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Life coaches TorontoAs you are researching coaching options, you’re looking at different life coaches in Toronto.

It’s good that you’ve come by because I’ll share a few helpful ideas.

They’ll make it effortless to find a coach who’s right for you.

Let me introduce myself

My name is Roman Mironov. I’m a life coach. I’m an MA and a certified Strategic Interventionist trained by Robbins Madanes Training.

Life coaches Toronto trained by Robbins Madanes Training

I help clients like yourself to resolve life issues and provide emotional support.


Before you read on, let me give you a recommendation that could save you a lot of time and effort.

Book a clarity session with me.

It’s the easiest way to get clarity about how you can find a coach who’s a great match for you.

I’ll hear you out and understand your issues.

If I’m absolutely positive that I’m qualified to help you resolve them, I’ll tell you so.

For issues that I don’t specialize in, I’ll refer you to a trusted colleague.

For more complex issues, I’ll refer you to a great psychotherapist or another medical specialist.

In the end, my goal is to help you find someone who could serve you in the best positive way.

I don’t care if it’s me or somebody else.

All I really care about is you.

If you prefer information in an audio format, here is a link to my podcast episode about what to look for in a coach:

Finding life coaches in Toronto through friends

The next best thing is to ask your friends to refer you to a life coach.

One way is just to speak to your friends about that,

Another way is to send a message to your entire network on Facebook or other social media.

I wouldn’t worry about privacy because it’s not like you’re looking for a drug therapy doctor.

Many people have life coaches today, and they are viewed as mentors.

So there’s nothing wrong about looking for a coach and asking your network to recommend one.

By the way, here’s an article where I explain what you should look for in a coach:

Using YouTube to search for life coaches in Toronto

When it comes to coaching, it’s important to choose a life coach that you actually like as a person.

Their vibe is just as important as their analytical skills.

You need to resonate with your coach emotionally to get the most benefit of coaching.

Here’s where YouTube comes in handy.

Search for “life coaches Toronto” on YouTube.

Watch videos from different coaches and imagine sitting in a coaching session with them.

Ask yourself:

  1. Do you feel comfortable sharing your issues with them?
  2. Do you like their vibe?
  3. Are they someone who can give you powerful emotional support?
  4. Do they sound like an expert who can uncover true causes of your issues?

I think getting this visual information might be more effective than looking at websites of life coaches in Toronto.

It feels like you are already sitting down with that coach.

And it gives you a taste of what a coaching session with them will be like.

Here is my YouTube channel, by the way:


There you go: your three recommendations for finding a coach.

Talk to me to see what’s available and let me recommend a trusted colleague.

Reach out to your network for recommendations.

Use YouTube to have a better feel for what that coach is like instead of browsing websites

What is your next step researching life coaches in Toronto?

Start signing up for a free clarity session!

It’s way more effective than hitting up Google and coach websites. You’ll see what that coach is like immediately.

Plus, it’ll give you actionable information about what to do about your issues.

I offer it just like other life coaches in Toronto

So if you want to do it with me, here is the link to contact me.

We’ll sit down and discuss what you have on your mind.

I’ll show you the options that you have and what kind of benefits coaching can bring you.

You’ll walk away with an understanding of what to expect.

All this without any pressure to buy my services.

Just a friendly discussion with the goal to help you find a great life coach whether it’s me or someone else.

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