Support Your Willpower

Welcome to this new day, Hero!

Willpower for not watching porn comes from your energy and brain drive

Without them, porn has an upper hand

Let me tell you about a study of Israeli parole judges

If you are in prison, you’d think that your parole depends on your behavior

But turns out there’s a huge factor you don’t control

They did this study on judges

When was the percentage of people granted parole the highest?

In the morning

And then it kept declining until lunchtime

After lunch, it got bumped up

But around 2:30 p.m. it would dip again

Cognitive performance including your brain drive keeps decreasing throughout the day

That’s why it’s easier to fight urges in the morning

And very hard at night

But knowing that, how can we hack brain drive to improve willpower ❓

Let’s go over my favorite ways to do so

Brain drive depends on — Number 1️⃣ — your… food

If you eat junk food…

It floods your brain with serotonin which makes you relax

Killing brain drive… and willpower

Here’s how I get brain drive with food:

1️⃣ Read meat for dopamine = motivation

2️⃣ Coffee

It’s like a nootropic for me

3️⃣ MCT oil

These foods give me high brain drive

And it’s so much easier to focus on what I really want

Rather than think about porn

I want you to switch to healthier food slowly

Avoiding gluten and eating more healthy fats is a good start

Now here’s the 2️⃣ source of willpower for no contact with your genitals

Sleep is the Number 1 underestimated factor for energy in the body

And energy is WILLPOWER to steer clear of porn

So do at least this one thing from this day on:

Make bedtimes and wake-up times regular

You can’t sleep less today and catch up on the weekend

That’s not how it works

This disrupts your circadian rhythm

Stealing away your energy

And also aging you prematurely

Do you want to feel old when you’re 40?

The 3️⃣ way to increase energy for willpower to avoid porn is through supplements

We don’t get enough vitamins and minerals from food

Because of soil depletion

Here are four supplements I’ve seen help my clients:

Fish oil for:

Higher T (8% increase in studies)

Better protein synthesis

Reducing stress

Fighting inflammation

Vitamin C

A powerful antioxidant to support your immune system


Magnesium affects more than 300 processes in the body

But most people are deficient in magnesium

In particular, it helps with sleep and muscle cramping


Another important mineral that helps with testosterone and fertility

While I recommend these supplements, I am not a doctor

Make sure you are careful with them

But I do feel they help me with willpower on this porn-free journey

Just as these other two factors: healthy food and sleep

And I want you to join me in this journey