Avoidance vs allowing

I had a dream

You went porn-free for 30 days

And you were so proud

And I am so proud of you

Let’s talk about one powerful strategy that helps quit porn

Avoidance vs Allowing

In a study, two groups of women carried a container of chocolates with them.

Here’s what the researchers instructed them to do:

One group had to distract themselves from thinking about the chocolate.

The other group took out the chocolate and interacted with it: touch, smell, and so on.

And later in the day, both groups could actually eat the chocolate.

Who do you think ate more chocolate?

The first group

The one that distracted themselves


Because they craved it.

The other group ate less

Because they saw themselves as people who can eat the chocolate but choose not to

Same thing with porn.

When you avoid porn by distracting yourself from thinking about it, you want more of it.

You see yourself as an addict.

But if you stop avoiding and face your enemy in a controlled way,

You see yourself as a person who has the willpower not to watch porn excessively.

You do it again and again and that’s how you train your willpower.

So how do you do it specifically?

1️⃣ Don’t avoid porn.

When you have an urge, watch it.

But stop yourself at 1 or 2 minutes.

Or some other point that’s feasible and feels like success

2️⃣ You do this long enough, and porn loses its psychological allure.

You start seeing yourself as a person who has full control over porn watching.

Now, quitting porn this way is difficult but totally possible

Even if you doubt yourself

Even if it feels like an uphill battle

People are capable of so much more than they think

Let me give you an example

People used to think that a human body is not capable of running a mile in under 4 minutes.

But then Roger Bannister did it.

By the way, I tried it, too, but

And suddenly, many other athletes were able to do it as well.

See, all that potential was always there.

And people just didn’t realize this.

So believe in your potential.

You are way more powerful than you think you are.

I know it

You are taking the course

You are one of the few people who take action instead of watching passively

Your parents believe you can do anything

Your future children look up to you as a God who can do anything

Now you need to recognize that power in yourself

You can and will smash this habit

And one way to do it is the strategy we looked at today

Stop avoiding porn

But allow it in a controlled way

That’s how you flex your willpower muscle

It becomes stronger

And being porn-free gets easier

Stay strong today

I will see you tomorrow

One more thing before you go

Be a Hero

A hero right here