Two benefits of socializing

Today’s a special day

Do you know what it is?

It’s a day when a new hero is being born

Welcome, and a great job!

When I was addicted to porn, I would be often sitting alone in my room

And I’d feel bored and watch porn

Or I’d feel horny

That happened because by being alone, I was in my head all the time

My ego was running me at those times

Telling me about all the things that were wrong

And how I needed a quick dopamine fix to make things right
Oh yeah

Been there, done that

But looking back now, I see that when I was around other people

My ego was basically silent

It didn’t push me to watch porn or masturbate

I was thinking about other people


Engaging with them

Even having fun, God forbid

And another insight about socializing I have now, looking back is that

By spending time with porn instead of with people

I was doing a huge disservice to my social life

I never developed social skills

I was shy and introverted

I didn’t know how to talk to people

I always thought they were judging me for everything

I was especially shy around girls

As a result, I started dating late

And even more importantly, I hadn’t developed any relationship skills

Фото Divorce Katya чуть позже добавлю

I didn’t understand my wife

And later she divorced me

So I hid the warning

I quit porn

I started socializing and talking to girls instead

After 8+ years of doing that, my relationship skills got so much better

I feel great around other people

And I’ve had a few amazing relationships

That I would have never been able to create if I had stayed with porn

So I want you to make socializing part of your strategy for quitting porn, too

Killing two birds with one stone


Stop spending time alone

Be around other people as much as possible

Especially at night because this is when you have less willpower to fight urges

By doing so, you will get out of your head

And silence your ego

And it’s also kind of hard to watch porn when others are around


By socializing, you will develop social skills

You will see how great it is to engage with others

You will then use those skills for dating

And find a great girlfriend

One that you like and choose

Instead of the one that just falls in your lap by luck

That’s how you stop the negative cycle of being alone and watching porn

And create a virtuous cycle of getting better with socializing and not needing porn

The cycle of a hero

A hero right here

Do it today

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow