Best years for career and skills

Welcome to this new day

Porn is a waste

We both know that

I regret that I wasted my best years on it

Instead of enjoying sex and love at the peak level

When my hormones—and senses were at their peak

But there’s also another important type of waste for these best years

I wasted a lot of time on porn and also video games


Developing practical skills

  • Programming
  • Playing the guitar
  • Being good with my hands

I was good but in a very different way


If I had known programming, I would’ve been much better at marketing myself online when the Internet was in its infancy

If I had picked up the guitar earlier, I would’ve been much better at it now

If I had learned to be a craftsman, I would’ve been able to do a lot of things around my house myself

My Dad is an amazing example

I suck at that


Instead of porn time, I should’ve developed my business more

I spent my twenties building a translation business

And it’s still active and bringing me money today

But it could have been so much more

If I had chosen to develop my skills as an owner rather than an operator of the business

I was working 80-hour weeks but as a translator and editor — an operator

And then in my free time, I would go to porn as a coping mechanism for boredom

Instead of developing business skills such as marketing or delegation of responsibilities or employee motivation

You are making my mistake with porn

Wasting your best years on porn or video games—or whatever your flavor of waste is

Your late teenage years, twenties, and early thirties

This is the time when you need to be setting a foundation for your Life INSTEAD

If you don’t do it now, it’s going to be so much harder later


Physically, this is when you’re at the top of your game

Your hormone levels are great

You are resilient

Your mind is fresh

If you waste those years:

It’s going to be harder in your late thirties, forties, and so on

Because of decreasing hormones, neurotransmitters, declining health and motivation

Here’s another personal example

I love soccer

I’d have loved to become a professional soccer player

But I will never be able to do that because it’s too late

I don’t have the physical conditioning to do that at 40

I should’ve done that at 10

So I want you to do two things — those that I failed to do

First, start building practical skills instead of watching porn:

  • Programming
  • Marketing
  • Video editing
  • Playing a musical instrument

When you are 30 and you look back

You might be in one version of your life

Where you are a developed human being, with tons of practical skills

You can always find something to do well and helped people with

And even impress them with — like playing the guitar

This is porn-free and regret-free version — version 2.0

And the second version is where you have nothing to show

All you had done was watching porn

That is porn-full and regretful version — version 1.0

Second, and even more importantly, I want you to keep looking for your life purpose

Instead of watching porn, you find something that really inspires you

You go do it and create a career or business out of it

You work on it for as long as you want

You build a business that sustains you

You build a name for yourself

You create an investment income

You buy a house

I wish someone told me this when I was 15 or 25

You don’t have to make my mistake

Finally, I want to say this

A lot of young people have erectile dysfunction these days

And there are reasons for this

Endless distraction

Endocrine disruption

Environmental disaster

But there’s also one thing that people miss

Erection is a reflection of how you appear in the world as a man

Erection is a reflection of your energy

You sit alone watching porn

Coasting through life

Then you feel down

And you don’t have the energy

To drive erection

You give up porn

You find a job you enjoy and do well

Then you feel you have the world by the balls

And you feel high energy in your balls

For a strong erection

So that’s another reason to give up porn and build your skills and career

A stronger erection

Look, here’s a hilarious perspective

If you want to watch porn

It’s even fine with me

Let’s just have an agreement

Build your life now

And watch porn later

When you have that foundation for your life

Yeah, it’s a joke

But if you think about it there’s some truth to it

If you always have dessert before the main meal

You end up fat and sluggish

With a limp dick

A hero with a limp dick?


You’re better than that

I know that just because you’ve taken on this 30-day challenge

I wish I could give you a hug

A real hero

A hero right here

Thank you for joining me today

I can’t wait to see you tomorrow