No PMO for 7 Years (Almost) – The Truth That Keeps Me Going

In this post, I am going to show you exactly how to go “No PMO.”

Step by step.

This is a strategy that I use to help thousands of followers overcome porn addiction.

I am Coach Roman Mironov, and I help people with their goal of “No PMO.”

And if you want to stop it in your life, you’ll love the actionable strategy in this post.

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Companion video

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PMO: Free Dopamine Fix
PMO: Anything but free
“15 Minutes of Sacrifice” technique: bad scenario
“15 Minutes of Sacrifice” technique: good scenario
Step 1: Use a timer and get moving
Step 2: Program yourself for awareness
Step 3: Get yourself motivated
Step 4: Exercise discipline
Step 5: Watch this video repeatedly
Bonus: Hack your mind
Bonus: Hack your karma

When I started my “No PMO” journey, I couldn’t talk about it to anyone.

All my friends watched porn so they would think I was crazy.

But what I realized for myself is that PMO is a free dopamine fix that is anything but free.

That was a huge insight for me.

Let’s unpack it, starting with the first part.

PMO: Free Dopamine Fix

PMO is a free dopamine fix that is anything but free

Porn gave me quick pleasure by raising levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine.

Dopamine goes up - No PMO for 7 Years - Totally Possible!

It was like a button that I pressed whenever I felt unhappy or bored.

It was free and easily available. And it immediately gave me short-term pleasure.

But how much did this short-term pleasure cost me to produce?

Let’s look at the second part of this concept.

PMO: Anything but free

PMO is a free dopamine fix that is anything but free

That’s what I felt after watching porn and masturbating:

  1. Wasted time and energy
  2. Wasted potential
  3. Shame because I had to hide
  4. Overall unhappiness with life

The more I pushed this Free Dopamine Fix button, the less effect it had.

Free dopamine fix button - No PMO for 7 Years - Totally Possible!

I was overstimulated.

And I needed ever more stimulation to feel happy.

As soon as I understood this “short-term pleasure vs. long-term cost” dynamic, I knew I had to stay on the “No PMO” path.

And despite strong resistance in me and lack of support, my resolve to heal the brain from porn got stronger.

That’s how I did 7 years of NoFap… with two short relapses.

And that’s exactly how you‘re going to conquer porn addiction.

Now let’s dive right into what I call the “15 Minutes of Sacrifice” technique that will help you do that.

“15 Minutes of Sacrifice” technique: bad scenario

Imagine yourself feeling unhappy or bored or lonely.

And you want to escape this feeling.

Unhappy, bored, lonely - No PMO for 7 Years - Totally Possible!

So you press the FDF button: you watch porn, masturbate, and feel good in the process.

You escape that bad feeling.

But how long does it last? On average, 15 minutes.

What happens after that?

You feel even worse than when you started.

And you have that bad feeling on average for 2 hours.

So that’s 15 minutes of pleasure vs. 2 hours of pain.

That said, let’s look at an alternative scenario.

Somehow I like it more!

“15 Minutes of Sacrifice” technique: good scenario

Again, you feel unhappy or bored and want to escape.

But this time, you spend the same 15 minutes not doing PMO.

You choose to be strong.

I know that is difficult… and painful.

But afterward, you get 2 hours of pleasure because you feel good about making the right choice.

That’s 15 minutes of pain vs. 2 hours of pleasure.

15 minutes of pain vs 2 hours of pleasure - No PMO for 7 Years - Totally Possible!

When you compare these two options, the choice is obvious.

That said, here’s how you can apply the “15 Minutes of Sacrifice” technique to go “No PMO”:

Step 1: Use a timer and get moving

Suppose you feel an urge to watch porn.

Set a timer for 15 minutes.

15 minutes timer - No PMO for 7 Years - Totally Possible!

And then get moving. Get UP! Stretch!

Movement changes your state, helping you to shift focus from the urge to physical activity.

With that, let’s go to Step 2.

Step 2: Program yourself for awareness

Here’s a mantra you repeat to yourself during these 15 minutes:

How I’ll spend these 15 minutes matters.

My mind always looks for threats to ensure my survival.

It sees my unhappiness as a threat and pushes me to escape it with short-term pleasure of PMO.

I appreciate it but is it critical for my survival? Not really.

PMO will just make me feel good for 15 minutes.

But then I will feel even worse for 2 hours.

I am exercising my power to flip it.

Instead, I’ll feel bad for 15 minutes but then I will feel good for 2 hours.

I am a rational person. It makes sense to me. I am making a conscious choice.

By saying this, you literally program yourself for “No PMO.”

That said, here’s step 3.

Step 3: Get yourself motivated

Now think of your deep motivation to flip 15 minutes and 2 hours.

Those 2 hours feel great because you don’t feel pain.

You didn’t succumb to the temptation.

You didn’t let your lower self make the decision for you.

You made the right choice and let your higher self take over.

“There is no real excellence in all this world which can be separated from right living.” ― David Starr Jordan.

You’re living a good life—that’s what gives you real lasting happiness.

You’re being kind to your body and mind—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Now moving along to Step 4.

Step 4: Exercise discipline

That’s your defining moment.

We can talk about it all day but in the end… it all comes down to execution.

Reach into your heart and find the strong part of you—the warrior.

Warrior - No PMO for 7 Years - Totally Possible!

He can do it… and will.

That said, here’s our final step.

Step 5: Watch this video repeatedly

Finally, return to this video often.

Especially when you have an urge.

It will remind you about the “15 Minutes of Sacrifice” technique and keep you motivated.

Before we close out this video, I’ve got a quick bonus step for you.


My mind is against me. How can I hack it?

Here’s a quick brain hack.

Your mind doesn’t like to feel the same emotion for too long.

When you have an urge, your mind gets tired of it soon and wants to move on.

Hack your mind - No PMO for 7 Years - Totally Possible!

When you wait patiently for those 15 minutes to pass, you take advantage of that.

You help your mind do what it wants to do naturally: shift focus from the urge to something else.

Does PMO hurt my karma?

Karma is real: meaning?

Karma is about selfishness vs selflessness. When you act selfishly, you become more selfish. For example, the more you watch porn, the more egoistically you then act in other areas of your life.

When you love yourself more, you love everything else less. Withholding love for the world results in pain.

That is how karma gets you. That’s why they say karma is real.

But when you do the right thing and act selflessly, you are more loving. And you benefit from good karma.

Good karma means contentment instead of pain. That’s why taking the right action like quitting your addiction to porn and jerking off helps you feel really better.

What’s one unusual NoFap – PMO perspective?

Let’s see. Oh, this could be the culture perspective. What is PMO culture really?

  • Vicarious living culture. Watching other people have sex is probably as good as having it myself.
  • Staying numb culture. I need PMO to disconnect from reality.
  • Consumer culture. Consume porn instead of creating your own love life

And what about NoFap culture?

  • No PMO culture. Doing the right thing for your body and mind. And feeling good about it.
  • High productivity culture. I have more time, energy, and mental bandwidth for the things that matter.
  • “Realizing your potential” culture. I create a career, business, or art that is a representation of my worth and potential.


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