Life Coach Online in Toronto | 6 Ways Coaching Transforms Your Life | Podcast Ep. #7

If you feel stuck in life, finding a life coach online in Toronto can help you break through your blocks.

Perhaps, you have issues that have been holding you back for years.

The truth is you can solve them easily and effectively with coaching.

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Why coaching?

Let me quote a life coach Tamara River:

You increase personal effectiveness, confidence through self-care, productivity, and work/life balance.

You are 95 percent more likely to achieve your goals.

You have 99 percent of likelihood to be satisfied with the service and want to do it again .

She’s referring to the results of a study conducted by the International Coach Federation.

Sounds tempting, right?

Let’s look at some of the reasons why getting a life coach online in Toronto is beneficial.

Why coaching works ICF survey results

Reason #1: Deep conversations to “know thyself”

Do you like when people show interest in you?

Of course!

Human beings crave attention because it makes us feel significant.

And significance is one of the basic human needs.

That’s one reason coaching is effective.

A coach listens to you as no one else does.

You truly feel heard out and you open up.

A coach asks quality questions that no one else asks of you.

Most people don’t ask you enough questions because they are preoccupied with themselves.

Remember how many times you did or said something and waited for a reaction from another person such as your partner.

But the reaction never came because that person wasn’t paying attention.

Well, a coach is the one who finally does.

Talking to a coach feels like having a conversation with a friend you always longed for.

Such conversation encourages you to uncover things you never realized about yourself.

A life coach Nicola Holmes said:

“A good coach will help propel you in directions you’ve always wanted to go but never quite seemed to get to on your own.”

Deep conversations with a life coach help clients understand themselves better

Reason #2: A coach’s analytical mind helps get to the root of issues


A good online coach is like a detective.

They think analytically and uncover things you don’t see.

They can look at what bothers you from a new perspective—one that you’ve never thought of.

For example, a wife thinks her marriage is failing because her husband doesn’t do enough things for her.

A coach might suggest to her that by making the other person responsible for the problem, she defines the problem as unsolvable.

Instead, she should take responsibility for the problem.

And work with the coach to find what she can do to solve it.


Reason #3: Faster and more cost-effective results with a life coach online in Toronto

Suppose you are anxious and wondering how to get rid of fear.

You search for a solution online.

You spend 3 hours on research and then 5 hours on implementing your findings.

And you get no results because what you found works for someone else, but not for you.

If you are a professional earning $100 per hour, 8 hours mean $800 in lost profits.

But with online life coaching, one session that costs you say $200 might be enough.

A coach will understand your problem and give you proven tools adjusted to your specific situation.

So you save $600 and get results faster.

In the same way, you pay other consultants like real estate agents because you rely on their experience and skills to save you time and money.

In the meantime, you can stay focused on your work and self-improvement rather than dissipating your limited energy on searching.

Say, you want to lose weight.

You find a diet that tells you to eat fat.

But then another diet tells you to avoid fat at all costs.

You don’t know which one is right for you.

This search is stressful and leads to analysis paralysis.

With a coach, you don’t need it at all: you discover solutions to your problems quickly and focus on the actual internal work, rather than preparing to work.


Reason#4: A coach is a role model

Working with a life coach online or in-person is not just about getting specific advice.

A coach who is right for you should suck you into their energy field that will automatically motivate you to grow.

Most people don’t have this kind of positive influence in their life.

So when someone like that comes around, it makes a difference.

For example, I learned to play the guitar with a teacher Boris who was such a fan of music that his passion was contagious.

When he took a guitar in his hands, it was like he went into a different world.

After each training session with Boris, I felt uplifted and motivated to practice more.

Likewise, your life coach leads by example.

Say, you want to improve the relationship with your 11-year-old kid.

And you work with a person who’s also a coach for kids.

One day, you observe her spending time with her kids.

She engages with them, playing with them instead of just watching them.

And she never criticizes the kids but cheers them up all the time.

So the next time you are in a pool with your kid, you engage with him or her, too, instead of just sitting on the deck.

life coach toronto role model

Reason #5: Working with a coach increases your accountability for results

First, you hold yourself accountable more because of the investment you are making into coaching.

It’s a proven principle: paying for a service motivates you to extract the most value out of it.

For example, I’ve paid for a referral service recently.

I paid for one year right away because I could waive the membership fee that way.

But I also did this because a one-year commitment is a lot of money.

And it made me more committed to getting the most value for the money I paid.

So I started using it from day one.

By the same token, paying a coach makes you more committed to making the changes compared to doing personal development on your own.


Second, a coach holds you accountable.

Suppose, you are using a life coach for help starting over in life.

Your coach gives you a task to do between sessions such as reframing the pain you feel about starting over.

Instead, you need to think of it as hunger that pushes you ahead in life.

You are motivated to complete the task because you know that if you fail to do it, you will feel guilty and I will give you a hard time for that.

So this is external motivation for you, putting additional pressure on you to transform yourself.

Reason #6: Your coach is a support system

Suppose, you want to do something but you are unsure.

Say, you want to leave your parents’ home when you are 26.

But your mother is resistant to that because she has come to rely on your love and doesn’t want to be lonely.

Talking to a coach will affirm you.

They will let you know: adult children need to move out.


Sounds good! What’s my next step with online life coaching?

Hit up three life coaches online for a free discovery session.

This initial session is usually free so why would you not want that?

Everyone should give it a try.

Test life coaches until you find one who feels like a great match for you.

Let me leave you with an inspiring quote from a life coach Natalie Bacon:

Getting a life coach is like getting a car. You need to test drive. You may not like the first one you try. That’s okay. Nothing has gone wrong. It’s normal. Try another coach. It has to be a good fit.

Work with a life coach online in Toronto

Want to feel as happy as a kid who finally gets that bike he was longing for as a birthday present?

I believe you can get to that place!

I am an online life coach in Toronto, and my goal is to help clients like you to get to that place.

Hit me up for a free first session here.

We’ll discuss what’s on your mind and write up an action plan.

And you’ll be free to choose between working on that plan with me, or with any other coach, or on your own.

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