Three Levels of Dealing with Addiction

Today I want to share with you three levels of overcoming porn addiction

I got them from Leo Gura

The first level is escaping addiction

You have this symptom

And I can give you a Band-Aid

It will work for your symptom

It’s a coping mechanism for escaping the symptom = the feeling

Porn is that Band-Aid that lets you escape the feelings that you have

But it’s only that—Band-Aid

It only covers up the symptom in the short term

But doesn’t do anything to improve the situation

In fact, you are digging a grave for yourself

Very ineffective

The second level is improved addiction

You realize that the Band-Aid makes no sense

Can you have something more effective for unhappiness?

Sure — here’s a “medication”

That “medication” is replacing porn with a healthier addiction

Such as an intimate relationship

Better than a Band-Aid?


But sustainable?


Makes you feel amazing a lot of the time

But deep inside, you’re still… unhappy

What if that girl breaks up with you?

Now you get it

These things don’t work

What’s the ultimate solution ❓

The third level is getting free from ALL addictions

Is that really possible?


You’ve got to strike at the root cause of unhappiness

Rather than the symptom

What is it?

Your inability to enjoy life when you’re doing… nothing

Teach yourself to:

Enjoy meditation

Appreciate every little experience

Not to stay in your head all the time

Do that…

And you finally strike at the root cause rather than the symptom

You will say this:

I don’t need porn to feel good

1️⃣ I already feel good

2️⃣ And if I sit down to meditate

3️⃣ I will feel even better