Your brain reboot in 30 days

Welcome to this next lesson.

In his book Game Changers, Dave Asprey talks about his experiment with semen retention.

He went 30 days without porn or ejaculation.

As a result, he started to enjoy sex more and increased overall happiness with life.

And he also got more attention from women. His sex drive became so strong that women responded to it.

As for myself, I also noticed that after 30 days without porn I didn’t have brain fog.

Without porn constantly on my mind, I was free from this distraction.

I was able to focus better and be more productive.

With that said, here’s what we’re going to do.

We’re going 30 days without porn or masturbation.

That’s how long a porn reboot takes on average.

Yes, with the right strategy that will discuss later, you will stop watching pornography within 30 days.

Do it consistently for a month, and you will feel differently.

Things will start changing in your brain quickly.

  • You’re not hardwiring in that unhealthy pattern anymore.
  • You’re hardwiring in a new, healthy pattern instead.
  • Your dopamine receptors upregulate → your overall happiness with life goes up.
  • You feel proud about living a good life.

That’s how you rewire your brain to quit porn once and for all.

So commit to 30 days starting now.

And get ready to meet your new self.

Thank you! I will see the new you in the next lesson.