Psychedelic Destruction for PDs

Welcome to this new day

I want to bring up a controversial topic today

I really thought hard about it

But I can’t help speaking about this because I do believe in this

I am going to explain something to you

And make sure that you don’t take it as medical advice or recommendation

This is more like an idea

I want you to do your own research on this and consult your doctor before doing anything with this

Okay, here goes

I want to talk about psychedelics

As I coach people to quit porn, I often notice this cycle of PDs

They need porn dopamine as a coping mechanism

For some sort of psychological deficit

They give up porn dopamine by going on porn detox

And now they see the psychological deficit clearly

And can tackle it as a root cause

This could be depression, anxiety, or any kind of trauma

But it’s difficult to tackle that

Even if you do things like psychotherapy

Let’s say healing a childhood trauma might take you 20 years of psychotherapy

And as you are suffering in the process, it’s tempting to go back to porn to alleviate the suffering

But what if you could deal with that psychological deficit quickly and effectively

And forget about the issue and porn dopamine completely

Psychedelics have that promise

Many experts say that they are the way of the future for dealing with this sort of issues

Leo Gura of teaches that psychedelics lead to enlightenment quickly

Dave Asprey experienced Iowasca and says that the work Stan Graf did with LSD is very promising

Tony Robbins could help people with any problem except the fear of death. And he thought that his own fear of death was holding him back. So he went to Brazil to do 5-MEO in and says it was one of the most powerful experiences in his life

Mike Tyson of all people experienced 5-MEO and says he never felt the same in his life. He metaphorically died and the first thing he thought of coming out of it was love.

And the best thing about a psychedelic is that it ISN’T a drug

Porn IS a drug

You need to keep taking it to cover up your PD

But with a psychedelic, you take it once

And your consciousness expands forever

We are talking about:

  • 5-MEO DMT
  • LSD
  • Iowaasca
  • Mushrooms

Be careful with these

My dad came to visit me here in Canada last year

And he goes, “I never tried marijuana”

I want to do it here since it’s legal in Canada

So I bought him a pre-roll

And he started to take huge smoke inhales

And he totally overdid it

He lost the sense of self quickly and that was very scary

And he never wanted to repeat that experience

This is just an example

But I want you to draw a few conclusions from it

First, psychedelics have this kind of effect on you

They dissolve your ego

You experience God

You become one with everything

You lose your sense of self

You die metaphorically

There’s no you

And if there’s no you, there’s no PD

The only thing that is important is Love

There’s no past or future

There’s no monkey mind

There’s just appreciating the existence while you are incarnated in this physical body

Second, you have to be very careful with them

They might scare you like marijuana did with my Dad

And they might even have a detrimental effect on your mental health

There’s a good reason the U.S. government banned them

Here’s a quote from Leo Gura’s Wost Bad Trips

“I call it a bad trip but it was one of the most powerful experiences I ever had in my life

The first time you discover God that is one of the most important experiences you’ll ever have

It’s remarkable, it’s unbelievable, it’s magical but it’s also terrifying

So it’s a double-edged sword”

But again this is so promising that I couldn’t fail to talk about it

This could be one thing that makes the biggest impact for your porn detox and any other mental health issues

And I am very careful about recommending it also because I didn’t them do them myself yet

I believe that whatever traumas and addictions I had I was able to overcome

Through coaching, meditation, and self-development

And I am frankly concerned about losing my ego completely

What if I come back and say, “Well, what’s the point of life if I am one with everything”

There’s nothing to strive for anymore

Losing myself like that is scary

I still have a lot of things I look forward to experiencing

With that said, think about it

Do your research

And I will give you a few links to get you started

Be a hero

A hero right here

I will see you tomorrow


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Leo Gura’s Wost Bad Trips