10 Ways to Get No PMO Help (Got Me to 2,500+ Days)

In this post, I am going to show exactly how to get No PMO help.

The secret? Leveraging other people.

In fact, these tips helped hundreds of my clients and followers go to 90 days of No PMO and more.

And if you want to make it easier for yourself, you’ll love this post. Keep reading.

When I started No PMO 7 years ago, I didn’t have a clue about what I was doing.

I felt no one understood what I was going through. I felt alone and ready to give up.

But then I realized that leaning on other people might help with No PMO. And it worked!

Thanks to the tips I am going to share with you, my commitment to No PMO got stronger. And so far, I’ve kept it for almost 7 years.

Companion video

Check out a quick companion video if you don’t want to read:

Without further ado, let’s start things off with tip number one.

1. Be around other people

Sitting alone in a room is a huge trigger for many people. You feel bored and lonely. And jerking off seems like a great idea.

But when you’re around other people, you feel the connection—the opposite of loneliness.

Plus, you talk to them and get out of your head. Instead of thinking about porn and masturbation.

And you are simply forced to not fap, right? Doing that in front of other people is kind of weird.

spending time around people

Now, let’s look at tip number 2.

2. Commit to a friend for No PMO help

Talk to a friend about your No PMO commitment.

Say something like this to your friend:

I want to go 30 days without porn.

I want more mental clarity and confidence.

Check in with me each day at 8 p.m. And kick my ass if I relapse.

And your friend will go:

Okay. Finally, I get to kick your ass! ?

It works because we don’t like other people to get disappointed in us.

talking to a friend

Speaking of accountability, here’s my third tip.

3. Use a jar with coins

Get a jar.

Ask a parent or a roommate or a partner to give you a coin each day. Don’t explain why if you don’t want to. Or be honest and say that you want to quit masturbation.

When they give you a coin, put it in the jar.

It gives you a visual reminder of your No PMO progress. And keeps you motivated to go on.

And if you relapse, you’ll have to empty it—just like you deplete yourself with masturbation. Another reminder.

That’s what your friend will say down the road:

I gave him 2,000 dimes over 6 years. Wait a sec. That’s 200 bucks. Hey, give me my money back! ?

nofap help - jar with coins

Now let’s get right into tip number 4.

4. Visualize your son

Visualizing your son is a great help to avoid fapping because you want to be a role model for him.

It works whether you have one or not.

Would you want him to struggle with addiction? Would you like him to have brain fog?

A masturbation session together? (Imagine your father saying this: “All right, son. Want to see some hot chicks and jerk off?”)

Visualizing it makes you recognize how ridiculous this addiction to fapping is.

father with son

Let’s move things along here with tip number 5.

5. Visualize a role model

Who was your role model while growing up?

Imagine them in your room right now.

What do they tell you about PMO?

How do you dishonor them by jerking off?

How do they believe in you? Will they ever give up on you?

Go into your heart and feel their belief in your ability to be the best version of yourself.

That’s how you’ll feel empowered to break free from porn and masturbation.

nofap help man having unpleasant talk

With that, it’s time for tip number 6.

6. Share your experience with others to give them No PMO help

Go to a forum such as Reddit.

Tell your story.

Support other people in accomplishing their goal of quitting fapping.

By motivating them, your struggles seem easier. You also realize you’re not alone in this and through this connection, you feel stronger.

Plus, you get out of your head and stop thinking about jerking off. Instead, you focus on what you want. That is, becoming a better person. And whatever you focus on you get.

This is an example of what you could share:

Guys, I am on Day 7 and it’s killing me. But there’s no way I am touching myself down there. My midsection is exclusively for women.

reddit nofap community

And now let’s cover tip number 7.

7. Get a Porn Detox coach

You can get personal No PMO help by hiring a coach.

With a coach:

  • You’re more motivated because your coach is pushing you.
  • You have a strategy built for you specifically.
  • You hold yourself accountable.
  • You might cut your time to results by 10X. Let’s say, from 3 years to 3 months.

8. Do a guided No PMO meditation

Use this guided meditation to fight the urge to watch pornography. 

Meditation is one of the top three ways to fight the urge to fap. It’s up there with hitting the gym and taking a walk.

If you find it hard to meditate, though, follow my guided meditation.

This meditation will help you clear your mind. You will defeat the urge, keeping your No PMO streak intact.

You will feel true No PMO motivation as I am speaking to the Hero in you.

Return to this video whenever you have to fight the urge to watch pornography. Keep showing your mind that your Hero Brain is in control.

9. Take a pee (No, seriously🙂)

A follower on YouTube shared two great No PMO hacks:

First, when he has a strong PMO urge, he goes to take a pee immediately. He relaxes. And the urge to fap goes away.

The second thing he does is just taking deep breaths. Then he relaxes again and the urge goes away.

10. Use pain and pleasure

Using carrot and stick should be part of any solid No PMO strategy. And it’s also known as the pain and pleasure principle.

Here is an example of a guy using it smartly.

He gave $1,500 to a friend and asked the friend to give him $50 for each No PMO day.

That’s how he made it to 30 days of zero fapping and actually made this transformation easier by using this pain and pleasure principle.

He didn’t want to lose the money and love getting it back every day.

Before and after no fapping

I feel motivated for No PMO when people share their life before and after no fapping. So I’ll tell you how I felt before and after giving up PMO.

Before No PMO, my life was dull and boring. By fapping, I wasted my taste for life.

My senses dulled. I could eat sugary or processed foods like potato chips. Vegetables didn’t even look like food to me.

I couldn’t enjoy being around other people. I was afraid that they would somehow know about my secretive porn-watching.

When I hit rock bottom, I was outright depressed. Nothing made me happy any longer.

After No PMO, I reclaimed my taste for life. I enjoy even the simplest things now.

I love my steamed vegetables and would not trade them for ice cream or chocolate.

I became more confident as I developed my social skills. I got a girlfriend.

Even on a rainy day, I do my best to feel happy. That’s my taste for life before and after No PMO.

Take action and take it now

There you have it. A ton of ways to get No PMO help.

But don’t stop reading. Break PMO addiction by committing to my free porn detox course now.

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  1. Help with the undesirable feeling of doing it and the dopamine rush. Just help with not ever letting it take control over me. Want to get rid of it for good

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