No Contact Rule Success Story (Stop Wasting Your Time on Silent Treatment)

Let me share my No Contact rule success story with you.

I used this rule with my ex-wife several times.

And I failed at first because I used it for the wrong purpose.

But the last time, I got it right.

Here’s my No Contact rule success story so that you don’t waste your time as I did.

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What’s the No Contact rule is for

The No Contact rule is about stopping all communication with an ex.

What’s important here is why we use it.

If we use it to change the other person, e.g. to re-attract him or her, it doesn’t work very well.

But when we use it to forget that person, it does what it’s supposed to do.

My No Contact rule failure story

I tried to use the No Contact rule on my ex-wife three times.

On two occasions, I wanted her to change what I didn’t like about her.

In other words, I gave her the silent treatment:

“I’m not going to talk to you so that you feel pain and want to change.”

That’s what I thought.

I would pack my things and leave.

I would stop contacting her and wait for her to contact me.

This was where I was wrong.

I put the focus on her.

I used the No Contact rule to make her change.

But I kept thinking about her.

I missed her.

No wonder that both times, I broke No Contact after two weeks.

And I never got any result from it.

I was back at square one, back to all the problems that made me go No Contact in the first place.

My No Contact rule success story

But the third time, I used the No Contact rule correctly and it was a success story.

I packed my things and left my ex-wife as I had done the previous times.

But this time was different because we both wanted a divorce.

Instead of giving her the silent treatment, I used the No Contact rule to forget her.

My focus was on me.

That’s what the rule is for: focusing on myself, not the other person.

What the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over

I stopped all communication so that I would think about her as little as possible.

I didn’t follow her on social media to make sure nothing reminded me of her.

The only thing I could discuss with her was our son.

And it worked.

In about two weeks of not contacting her, I felt less addicted to her.

And in about a month, I didn’t think of my ex at all.

The No Contact rule has this therapeutic effect when used correctly.

Actionable tip

Check where your focus is with the No Contact rule.

If it’s on the other person, you might be doing it wrong.

If it’s on you, the rule will work as it’s supposed to.

Create your own No Contact rule success story with coaching

If you need help applying the No Contact rule, check out my relationship coaching services.

I’ll help you forget your ex in a healthy way.

You’ll see results instantly.

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