I expect commitment from you (not mental masturbation)

Hi Hero!

Another day under your belt!


Let’s keep going 🙂

I want to talk about the importance of commitment today

See, we humans are lazy

We look for this Holy Grail all the time

Something that will resolve our challenges easily and quickly

With combatting porn, people keep searching for a “perfect strategy”

They reach out to me as a coach and say

“Help me”

Give me something that will work beautifully and immediately

But when I ask them what they tried already

They go

Not much, Coach

This is searching for a quick fix

And don’t get me wrong, I am not judging

I am like that with my own struggles

Let’s say when I start dating a girl

I want to go to sex quickly and efficiently

I am impatient

So people want a quick and easy solution to stop watching porn

And they want to avoid the grudging work of dealing with the root issue

But the truth is there is no Holy Grail out there

It’s in you

You have to uncover it by going on a Hero’s Journey

You have to uncover the Hero in you

So the bad news is that this is a journey

And it requires a lot of work

The good news is that you are already on it

Now, the only way to stay on the Hero’s Journey is commitment

Do you know who gets results combatting porn-watching?

I have a perfect coaching client who has a NoFap streak of 500+ days

It hasn’t been easy but he’s committed.

And there are also other followers who watch my videos

They dream about getting all these amazing results of being porn-free for themselves
They keep watching my videos and I am grateful for that.

But they also never apply what I suggest.

If I don’t say this, my grandmother will rise from the grave.

That is a different sort of masturbation: mental masturbation.

So they add mental masturbation on top of the physical one.

Here’s my best prescription for this mental masturbation

Okay, the symptom is relapsing again and again and then going back to watching and reading about the dangers of porn

And the cause is inaction and the lack of commitment

And the cure is the opposite.

It’s taking action plus commitment.

I give you many tools.

Pick at least one and commit to using it for at least 30 days.

Be a perfect student instead of just watching and never doing anything.

One month!

And also track it every day

Write down how it makes you feel

So you are able to see how effective it is

I am challenging you but at the same time, I know that you can do this.

I believe in you.

I’ve been porn-free for years

And you know that I am a regular guy

I am no better than you

Now, as with most things in life, you’ve to work harder initially.

This is when you need tons of discipline.

As long as you do that initial work, it will get easier.

You will develop my favorite thing — momentum

You will feel motivated by your small successes

With that said, I want you to pray 5 times a day

Not literally, though

Praying 5 times a day is a great visual example

In Islam, they pray 5 times a day


Because they forget about their commitment to Islamic values

And so does everyone else

Including me

And including you

We are so busy we forget about what we have committed to

For me, this is not taking life seriously

For my son, this is going to school for knowledge rather than for good grades

For my raccoon, this is being careful when he’s stealing food

For you, this is breaking free from porn

That’s why we need constant reminders

Do your equivalent of Islamic prayer

Remind yourself of your commitment 5 times a day

Here’s a suggestion:

Set an alarm on your phone to go 5 times a day

When it goes, review your goal of stopping watching porn for a minute or less

All right

Today is another amazing day on your streak

And it’s going to get easier tomorrow

Be a 🦸,

A hero right here ❤️