Law of Attraction Success Stories – Martin Eden and Maria | Podcast Ep. #24

Here’s one of my favorite law of attraction success stories.

I use it almost every day to motivate my coaching clients and myself: it’s the novel Martin Eden by Jack London.

Even though it’s fiction, it’s inspiring.

I also recorded this story as a podcast episode:

Martin’s success story

Martin is a poor sailor who falls in love with Ruth, a girl from a bourgeois family.

He is passionate about self-education and writing.

He wants to win Ruth’s love by writing fiction and poetry and selling his work.

Martin struggles for two years until he finally achieves success, thanks to dreaming and hard work.

Let’s look at the 4 steps that Martin took.

One of the Best Law of Attraction Success Stories Martin Eden and Maria

Step 1: Create a burning desire

Martin’s love for Ruth and writing pushed him despite all hardships: poverty, hunger, and tons of rejection.

Step 1 create a burning desire

Step 2: Visualize

Martin was visualizing his success all the time.

One example that I love is in chapter 25.

He is at the lowest point in his life.

Martin owes money to everyone: his landlord, Maria, the grocer, the butcher, the baker, and the fruit store.

He’s desperate because he now has to stop working on his dream and go to work.

Martin sits down to drink cheap wine with Maria who is a single mother of 7 kids struggling with poverty herself.

But she has such a great heart that she would still send food to Martin when he is starving.

Their dialog

Martin: “What would you like to have now, right now, if you could get it?”

Maria wants shoes for her kids.

Martin: “But I mean a big wish, something big that you want.”

Maria: “I lika da house, dis house – all mine, no paya da rent, seven dollar da month.”

Martin: “You shall have it,” he granted, “and in a short time. Now wish the great wish. Make believe I am God, and I say to you anything you want you can have. Then you wish that thing, and I listen.”

Maria: “You no ‘fraid?”.

Martin: “No, no, I’m not afraid. Go ahead.”

Maria: “Most verra big.”

Martin: “All right. Fire away.”

Maria: “Well, den. I lika da have one milka ranch – good milka ranch. Plenty cow, plenty land, plenty grass. I lika da have near San Le-an; my sister liva dere. I maka da plentee mon. Joe an’ Nick no runna da cow. Dey go-a to school. Bimeby maka da good engineer, worka da railroad.”

Martin: “No, Maria, Nick and Joe won’t have to peddle milk, and all the kids can go to school and wear shoes the whole year round. It will be a first-class milk ranch – everything complete.”

That’s how Martin sets the law of attraction in motion.

Step 2 Visualize

Step 3: Do the work

Now that Martin has made a wish, he does the most important part of manifesting.

He works on his goal day and night.

That’s Maria’s account of how hard he worked:

“Likewise she watched his toils, and knew the measure of the midnight oil he burned. Work! She knew that he outdid her, though his work was of a different order. And she was surprised to behold that the less food he had, the harder he worked.”

That’s where the actual work comes in—the actual process of the law of attraction.

And the universe sent him the opportunities that he needed to manifest what he wanted.

Law of attraction step 3 work

Step 4: Reap the reward

In chapter 43, Martin becomes rich and famous.

He buys the house and a ranch for Maria.

“And so it was that Maria became a landlord and the sole owner of a dairy, with two hired men to do the work for her and a bank account that steadily increased despite the fact that her whole brood wore shoes and went to school.”

He manifests everything that he promised to Maria even though it seemed impossible.

Law of attraction step 4 reap the reward

Actionable tip

There you go: a beautiful law of attraction success story to motivate you.

Our brain responds to symbols more than anything else.

Use Martin Eden as a symbol of the law of attraction.

Find a burning desire.

Visualize it.

Work hard at manifesting it.

And receive it.

Make the law of attraction work for you!

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