Find your psychological deficit

Welcome to this new day

I am so happy you are sticking to this journey

Addiction is like a tree

Branches and leaves are what you see in a tree

And with porn addiction what you see is the behavior you are addicted to

But there’s more to a tree

You don’t see what’s causing the branches and leaves to grow

It is the roots

This is the real power behind the tree

With addiction, there’s also a root

A root cause of the addiction

And to break free, you need to become aware of that root cause

Now, the challenge is that you keep thinking about the addiction itself

And you don’t have any time or energy or headspace to see that root cause—a bigger problem

I love this example of food

Let’s talk food for a second

Someone has a food addiction

She puts herself on a smart diet

It keeps her satiated

She takes her mind off thinking about food

And now she sees what is really wrong with her life

That thing that she’s trying to escape with food

Could be an intimate relationship gone wrong

Same thing with porn

So the key step is to push yourself to step away from porn addiction at least for a few days

It’s the hardest part, I know

But after you pushed yourself to do it,

You think about porn less often

And now you see that porn is not the problem

You have the time, energy, and headspace to dig for the root cause

You see that you need addiction to cover up the root cause

With that said, there are 3 most common root causes for porn addiction


Let’s say you’re unhappy because you don’t have enough energy to kick ass

What’s the root cause?

A common root cause or message is this:

Unhappiness is there to tell you that you need to find your life purpose

The second one is boredom

You coast through life, uninspired.

Boredom is there to push you for creativity


You suffer from the lack of love and sex or the feeling of connection

Loneliness is there to push you to find a girlfriend

Now that you are aware of the root cause, deal with it rather than with the bad habit

If you are unhappy because of your health

Research your health situation and find a solution


Get inspired by finding your life purpose


Socialize and build dating skills

Here’s one question that will help you

When was the time in your life when you didn’t watch porn?

What were you busy with back then?

How did you feel?

Re-create those times in your mind vividly

So your three steps are

1️⃣ Step away from the addiction

2️⃣ Dig for the root cause

3️⃣ Deal with the root cause

Easier said than done?


But possible?

For a hero like you — absolutely

I will see you tomorrow