Karma Examples (Don’t Let It Get You)

Let’s look at some karma examples. You will learn from my mistakes to make sure you take care of your karma.

That said, we need to start with karma definition.

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Karma definition

Want to know my karma definition? Let me share a karma example at work.

I used to judge my ex-wife a lot. Instead of appreciating her for who she was, I kept comparing her to an ideal.

I fought reality. I disconnected myself from reality.

And that disconnect, or selfishness, or ego, comes with pain. That’s karma definition.

Just because I was a jerk to my ex-wife doesn’t mean that bad karma would get me on the outside. Karma was getting me on the inside.

I was angry all the time and couldn’t enjoy life. Instead of loving my family and my life, I walked around almost hating both.

Don’t make my mistake with karma. Be a selfless and loving hero.

Karma example #1

I was a jerk to my ex-wife. I watched porn and jerked off behind her back. She got fed up and divorced me.

Karma example #2

My porn-watching is another karma example in itself. I watched porn for 17 years.

Even though no one knew about it, I hated myself and I had the fear of being caught.

That was bad karma getting me.

Karma example #3

When my grandfather was almost 90, I started to visit him more.

I took care of him and showed my love as much as possible.

Even if it meant just sitting beside him, not even talking.

He died a few years later. I know I did the right thing. And that feels good.

This is the feeling of contentment that comes with good karma. Hone your karma

Good karma meaning

What creates bad karma? Selfishness. Doing selfish things that move you away from universal love.

You withhold your love. And whenever you disconnect from love = life, you suffer.

Then, good karma is doing things that aren’t selfish. Let me give you an example.

This week, I let down someone I started to work with. That was selfish but unavoidable.

I really care about my good karma. So I knew I had to do something to counteract that selfishness.

I went to my neighbors’ house and put $100 in their mailbox. 100% anonymously.

That helped me feel I was back into my good karma, meaning a more selfless human being.

Join me in this never-ending battle for good karma!

Bad karma meaning

I believe PMO creates bad karma. I definitely felt it in my life.

I used to watch porn and jerk off for 17 years.

First I hid my porn from my parents and friends. And then I hid it from my ex-wife.

I realize now that I was creating bad karma. I was acting selfishly, focusing on carnal bodily pleasures. And selfishness equals bad karma.

I was in my head instead of being present and happy.

And secondly, I always had this fear of being caught in the back of my mind. That’s how bad karma got me.

Now, there you go: bad karma meaning for PMO. You can convert this insight into motivation and clean up your karma as I did.

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