Replacement habit

Welcome to a new lesson, new life, and new opportunities!

Let me tell you a story of a client who made it to 100 days on NoFap.

He loves watching this TV show, The Mandalorian.

But the only time he’s watching it now is when he has an urge.

And he’s watching just 10 minutes of it.

This is his new habit in place of the old PMO habit.

When you are breaking free from porn, it’s difficult to just drop it.

If you drop it, your brain will literally feel a void, like something’s missing.

And that will make you crave porn even more than you used to.

Instead, you want to give a replacement habit to your subconscious.

With my client, the replacement habit—watching the Mandalorian—makes it easier for his brain to cope with the loss of porn and jerking off.

Also note the pleasure that he associates with the replacement habit.

He denies himself the pleasure of watching The Mandalorian at any other time.

He builds anticipation and looks forward to actually watching the show instead of porn.

This is key with any replacement habit.

The more you deny this same pleasure at other times, the more you magnify the pleasure of the replacement habit.

And the more anticipation you build.

And that anticipation will replace any anticipation of porn.

Also, the replacement habit must be positive and sustainable.

Replacing porn with the Mandalorian works but with something like vaping? Not really.

Here is a list of possible replacement habits:

  • Watching videos or listening to podcasts that you don’t consume at other times
  • Reading books
  • Talking to loved ones
  • Doing a hobby
  • Playing a video game (especially Tetris or Candy Crush Saga)
  • Taking a walk
  • Spending time on social media
  • Learning something new such as a quick lifehack
  • Tapping to let go of an urge
  • Meditation

There you go! With a replacement habit in place, you’ll make porn reboot easier.

That’s all for this lesson. Thank you! I will see you in the next one.