Sacrifice – Suffer – Soar vs Suffer – Survive – Suffer

Welcome to this new day!

You are doing an amazing job

Because our Hero’s journey is brutal

It takes sacrifice

You give up this free dopamine fix of porn

That you have come to rely upon as a coping mechanism

And it takes suffering

You gave it up

You sit there and suffer from whatever pain you’ve been running from with this coping mechanism

I totally understand this and I feel for you

But here’s the kicker

Are you ready?

Nothing worthwhile in life comes without sacrifice

I don’t like deadlift, for example

It’s brutal on my body and mind

I don’t like the feeling of not having enough oxygen as I hold my breath

But I do it for three reasons

It’s a compound exercise that engages many muscles

It has a great hormonal effect on my body

Boosting testosterone, specifically

I make myself more muscular and strong

Which is a huge anti-aging factor

For one, the more muscles I have, the more I am sensitive to insulin

Which is an aging hormone

And there’s also a bit of vanity there

I also want to still look good

Not have a huge gut

Just through luck

But we both know this is not going to happen

Same thing with porn

You want to feel in charge of your life

You want to rechannel sexual energy into creativity

You want to be confident and have a social life

You can’t just hope for luck to get all those things

Even if you get a girlfriend by luck

You will likely lose her soon because you won’t have developed relationship skills through sacrifice and suffering

You need to go through them to get all those benefits

I love this quote from Muhammad Ali that sums up this concept very well:

I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’

You are sacrificing your porn-full and regretful existence now

You are suffering now to live the rest of your life porn-free and regret-free

A strength sensei Charles Poliquin used to say this:

Discipline is a myth

It’s a question of what you love more

What do you like more — chiseled abs or donuts?

You are sacrificing “donuts” — 5 minutes of pleasure now

You are choosing to suffer for those 5 minutes

Because you want the chiseled abs

I am also inspired by Mike Tyson’s perspective on sacrifice

My edge is my willingness to sacrifice

I am willing to do anything to myself to be the best in the world

I am willing to sacrifice my body and psychological health

I get up at 4 AM to run in the snow

I do this because I know my opponent won’t

Sometimes you have to sacrifice your life for a marriage

Sacrifice your life for a goal you want to accomplish”

That’s what success and fulfillment are about

Giving up things that feel good now

For feeling good forever after

One of them is porn

I appreciate your sacrifice and suffering

I’ve been there and know it’s difficult

But when you are on other side of porn

You will feel like a Hero

Exactly how every person is supposed to feel

Be a hero

A hero right here


You and me

Same place

Same time

See you then and there