No Nut November 2022

No Nut November is the best time for NoFap transformation.📅 You still have time left in 2022 to make this year a Year to Remember, even if you struggled with porn and jerking off this whole year.💦 Start NoFap in November, stay strong, and feel proud about this year’s progress.💪

Join men all over the world as we join forces in NNN (No Nut November). Connect to this powerful high-vibration energy for motivation and supporting others with your commitment.🌎

If you don’t start NoFap now, you might be still battling porn addiction in 2023. Why postpone feeling alive and feeling in control❓ Life is calling you. Be a NoFap hero.🦸‍♂️ No Nut November is calling you.

That said, let me motivate you with inspiring stories of why people do their NNN.

I Did No Nut November to Survive

You can start by watching my own story here:

Kenneth’s motivation for No Nut November

A follower Kenneth wanted to do No Nut November. He was attempting to overcome his porn addiction to be a better man.

Over the course of 2022, his addiction worsened. His self-image was at an all-time low. He aimed to conquer this addiction to be a person he could look in the mirror and be proud of.

But he doubted himself. He was 20 and thought it was too late for him to do No Nut November

I told him that I started at I was 31. That was very late. I lost all my golden years to fapping. But I still did it.

Now for him, 20 y/o is a good time to start. Not perfect because he already lost a good chunk of his golden years to fapping. But he can recover now and reclaim many years ahead of him. He can’t procrastinate any longer.

He started No Nut November early and already had a streak of 12 days before November 1. He intended to stay clean for the rest of his life for his parents’ sake, his future’s sake,

To commit to No Nut November, he made a YouTube video. He wants to be a man of his word. He wants to be a better version of himself for his parents. He doesn’t want to cause them trouble due to this toxic habit.

Aayush’s struggles in No Nut November

A follower Aayush is 22 years old and has been battling porn addiction for 10 years. He started No Nut November recently, even before November actually began.

He’s experiencing what he called “withdrawal symptoms.”

One is quite expectedly horniness. In my book, horniness is not a symptom but a feature. It’s a feature of a healthy adult male. Some people waste that power through fapping while others rechannel it into creativity

Another symptom is also left foot pain. Rather uncommon but you never know what your brain can do to push you to return to the short-term pleasure of fapping.

On Day 13, the symptoms got so bad that he typed “#sexual” on Instagram. He didn’t watch any videos and just looked at some erotic pics. The good news is that he didn’t fap.

He’s wondering whether this was a full-blown relapse, putting an end to his No Nut November ❓

Here’s what I think. That’s not a relapse in my book as long as he doesn’t let it happen again.

See, allowing it once makes it possible to use it as an excuse to do it again and again. Which is a “dirty No Nut November.”

Be Alpha started No Nut November to get a girlfriend

A follower Be Alpha 2022 started No Nut November. He’s trying to figure out the root cause for his porn-watching.

He finds himself in a negative cycle. When he feels down, he goes to porn to make himself feel better. But porn only makes him feel worse. And then he goes to porn to relieve that feeling again.

He’s single and committed to staying this way until he gets his addiction under control. He hurt his partners and lost dating opportunities due to porn.

Now he craves a partner and fantasizes about her using the fake intimacy of porn. He usually watches girlfriend roleplays. That’s the awful thing about porn because it’s an easy fix to get a fantasy partner.

When consuming these fake pixel fantasies, the drive to get a real living and lovable partner diminishes.

He wants to stop this addiction and get a long streak. He knows that many aspects of his life will improve as a result. Including his ability to meet a real woman.

No Nut November is when he feels most motivated to stay on the path of this NoFap lifestyle.

Andrew relies on No Nut November to become more confident

A follower Andrew started No Nut November 2022 after 20+ years of daily PMO.

The psychological deficit that drives him to PMO is being shy. He feels that he got feminine conditioning from the world growing up.

He’s got a long way to go to become confident. NoFap transformation is part of that warrior path. As of this writing, he is at Day 7 of NoFap.

His NoFap strategy is telling himself that he can’t fail. He’s hard on himself and it works. He looks in the mirror and says, “Grow up ❗What are you doing ❓Take charge now 💪” It’s self-hatred that’s propelling him. He hates being a weak beta male.

He also keeps himself busy by being active outside. He walks every day and spends the weekend hiking in the woods.

He’s got a group of supportive people around him. He’s been feeling better and more confident recently. But it’s still a daily battle with his demons. The path to NoFap transformation is never easy.

No Nut November is a chance to restart NoFap after giving up

A follower Jir has tried to do NoFap transformation unsuccessfully for years and eventually got burned out.

Trying to restart was difficult but he has seen some lasting progress with this recent No Nut November. But with the high frequency and intensity of his porn-watching, it’ll be a long road yet to fully beat fapping.

The root causes for him are boredom and loneliness. He is used to such high levels of regular stimulation that trying to fix one (loneliness) makes the other temporarily harder (boredom). Put simply, trying to get his life together gets him less lonely but more bored.

Playing video games is the only way he can avoid both fapping and boredom but then it’s harder to develop relationships in-person. He feels caught in the middle.

His most effective NoFap transformation strategy is focusing on each small victory. He doesn’t want to look too far ahead until the habit is established.

His faith also supports him. If it wasn’t for his faith, he would have given up on NoFap a long time ago. Fapping is against his faith, and he feels it’s foolish not to act in accordance with his own beliefs.

His main goal is developing towards an honorable person and helping the world run more smoothly in whatever way he can. Other than that just showing others respect and kindness mostly, he already works at a group home and mentors young adults, helping them learn how to navigate life. As soon as he completes his NoFap transformation, he will be able to teach them NoFap, too.

What’s the best way to do NoFap in 2022 ❓

I call it NoFap in moderation (NoFapM or NFM).

1️⃣ Quit watching porn.
2️⃣ Quit excessive and compulsive masturbation.
3️⃣ Start developing yourself to become an attractive man.
4️⃣ Start taking action with approaching girls.

When you do that, it’s okay to masturbate infrequently as long as you don’t make a big deal out of it and do it without porn. Give a physical release that your body needs once in a while.

Start NoFap in 2022, stay strong, and feel proud about this year’s progress.

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