The Beginner’s Guide to Leaving Comfort Zone in 2022 | Podcast Ep. #35

Do you dream of leaving comfort zone?

Want to understand why you’re stuck in average and how to motivate yourself?

Tune in to listen to Tomas Svitorka and get motivated right now.

Tomas is an amazing life coach on a mission to help people leave their comfort zone.

And his message is surprising: it doesn’t require hard work at all.

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Stuck in average equals unfulfilled

First of all, that’s the philosophy of how I live my life.

I call it, “OK is not enough.”

“OK” is the most dangerous place to be in life.

Imagine three levels stuck upon each other.

  1. At the bottom, it’s failure, rut, and pain.
  2. “OK” is the middle level. That’s where most people are in life.
  3. On the top would be success, winning, and fulfillment.

We are all somewhere in these three levels.

And most people don’t stay at the bottom for too long:

  • It’s too painful.
  • It’s too uncomfortable.
  • It’s too unacceptable.

Imagine that I start twisting your arm:

  • When I just twist a little bit, you can take it.
  • But when I start twisting it a lot, it becomes too painful and you try to get out of it.

That’s a metaphor for a situation that becomes too unbearable: a relationship, a job or our finances.

Then we will do what needs to be done.

We go and get a better job or break up with that abusive partner.

But as soon as people get out of that painful zone, they get into the “OK” zone.

And there’s nothing wrong with “OK.”

It’s an equilibrium between efforts and gain.

In fact, the primary drive of our brain is to keep us alive.

And the way to keep us alive is to be safe, not do anything stupid, not take any risks.

Which means never leaving the comfort zone.

That said, being comfortable is fine but rarely happy and fulfilling.

Why are you doing good in life but still feeling unfulfilled?

You might be doing good in different aspects of your life:

  1. You have a decent job.
  2. You have a wonderful relationship,
  3. You are reasonably fit.

But you still might not feel alive, fulfilled, or excited.

It’s because you’re in the comfort zone, the “OK” zone.

To experience life fully, we need to be better than “OK.”

We need to let go of our comfort.

By definition, happiness and fulfillment lie outside of our comfort zone.

The modern world keeps you in the comfort zone

Most of us live in a world where we have so many opportunities.

Life is easier than ever.

Most people settle for comfort instead of experiencing the fulfillment and joy of being alive.

But we’re meant to get the best out of ourselves and be better than “OK.”

That’s when:

  • We contribute.
  • We inspire other people.
  • Other amazing things happen.

Look at Elon Musk and all these incredible things he’s doing such as Tesla cars or SolarCity.

  1. He’s nowhere near his comfort zone.
  2. He’s working insane hours.
  3. He revolutionized the car industry and the batteries that they use and created Space X.

I’m not saying that’s the recipe for fulfillment for everyone.

What I mean is that one person can accomplish a lot.

You can disrupt industries that have been going stale because of doing comfortable stuff.


How do you begin leaving the comfort zone?

Ask yourself:

  1. Where does the “OK” zone end for me?
  2. What would an area of my life need to look like so that I find it fulfilling, satisfying, and joyful?

Say, how much money would I need to be making to start feeling, “Wow, this is amazing!”?

(But by the way, no matter how much money you make, you can get used to anything.)

Suppose, if you’d be making $100,000 a year, you might be thinking, “Oh my God, I would feel like I own the world.”

Now all of a sudden, you have a goal that you can work towards:

  1. Why am I not making this money now?
  2. How do I need to work on my business to make it?
  3. How many clients do I need to have?
  4. How much do I need to charge them?
  5. What do I need to provide to my clients?
  6. What kind of service, how many sessions, what resources?
  7. What else do I need to learn?

As soon as you start digging into that, the path will emerge.


Take fitness, for example

My body is okay and I’m pretty fit.

But I want my body fat to be 13%.

It’ll make me feel better.

After setting this goal, I asked myself:

  1. What do I need to do?
  2. How can I do that?
  3. Do I know how to do it?

By asking those questions, I realized that I needed to fix my diet and the way I exercised.

And here’s when an actionable answer came to me:

Maybe, I need to hire a personal trainer.

That’s exactly what I did.

One of my good friends is a personal trainer.

I reached out to him and said, “I need to trim some body fat. Can you help me with that?”

He created an eating plan and a workout plan for me.

The path just emerged.

That’s how you benefit from having a coach

This is why having a coach is so useful.

As a life coach, it’s easy for me to help you set up a plan quickly.

That’s because I’ve been doing it all day long, every day for many years.

But if you never did this, it may be daunting since you don’t have that experience.

So, I encourage everyone to get a coach because it’s transformational.


Universe metaphor for leaving your comfort zone

In the universe, everything tries to create a state of equilibrium.

For example, planets are around because of gravitational forces that are in equilibrium.

That’s why stars are around.

Likewise, everything in life tries to find an equilibrium where the forces are equal.

This is the “OK” zone.

This is the equilibrium between how much work we need to put in and how much discomfort we can tolerate.

In life, people want to be as little uncomfortable as possible, with the least amount of effort.

That’s tolerable discomfort.

To get things out of equilibrium, one of the forces needs to be stronger.

It has to overpower the opposing force.

Create a driving force to pull yourself out of the comfort zone

That said, if you want to change your life, create a driving force.

Your desire to change needs to be way stronger than the desire to stay comfortable.

Let’s say you want to get fitter.

Then your drive to get fit needs to be stronger than resistance to hitting the gym.

If you don’t create that driving force in your life, you’re likely to quit.

Say, you make a New Year’s resolution about getting fit.

But by the 7th of January or the beginning of February, that resolution is out of the window already.

Success requires overcoming inconvenience but it’s not hard work

I get so worked up when people tell me success is too hard.

Yes, it’s challenging and time-consuming.

But it’s not truly hard work:

  1. It’s not like you work in a uranium mine in Siberia.
  2. Or not like building pyramids.
  3. Or not like being an ultra-marathon runner.

For most people, getting the results they want is just about overcoming inconvenience.

Yes, it’s unpleasant and not fun.

And most people see it as a reason good enough not to be happy in life.

Going back to the equilibrium metaphor:

The gravitational force keeps them in the same comfortable place.

They don’t want to create a force towards their goals that will overpower the gravitational force.


  1. The human mind has evolved to keep you stuck in average. It’s fine but rarely fulfilling.
  2. The modern world keeps you in the comfort zone. But it’s your responsibility to demand more of yourself.
  3. Set a goal and ask yourself what you need to do to accomplish it. As you look for answers, a path will always emerge.
  4. Coaching is transformational. A coach helps you create a specific action plan and follow it more easily.
  5. Leaving comfort zone requires a powerful driving force. Create that force in your life to overpower your desire to stay comfortable.
  6. Success is not hard work. It’s just about overcoming inconvenience.

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