Relax to fight urges

There you go!

It’s another day on your Hero’s Journey

It’s my privilege to be your companion and guide on this Journey

Today I want to give you a technique that helps to combat urges

It’s a technique that I use myself almost every day

It’s your brain that drives you to watch porn

But urges are not just a mental thing

They also have a physical component to them

Because your body and mind are connected

It is a feedback loop

When you have an urge in the brain, it also has a physical manifestation

One example of manifestation is tension

You might have a lot of tension in your body


And when you release that physical component of the urge, the mental component is easier to manage

Let me show you how I do it

Let’s say I see a pretty girl and get triggered

I am thinking about having sex with her

And that’s a risky territory because I can relapse

I stop my train of thought

I close my eyes

I start breathing in a circle

Breathe in

Without stopping

Breathe out

Without stopping

Breathe in

Without stopping

And then I will push all the air out of my lungs

And hold my breath as long as I can

When I breathe in after holding my breath, that’s already a huge relaxation

And then I scan my entire body for any remaining tension

For me, the most common places are

  • Jaw
  • Belly
  • Groin
  • Scalp

And release any remaining shreds of tension consciously

Let’s say, I will consciously relax my belly

If the urge is still there,

I will engage my physiology even more

I will think of all people that are laughing right now

And I will absorb all their laughter in my body

And laugh as hard as I can, really pushing myself

Since the body and mind are a feedback loop,

I literally trick my brain into believing that I am happy

And that’s how and why I know that I am not my urges

I am able to rise above them by engaging my physiology

In this very positive way

And you can do the same

1️⃣ Find the tension in your body
2️⃣ Release tension by relaxing

Do it today

Rise above the urges with me

And I know that today is difficult in terms of urges

But if you practice this technique

I promise that tomorrow will get easier

I will see you tomorrow