the problem.

It sounds weird that he was horny but ended up fixing his Ubuntu.

But that’s the power of creativity that we get from rechanneling sexual energy.

He went to bed excited about the NoFap benefits he had reaped and slept satisfied.


Benefit 4: You feel in control and feel great about yourself

Stopping the regret that I felt after masturbating was the best thing among the No Fap benefits for me.

I would hate myself after fapping.

The regret of wasted time, struggle, guilt, wasted energy, and shame dragged me down.

And what did I do it for?

It could never make me really happy. It was only a quick escape of instant gratification.

What made me happy was finding the strength to quit my addiction.

Stopping all those painful feelings made me feel in control.

And feeling in control meets one of my 6 fundamental human needs—the need for certainty. I love the sensation of comfort and stability in my body.


Benefit 5: You no longer objectify women

Porn is a fantasy that doesn’t have much in common with real-life sexual relationships.

Actresses and models look so good that real women seem unattractive compared to them.

That’s why you are perverted and need women to be as attractive as models to feel anything.

You feel dead all the time.

But after you say “No PMO,” everything changes.

For example, you start enjoying physical contact with a girl.

You realize that physical contact is so much better than watching porn.

But don’t feel entitled to getting a girlfriend just because this is one of the expected benefits of No Fap.

Yes, you’ll able to carry conversations better which could lead to success with women.

But remember that other things—hygiene, clothing, physical traits, or social skills—all play a role.


Benefit 6: Your relationship with a girlfriend gets better

After quitting fapping, you feel much more attracted to your partner.

You appreciate her not just for her physical beauty but for her inner world as well.

You enjoy things like:

  • Holding hands
  • Long conversations
  • Taking a walk in a park
  • Planning and dreaming together

That’s one of the best NoFap benefits—enjoying women at a whole new level.

Pornography is a joke compared to it.


Benefit 7: You help others (and strengthen your own commitment)

Do you like virtuous cycles?

When you’re on NoFap, you engage in one and here’s how:

You help other men as they struggle.

And when you contribute to others in terms of NoFap motivation, you feel great about yourself.

Moreover, by seeing other people’s mistakes and pleas for help, your own struggles fade.

That’s because you’re focused on providing them advice and not letting them fail.

By doing so, you reinforce your own commitment to NoFap.

Help others with the same problem woman on ladder

Benefit 8: Face challenges instead of escaping pain temporarily

A coach Richard Harris shares why he believes NoFap is legit.

He says his ability to tackle challenges improved immensely.

Richard felt vital energy inside him that he was able to convert into the resolve to do important work.

And as one of the NoFap benefits, he had a breakthrough in his business.

He used this energy in other areas of life as well:

See, when you’re addicted to PMO, every time you face a challenge, you feel tired.

Escaping the challenge by fapping seems like the best idea ever.

But when you’re done, your energy and resolve are even lower.

With that said, when you go NoFap, you don’t need an escape from challenges.

You save the energy that you would previously waste masturbating.

With a lot of energy available to you, you sit there and tackle the challenge.


Benefit 9: Do more in ten minutes porn-free than in entire hours addicted

Another benefit of stopping PMO is getting more productive.

My client couldn’t get things done and beat himself up for it.

But now that he’s porn-free, he gets more done than he would sometimes in entire days as an addict.

He started with simple things such as new ways of cleaning his room and doing dishes to be more productive!

Eventually, time became easier to manage.

As he gained momentum, he felt motivated to make the most out of his time every day.

Try this for yourself and you’ll create a porn-free, productive daily regimen.



How do I survive 90 days of NoFap?

Here’s how you need to change your perspective to ensure NoFap success.

I have a client who had a NoFap relapse this week. He was looking at Instagram models.

What’s wrong with that? Nothing other than within minutes, he went to porn and jerking off.

My question to him was,”Who is your role model?” It was Jordan Peterson.

My next question was, “Would Jordan Peterson watch girls on Instagram?” He said, “No.”

If you want 100% NoFap success rate, you need to have a positive role model. Someone who inspires you to be the best version of yourself.

And then do what your role model does. Not what he doesn’t do.

He probably wakes up early and meditates. He eats healthy and is super productive during the day. He sleeps well and a lot.

He doesn’t waste time on meaningless activities. He doesn’t waste his body energy. He doesn’t replace real sex with online images.

This is key to NoFap success. Do things that matter most. Stay away from wasteful activities like porn and jerking off.

How long does it take to get the benefits of No Fap?

It takes about 30 days to see a lot of benefits of No Fap already. This was my first milestone. At that point, I felt very motivated.

With all the momentum I developed, it was quite easy for me to go to 60 days. This was when I felt my brain rewired from porn completely.

This is not to say that my entire NoFap journey was easy. I had to put in tons of commitment, especially when my brain turned on NoFap depression.

But it’s doable. And the earlier you start it, the better. You can be smarter than me and do it earlier than at 31.

But Coach… I don’t want to wait that long!

Look, the benefits of No Fap don’t come quickly.

You trained your brain to rely on the quick pleasure of porn for short-term happiness. You are now impatient when it comes to pleasure. You want it now.

Now you start NoFap because you want all the benefits. But you are impatient—you do it for a couple of days and then you relapse.

The mistake is not giving yourself the time to develop something better than short-term happiness. I am talking about the contentment that comes with making the right choice of NoFap.

But here’s the kicker. As with everything worthwhile in life, that contentment takes time to develop.

Be patient. The contentment will come as you get hooked on the benefits of NoFap.

Be strong. You’re stronger than porn or fapping. My heart goes to you.

Does NoFap help clean up karma?

Let me share my three karma examples:

First, I was a jerk to my ex-wife. I watched porn and jerked off behind her back. She got fed up and divorced me.

Second, my porn-watching is another karma example in itself. I watched porn for 17 years.

Even though no one knew about it, I hated myself and I had the fear of being caught. That was bad karma getting me

Finally, my good Karma example. When my grandfather was almost 90, I started to visit him more.

I took care of him and showed my love as much as possible. Even if it meant just sitting beside him, not even talking.

He died a few years later. I know I did the right thing. And that feels good.

This is the feeling of contentment that comes with good karma.

That said, this is exactly what we are doing with NoFap — pursuing long-term contentment instead of short-term pleasure that leave you with bad karma.

Recover from PMO more easily

You need a specific NoFap plan to follow.

If you don’t have a structure to your PMO recovery, back-sliding is very likely.
Check out my “Free NoFap Tutorial: 5 Proven Tips to Transform Yourself Now.” This is a free video with a practical strategy that will make NoFap easier.

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  1. I have been trying to quit masturbation.. My longest streak is 21 days.. Please do help me. Thanks in Advance

  2. Guy named Matt

    I’ve been over 5 months on NoFap, life has been surreal its spontaneous. I no longer feel miserable than when I was releasing my seed. You just gotta have willpower & resistance to stop the urges. Benefits will help you down the road.

  3. Ive decided to quit porn after 16 years of watching. I was not a avid user as teenager but it did worsen as i got older. I realized that it was affecting my relationship and sexual experiences. Ive been with my fiance 4 years and our sex life has not been so great she says int he begining she would of never know cuz we were like rabits but as the relationship progress and the stresses of life whenever i was alone i would watch porn when ever i experienced ed i would watch porn to make sure things was working not knowing i was hurting myself -/

    1. Thank you for your honesty, Irvin!

      I totally support you. Quitting porn is so helpful, especially when you are in an intimate relationship. It will help you enjoy it more.

      What’s one thing that has been most challenging about quitting so far?

  4. Day 8 no fap feeling no libido and no erections and there is a small lump on penis shaft that subsides with erection fully stressed also feels like my glans are not hard as they used to be i am just 19 years supper strssed need help

  5. Marco Antônio Vieira dos Santos

    Muito interessante e importante teoria, gostaria que estivesse um pouco mais fundamentada e aprofundada, além de relacionada com outras condições humanas

  6. Not only all those things, but you’ll be more motivated to talk to girls and feel way much more confidence. Also your beard will grow much more and it will be way healthier and your skin will start to get smooth

  7. I’ve had this problem for about 4 years. I have a passion for working out and I’m also an athlete. But my addiction to porn is keeping me from achieving my goals. It decreases my self esteem, energy, confidence and makes me socially awkward. I start to shy away from what I love to do and watch porn instead. When I first started porn I watched it once a month, then it turned into once a week. Eventually it turned into twice a day. I need you to help me shake this bad habit for good!

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