Keep the subconscious mind busy

Another day!

It’s good to see you pushing yourself

To become a hero

Here’s one trick to support you on our Hero’s Journey

I had this client from Toronto

He hired me as a porn detox coach

And he told me that whenever he felt depressed he would go driving

Because he liked it

And it would also keep his mind off whatever bad stuff it was focusing on

I told him to use this strategy for pornography urges

He tried it the same day

And it was very helpful

In fact so helpful that he went to 120+ days of no porn or masturbation with me

But why does it work anyway?

It’s usually your subconscious mind that pushes you to watch porn and masturbate.

It’s your lower self

It’s like a huge elephant

But in your conscious mind, you know that porn doesn’t contribute anything to your life

Including your long-term goals.

Do you have them by the way?!

That’s your higher self

It’s like a rider of that elephant

So there’s this distinction between the higher self and the lower self

But the problem is that the lower self — no matter how important it is to your survival—

It really doesn’t care about the agenda of the higher self

It only cares about the present moment

About instant gratification

About making sure that you survive right now

It feels unhappy

And simply pushes you to watch porn to make you happy

The solution is to silence your lower self

The good news is that there’s a relatively easy hack to work around that

See, another function of our subconscious mind is performing all these low-level tasks.

Something relatively simple that you did so many times that it is now automatic

Routines such as chewing, brushing teeth, or driving a car

Did you ever drive somewhere and then realize you were thinking about something else the whole time and don’t remember the road there?

You were not thinking consciously about driving

That’s because you delegated driving to your subconscious mind.

And you did some serious thinking with your conscious mind

So here’s how we hack urges

When you have an urge to watch porn or masturbate

You go… driving

You keep your subconscious mind busy

Not with an urge

But with this low-level task

That’s how you say bye-bye to the urge.

Another example is writing

When you have an urge,

You sit down and start writing your Single Motivating Factor

Or your life purpose

Writing is another low-level task that will keep your subconscious mind busy

You do that until you feel either motivated to do something productive toward your life purpose

Or just get bored

To the point that you say

I am so bored with this urge that I’d rather do something else

That’s how you manage the urge

And become a hero!

A hero right here

Thank you for another great day

I will see you tomorrow