Break the cycle of EDs

It’s an amazing day today.



Because you are still committed to this Hero’s Journey

The way to go!

The journey to go!

Making me proud ๐Ÿ™‚

One major reason you need to go on the porn-free journey is that

Today you have way more challenges than your grandfather or father had

Let’s look at some of them today

First, testosterone is on the decline in American men

And likely men in other countries as well

Why is it important?

Testosterone is a key hormone that defines your manliness ๐Ÿ™‚

Your drive

Your confidence

Your happiness

Your libido
Declining testosterone means manliness is threatened

We are less men today than we were 50 years ago

We are less passionate

We are increasingly self-conscious

We have trouble finding a girlfriend

Do you see already how porn could be a problem?

We have this decline in testosterone

And then we lose whatever we have left through what I call a cycle of EDs

The first ED is Endless Distractions

We are bombarded by distractions all day long

Work โ€” we are expected to be online 24/7


Social media

Video games

And of course the king of them โ€” PORN

Distractions mean stress

Tons of stress

Just the other day, I was working on a small business that I own

And I had a plan laid out for that work for the entire day

But since early morning, I had to deal with one crisis after another

Our server went down

One employee had an emergency and couldn’t show up for work

I was endlessly distracted

And my mind was on alert all the time

At the end of the day, I felt exhausted and stressed out

And I didn’t accomplish even 20% of my plan

What a bummer

Which made me even more stressed

As the stress hormone cortisol went upโ€ฆ

My testosterone went down


Your body uses pregnenolone as the precursor to either cortisol or testosterone

The more stressed you are, the more of pregnenolone you convert into cortisol

Less of that good stuff left for making testosterone

The second ED is Environmental Disaster

Compared to those more masculine men 50 years ago, we have:

Soil depletion

Water pollution



He grew up in a completely different environment from what we have today

And looking at him, I feel he has more energy and vitality than many younger guys

Look, I am 40

When I am at the gym, I look at younger guys

Like twice younger than me

And I am saying this not to brag โ€” I am not that strong or muscular

Just to show you that this decline in testosterone is real

Low testosterone means less strength and less vitality

And low testosterone is just part of the overall Endocrine Disruption

Which is our third ED

Today, your whole endocrine system gets disrupted

The endocrine system is a complex network of glands and organs

It uses hormones to control and coordinate your body’s metabolism, energy level, reproduction, growth and development, and response to injury, stress, and mood

We already mentioned stress

There’s also sleep disruption due to disrupted circadian rhythm

These are huge factors that impact your hormone levels negatively

You feel tired, or lousy, or unmotivated

Or all of these things at the same time

Could hell be any worse?

Of course, you want to reach for porn as an escape from these feelings

You know where I am heading with these 3 EDs

Oh yeah, Erectile Dysfunction

By watching porn, you create a perfect storm

You already have lower testosterone than your father

And you lose whatever you have left through PMO

Reducing your libido even further

Desensitizing yourself to real sex

And expecting more and more stimulating online images

No wonder, you find it increasingly difficult to get hard

Especially with a girl because that puts additional pressure to perform on you

911? Can you help me?

I lost my passion

What do you mean “Get lost”?

I am already lost!

There’s just no way for you to be a hero in that state

All right, enough negative EDs

We need some serious positivity here

A positive ED, anybody?

How about this?

Endless Development

By masturbating too much, you physically lose your drive

And mentally, too

You dig a grave for your potential

PMO will never feel as good as actualizing your potential

The first step is saving your testosterone and energy by stopping PMO

You are already doing that

And then you rechannel that sexual energy into two things

New challenge

Find your life purpose and keep developing mastery

New Chick

Use your sex drive to get real sex vs fake sex

That’s how you let your inner hero come out

A hero right here

With that said, great job staying strong today

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow