Is NoFap Real? | Motivation for Not Watching Porn

Is NoFap Real?

If you wonder about No Fap, this blog post is just for you.


Here’s what I will cover:
1️⃣ Is NoFap real?
2️⃣ Semen retention benefits
3️⃣ NoFap flatline or NoFap depression
4️⃣ Glutamine for reducing cravings.
5️⃣ Basic strategy for how to stop masturbating

My NoFap before and after
1️⃣ Before NoFap
I watched porn and fapped for 17 years: from 14 to 31 years old. I realized that fapping was draining me in so many respects.

I lost my marriage. I couldn’t think straight. I felt tired and unmotivated. I was regretful.

2️⃣ On NoFap
I went on NoFap in 2014. That was one of the best decisions in my life.

I replaced NoFap with a healthy habit of listening to a music record that I had built anticipation for.

Yet, I was suffering without porn and kept asking myself, “What the heck am I doing it for?”

3️⃣ After NoFap
But as I stayed committed to No Fap, going got easier. Suffering gave way to contentment.

I found my life purpose. I tapped into the infinite source of creativity that’s in all of us. I created a few amazing relationships, including with a girl who I had liked for a long time.

NOFAP is the side of light
Here’s what a friend Be Alpha shared about his take on “Is NoFap real?”

Porn messes up your brain and may guide you to darker routes in life.

During some periods I couldn’t recognize myself. I became a darker person.

I started googling about this and found the NoFap community on Reddit. Then my path to the brighter dise started.

A follower shared this heartbreaking story.

I started watching porn when I was around 14. I’m 23 now, and for almost 3 years now I have been addicted to buying custom porn.

Seems ridiculous because it’s so easy to find porn for free on the internet, but with me, I get a high from seeing the video come through knowing I can get that high. I’ve easily spent thousands on this addiction.

I tend to purchase it and feel horrible afterward so I delete everything. This month I spent the majority of my wage on porn leaving myself with no food for the month.

It gets so bad I end up selling things just to have money to buy porn. I don’t leave the house for days because I’m sitting waiting on replies about customs.

I know that NoFap is real. I want to commit to the NoFap journey but it’s hard. How should I start?

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