Aware and scared

Welcome to the next day on our journey!

A journey to become a Hero!

You are my leader

You are tackling this challenge

You are taking action

And I am your follower

My goal as a follower is to give you some motivation and a few strategies here and there

So that you keep going and you find your Truth

It is time to get aware and scared

I told a coaching client to track all his PMO episodes throughout a week

He counted 1 to 5 hours

From one hour on weekdays to five on the weekend

Plus, he also wasted a lot of time fighting this addiction in his mind

Awareness alone is curative

But it’s more than that

He got scared

He kind of knew that he was squandering a lot of potential

But when he saw the exact number, he got seriously scared

He realized that his life was literally going to waste

His time

His physical energy

His ability to concentrate

Everything took a hit
At this point, he got so inspired that he went porn-free for 120+ days

I hope you are starting to see this as well

Do you waste your life like that?

Do you want to make a change?

I want Yes, you are

That’s why tracking your PMO is essential

For seeing how you squander your potential

Here’s how you do it:


Create an Excel sheet or Google sheet


For every PMO episode, track when you started


And when you are finished

Write that time in the sheet

Let’s say you did two episodes:

One was for 30 minutes and another one for 45 minutes

It’s a total of 75 minutes for that day


Track for a week this way

On Sunday evening sum all the time for the week

For example, you come up with a number like 8 hours
This is one day of work!

You lost one productive day on porn

Now you see how you are squandering your potential

And with that awareness comes real fear

What if you stay addicted for another 10 years
This is bad news

But the good news is that now you can use that fear as motivation

If you don’t want that future, start working on a different version of your future

One where you use your time and potential to uncover your hero

Whatever that hero’s manifestation will be

I want to see your hero shine

The world needs you as a hero

A hero right here