Best years for sex and love

Welcome to this new day

There was a British billionaire whose name escapes me right now

In his biography, he said that he would give up all his money for one thing

To be young again

If you are young, this message is especially for you

But if you are older like me, it is also an important motivation for being porn-free… and regret-free

Let’s talk hormones

When I was in my teenage years, I felt different compared to how I feel now

My senses were so high

Everything felt new and super exciting

Like listening to a music

I would put on a song as loud as possible

And would just go crazy, slamming and dancing

Or I would laugh at 8 jokes out of 10

And now that’s 2 jokes out of 10

That’s what high hormone levels mean

I also craved being with a girl

Crazy about sex, with all those sex hormones raging in me

And this is what I can see now that I am older and I feel different

But I will get there in a moment

So, I am 16 bursting with all this young energy and sex drive

And normally, I would go out, find a girl, and enjoy breath-taking sex and a relationship with her

But I was very shy as my baseline

I literally ran from a girl who liked me once

Because I was scared of what my parents would think about this whole thing

So I would rechannel that sexual energy into porn and masturbation

And to add insult to injury, I would hate myself for doing that

I was caught in this cognitive dissonance

I wanted to have a girlfriend but everything I did would take me in the opposite direction

I was in that from 16 to 21 when I finally started dating

And here’s the kicker

I regret wasting those 5 years

This is the time when with my senses and hormones at a peak, I was supposed to enjoy love and sex at their peak

I could’ve had experiences on a scale of 1 to 10 at 10

But I wasted those years, on porn, masturbation

Not just wasted but they also brought me serious grief because of guilt

Okay, then I went into my twenties

I got married

And I murdered my marriage slowly

Porn was a major contribution to that

I would watch porn behind my wife’s back

And basically I was learning relationships from it

You can imagine

I objectified my wife sexually

And at that point, my hormones were not at their peak but they were still quite high

Not the same as in teenage years, but still quite high

High senses and great ability to enjoy things

But again, instead of enjoying deep connection with intimacy with her

I was wasting my time and energy on this surrogate — porn

Fake sex and fake feelings

So now I obviously regret losing my marriage

But I also regret how I wasted my opportunity to feel amazing about sex and love

The opportunity enabled by high hormone levels

I could’ve enjoyed sex and my marriage on a scale of 1 to 10 at 8 or 9

But I didn’t

I could’ve enjoyed my favorite bands at a greater level

But I struggled instead

Now come my thirties

This is when I started to realize something is up with this hormone thing

When I had sex, it started to feel less exciting as before

Let’s say 5 on a scale from 1 to 10

I saw that after watching porn and masturbating, sex would feel even less, 3 or something like that

And I was less excited by music, too

Before that, I would listen to 10 albums and I would like 3 to 4 of them

But now I find it hard to find even 3 to 4 songs out of 10 new albums

That’s when I understood I needed to maximize my senses because my hormone levels kept decreasing

I could no longer be wasting them on such huge stimulation as porn

Look, my senses already lowered — and I felt it

My hormones decreased even further

And then porn would make them even lower because it decreased dopamine

PLus, my testosterone already lowered and I was lowering it through masturbation on top of that

So I said No more

I have to really take good care of my hormones and senses

Because I want excitement, I want to appreciate sex and music on as high level as posslble

And that was one of the insights that helped me stopped watching porn

I am very grateful for that because I was basically able to salvage my thiries

But I so want back my teenage years and twenties

With that said, I want you to understand this while you are young

This is the time when Nature wants you to procreate

It gives you amazing levels of hormones

Sky-high senses

Sex and love feel fantastic

Porn doesn’t come even close to those feelings

Even though you might still not realize that

Don’t waste them on porn
Make the best use of these years

Suck those emotions like a vacuum cleaner

Or have those regrets like I do

If you do watch porn, save it for later

Watch it when you are old

Like 100 years

It will always be there

But those amazing sex and love experiences will not

As you age, your ability to experience them decreases

So have these amazing experiences when you can truly appreciate them

When the Nature wants you to appreciate them 100% and enjoy them to the fullest

Don’t waste your best years on porn

Become a Hero as young as possible

A Hero right here

Do that and I am excited about seeing you tomorrow