Is NoFap Worth It in 2023? (After I’ve Been on NoFap for 8+ Years)

Стоит ли NoFap того - Тренер NoFap Роман Миронов

If you ask me, “Is NoFap worth it?”, My answer is yes!

I’ve been on NoFap for eight years.

There are a few things I hate about life, but jerking off is definitely one of them.

Here is my account of the NoFap experience and the many benefits of NoFap that I am so pleased with.

Before we get into that, join my Free Stop PMO webinar to stay committed to NoFap:

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With that done, let’s dive right in.

Companion video

If you don’t want to read, check out the companion video for my “NoFap: Before and After” story:

My account of staying on NoFap for years

I started masturbating when I was around 12.

When I had a girlfriend at 21 or a wife later at 25, I did it less but still did it.

At 27, I hit a very low point in my life and developed an addiction to fapping.

It gave me a quick escape from depression.

The problem was that instant gratification felt good but never lasted.

And it made me even more depressed.

On top of depression, I’d also feel shame and guilt.

I hated the feeling of lacking self-discipline and wasting time and energy.

When I was 31, I said enough and went NoFap.

I’ve been on it for 6 years so far.

And I had two short relapses that only reinforced how good it is for me.


Benefit 1: Feeling better about myself

For me, one of the best NoFap gains was stopping the pain that I felt after masturbating.

I would hate myself.

So much wasted time, struggle, guilt, wasted energy, shame.

And what for?

A quick escape that never made me happy in the first place.

What brought me genuine happiness was NoFap—finding the strength to quit masturbation and feel in control.

чувство контроля

Benefit 2: Tackling challenges better

I used to go to fapping when I faced some sort of resistance.

Say, I would be translating a text from one language to another and run into something that I didn’t understand.

I felt like escaping that challenge and fapping offered a quick way to do so.

But when I was done, my energy and resolve that I needed to press on were even lower.

Now that I am free from fapping, I don’t look for an escape from challenges.

With NoFap, the energy I would previously waste is preserved.

I sit there patiently and tackle the challenge.

A life coach Richard Harris said:

It feels like there is a building of some unquantifiable ‘vital energy’ inside me, and then it is redirected, or sublimated, into my work:
During No Fap, my business experienced tremendous growth.
I felt this energy push into other areas:
I started getting up at 5:30am;
I stopped taking “rest days” from the gym and my gains blew up;
I stopped taking mid day “power naps.”

– Richard Harris

решать проблемы

Benefit 3: Getting reattracted to real women

Actresses and models look too good.

Real women seem unattractive compared to them.

After quitting fapping, I felt so much more attracted to women.

I was able to appreciate women for their inner beauty.

Not just the physical beauty that porn wires us to focus on.

I enjoyed holding hands, deep conversations, spending time outside, planning, dreaming together.

This is a whole new level of enjoying women—one where the answer to the question “Is NoFap even worth it?” is obvious.

Porn and masturbation pale in comparison to it.

настоящие женщины снова привлекательны

Benefit 4: Rechanneling the sexual energy into building a relationship

When I feel a sexual desire, I have two options.

The first and convenient one is quick release by fapping.

But with fapping out of the question now, the only option left is actually finding a girl.

Therefore, my sexual desire pushes me to procreate.

So I go out and do the thing that is good and healthy for me: I build a relationship with a girl.

больше энергии для отношений

Benefit 5: NoFap depression improved my self-discipline

One thing that makes quitting PMO a challenge is NoFap depression.

One week after quitting, I experienced PMO withdrawal symptoms:

  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Lack of motivation to do anything
  • Intense mood swings between euphoria and depression or tiredness and hyperactivity

Not everyone has these symptoms but they are common nonetheless.

It’s your brain fighting for high dopamine levels it got used to.

Because you lavished your brain with tons of dopamine, it got lazy and reduced the number of dopamine receptors.

That’s why it’s difficult for you to feel pleasure from simple things now.

But after you quit PMO, a reverse process occurs in your brain.

It increases the number of dopamine receptors so that it can still feel pleasure from less stimulating activities.

Going through this process requires willpower and overcoming depression.

But for me it has been a hidden blessing.

Through perseverance and commitment to NoFap, my self-discipline has improved.

I have strengthened my will to keep doing what is uncomfortable instead of looking for an escape.

This habit alone made NoFap worthwhile for me.

Here’s a report on my NoFap depression:

Benefit 6: Increased Confidence

When I masturbated, I felt self-conscious and awkward

Since I had to hide my PMO habit, I developed a fear that others were constantly watching and judging me.

So yes, I was a mess.

But in my six years of travel, I’ve never been more confident in my life than I am now.

I talk to strangers, clients, or women with whom I am confidently familiar.

I never take myself seriously. In fact, I like to make fun of my failures.

To be clear: Getting there was not easy. Along with NoFap, it took a lot of internal and external work.

But every problem I encountered was worth it.

Benefit 7: No need to clear browser history

I didn’t want anyone to know about my PMO addiction.

So I had to clear my browser history and delete the downloaded images and videos after masturbating.

And there was something humiliating about it for me.

Such concealment was contrary to my personality, because I have always valued transparency and authenticity.

Now that I’ve been clean for years, I like that I don’t have to hide anymore:

  • I kept my browser history intact for a long time.
  • I can shoot video from the screen without worrying about something embarrassing popping up.
  • I no longer feel fear of porn .

Benefit 8: Maximizing my potential and discovering more of it

I remember one particular day when I wasted several hours a day on PMO.

And I felt tired after that.

As a result, I didn’t do anything productive that day, staying in a lazy mode.

You might think that it’s okay to have a lazy day like that.

And I agree—as long as you don’t feel guilt.

And I was having tons of guilt.

I felt I had tons of potential and PMO was stopping me from realizing it.

When I finally stopped PMO, I could do so much more with my life:

  • I started running 20K marathons.
  • I moved to Canada from Russia which was my lifelong dream.
  • I built a translation business that’s been active for 15 years now.
  • I was able to work 16-hour days if necessary, without getting bored or distracted.
  • I took my family to ski resorts all across Europe.

Benefit 9: I was able to see what was on the other side

I heard other people talking about all these benefits of NoFap.

And I wanted to see those benefits for myself.

When I did this, they were so good that I never wanted to go back.

Looking back, I realize now that if I hadn’t done that, I would have deprived myself of the ability to see what’s possible.

That said, I believe it’s important to give it a shot and do a 90-day challenge.

If you don’t like the other side, you can go back.

But at least, you’ll know that you saw it and made a conscious choice.

Want to know more about NoFap benefits?

Stopping excessive masturbation was one of the best decisions in my life.

What’s the alternative?

Shame, guilt, and regret.

PMO is just not worth it.

Check out my definitive guide to learn about other NoFap benefits in 2022.


Is No Fap worth it for a lifetime? Why even ask?

I’ve been on NoFap for 8 years. No Fap is different things to different people. Here’s my program:
No porn
No masturbation or edging
Ejaculation in sex about once a week

I found this kind of NoFap protocol very healthy and motivating

Before NoFap:

Low mental energy — I kept thinking about fapping

Low decisiveness — I avoided making decisions and procrastinated

Low confidence — When I saw a girl I liked… I said screw it and went home miserable to fap

After NoFap:

I have my mental energy for things that matter

I make decisions quickly and commit to them

When I see a girl I like… I say screw it and approach her

Is No Fap worth it? Best thing since sliced bread

Is NoFap worth doing? Still wondering?

Here’s one final piece of NoFap motivation:

How would you like it if your son was a PMO addict?

If not, then it’s time to be a role model.

Even if he isn’t born yet.

Okay, you’re sold. But here’s a key question you might have.

How do I stop masturbating? (I feel like I am addicted.)

Here’s a basic strategy to stop masturbating that worked for me. By using it, I quit watching porn and jerking off 8 years ago.

1️⃣ Create a punishment for excessive or compulsive masturbation. This could be cleaning your room or donating money to a charity that you don’t support.

Every time you masturbate, you get up immediately and apply that punishment. It’s painful and your brain doesn’t like pain. Soon enough, your brain will hate masturbation.

2️⃣ Focus on your Life Purpose.

Your Life Purpose is something that gets you excited about your life. It gets you out of bed in the morning.

A male mind tends to focus on one thing. If you give masturbation to it, your brain will focus on masturbation.

Give Life Purpose to your brain instead and get passionate about life. Now you put all your mental energy into your Life Purpose instead of masturbating.

After all, without wasting hours on porn and jerking off, you have so much time to do something beautiful.

3️⃣ Be patient. See the distinction between short-term pleasure and long-term contentment.

Masturbating gives you a quick hit of pleasure right now. It feels good right now but then you feel terrible for a long time.

But if you don’t masturbate, you will feel content with making the right choice for a long time. This will happen as long as you wait patiently instead of giving up and going for short-term pleasure.

“NoFap is not worth it ❓” (My response)

NoFap is not worth it if you are not taking the action necessary to fix your dating. You have to keep looking for a girlfriend. You need to develop yourself as a man that can attract a quality girl.

NoFap is not worth it if you do it for “NoFap superpowers.” There’s no such thing.

Yes, you get great benefits: more energy, confidence, and happiness. But no, you don’t become a superhero just by not touching yourself.

If you want to become a superhero, you need to do NoFap first. Become a NoFap hero. And then use the momentum to keep growing in other areas. After all, NoFap is just one of them.

NoFap is not worth it❓Overall, I think NoFap is worth doing. There’s no benefit in watching pornography and replacing real sex with your hand.

Be a hero. A hero right here ❤️

Is horniness good ❓

Horniness is good. It means you are young, healthy, and have a healthy sex drive. That’s evolutionary pressure pushing you to get your life together and attract a mate to reproduce.

Now, you can fap to porn and trick your brain into believing this is your reproduction. Or you can rise to the challenge, get your life together, and attract a perfect mate.

What should I do with my free time now that I quit PMO ❓

My hands used to be idle. I used to keep them busy with porn and fapping.

But I stopped it and my hands became idle again. How did I keep myself busy ❓

That’s an important question. I’ve seen many people run into this problem. You need to recognize the risk of relapsing and make sure you are never bored. Let me share my three best principles for always stating busy.

#1: Make money. You will focus on your job instead of PMO. It also feels exciting just to make money.

#2: Build social skills: Now that PMO is no longer replacing a girlfriend for you, go get a girlfriend ❗Build your social skills slowly to attract an amazing partner.

#3: Get out of your house and explore life. Staying isolated at home is a risk of relapse. Get outside instead and be around other people. Take walks. Be in nature and do road trips. Now that you are PMO-free, you can finally see what the real world offers.

Make NoFap easier with faith

NoFap Worth It ❓Let’s ask a NoFapper André.

He became Christian and realized that porn-watching is no longer an option. He says “a man who watches it becomes a dirty pervert objectifying women.”

He was looking for a solution to heal his thoughts after having watched porn. That’s how he stumbled upon my channel.

We talked with and he wanted to remove this “perversion” from his mind. That alone made NoFap worth it for him.

He says that when he went out of town for a month, he didn’t think of porn. He enjoyed his calm living on a farm.

But when he came back, his urges kicked back in. The old environment triggered him again.

Now he wants a permanent solution for healing his brain because he wants to adopt NoFap as a lifestyle. My recommendation is to live on the farm until his urges go away for good.

Also, believing PMO is a terrible sin makes NoFap worth it for him. He needs to rely on that belief every day. He has to make it part of his spiritual practice. If he reads the Bible for 30 minutes every morning, he will have the right mindset for the entire day.

One personal reason that makes No Fap worth it for me

One reason that makes No Fap so worth it for me is what fapping did to my previous relationship.

At one point, I had a disagreement with my partner and got back to doing PMO. I needed some quick dopamine to forget about the disagreement.

I thought that I would just watch and fap here and there and that would be all. But instead, I started to have all these crazy fantasies about my partner.

I imagined her being in porn. I wanted our sex to be more like “porn sex.”

I ended up asking her to act out some of the things from those adult films. She agreed one time but then she changed her mind.

And I appreciate it now because looking back, I was weird and creepy. I feel embarrassed about my fantasies. I was falling down the downward spiral of wanting more and more from porn and sex. My fantasies, porn, and fapping kept getting more intense.

My partner stopped my freefall. Since then, I’ve been free from fapping and sex addiction. That’s my answer to “Is No Fap Really Worth It ❓” is a resounding YES.

Do a No Fap challenge next month

If you struggled with PMO all year, this is your last chance to stop it and make this year great. Every month I launch a 31-day challenge. Every day, I push you to quit PMO. 

I quit watching porn 8 years ago. That was hell and I am not ever going back. I feel so much better now. 

When you join my No PMO challenge, I use my inspiration and best insights to help you make it through. And when you finish it, you’ll see amazing benefits. 

  1. You will feel in control.
  2. You will become more productive.
  3. You will be on a path to getting a girlfriend. 
  4. You will also become more confident, whether in your career, school, dating, or the gym.

Wherever you are in life right now, you have a Hero inside you. PMO kills that Hero. But with this No PMO challenge, you can develop your inner Hero.

Will you join me on the other side of PMO ❓  

Click the link below now.

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22 thoughts on “Is NoFap Worth It in 2023? (After I’ve Been on NoFap for 8+ Years)”

  1. Hi Roman,

    I was very hesitated before writing you, but as I really need moral support I did it.
    I’m now on the 15th day NoFap. since long time I noticed a noticeable weakness in my erection. To get an erection that allow me to get a real sexual relation, I need to masturbate first but with out orgasm to get my dick hard, then insert it immediately, otherwise it will be not hard. it’s an erectile dysfunction, and I’m pretty sure it’s caused by Porn and Masturbation (I have been masturbating almost everyday for 20 years). I consulted a doc and I get some medicin that really helped, but without them I cannot get a hard erection. does NoFap really help getting a hard erection?
    Thanks in Advance,

    1. Hi Ingo,

      Thank you for reaching out. I know it was difficult. And I, for one, honor you for your courage. Talking about your dick not getting hard enough is uncomfortable, for sure.

      Now, masturbation can indeed cause erectile or other sexual dysfunctions.

      One reason is that you teach your brain to associate sex with your hand rather than a real woman. And a hand will always feel better because you know exactly how to satisfy yourself.

      The second reason is that if you feel guilty about masturbation, you feel distressed. Because of that distress, you might associate unpleasant feelings with sex, hence the problems with erection.

      I am absolutely positive that NoFap can help you get a stronger erection. That’s how you deal with those two potential psychological reasons. And this helps even if you also have a physiological reason.

      And anyway, what do you have to lose? You try it and see how it works for you. If you don’t get results, you can always return to porn and masturbation. (I wouldn’t, though ?)

      Best wishes,

  2. I have heard about the mysterious, inexplicable benefits of nofap like woman attraction and so, looking for a tangible explanation, does nofap increase your pheromones?

    1. Hi Foxy,

      Thank you for your question.

      I’d say that women respond positively to two things:

      1. Your increased sex drive.
      2. Your increased confidence.

      There’s a lot anecdotal evidence about pheromones but so far, no scientific proof ?

  3. No fap is an great things …?But I want to your help or guidance in writing and speaking ?️ English.I will show u a glimpse of my english.
    Auto biography of a coin :
    I am a coin,far away from the factory I made of copper I used to be a piece of metal burn and covert me into a coin .My value in today’s market his very high etc .as u can see I literally don’t know what to write in proper English I am stuck and I how can I start to think n write properly

  4. Amazing article! Just starting my NoFap journey and this reinforced my feelings why it’s the best thing for me. Thank you so much!

  5. I need to increase my testosterone and be more productive.
    I fap only just sawing photos not naked or video porn is it same with those?

  6. I think I am addicted to fapping . I generally fap once per day . So i wanted to leave this habit cause it makes me tired and tends to make me feel guilty . So i decided to go on nofap but no matter how hard i try after 4 days i find myself back to fapping . Just how can i break this chain? . Lastly many people say nofap is fake and doesnt work is this real Or just fake . Please answer my question !

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