Is NoFap Real? | Motivation for Not Watching Porn

Is NoFap real?

If you’re interested in No Fap, this blog post is just for you. Keep reading.

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1️⃣ Is NoFap Real?
2️⃣ The benefits of retention sperm
3️⃣ Flat line NoFap or depression
4️⃣ Glutamine to reduce cravings.
5️⃣ Basic strategy on how to stop masturbating

My NoFap before and after

1️⃣ Before NoFap: I watched porn and jerked off for 17 years: from age 14 to 31. I realized that phapping drained me in many ways.

  1. I lost my marriage.
  2. I could not think clearly.
  3. I felt tired and unmotivated.
  4. I was sorry.

2️⃣ About NoFap: I switched to NoFap in 2014. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

I replaced NoFap with a healthy habit of listening to a music record that I was looking forward to.

However, I suffered without porn and kept asking myself: “Why the hell am I doing this?”

3️⃣ After NoFap: But as I remained committed to No Fap, work became easier. Suffering gave way to contentment.

I found purpose in my life. I tapped into the endless source of creativity that is in all of us. I created some wonderful relationships, including one with a girl I had long liked.

Experiment to see if NoFap is real


The follower Ayushman Rana wondered, “Is NoFap❓ real. So he spent 50 days of NoFap as an experiment.

  1. He became the leader of his class. He felt like the alpha of his group.
  2. He has a girlfriend.
  3. Many other girls fell in love with him.
  4. His personality changed a lot in a positive way.

Here’s the kicker. For about 50 days on NoFap, he was overexcited by various exciting things. The high dopamine levels were causing boredom. He had no one to share or talk to about it and eventually relapsed.

He lost his energy, charisma, and positive character. When he realized that NoFap was real, he returned to it. He is currently on day 8 of NoFap and plans to continue the journey.

No Fap is the bright side

Here’s what a Be Alpha follower shared about his opinion, “Is NoFap Real?”

Pornography clogs your brain and can lead you down darker paths in life.

There were times when I couldn’t recognize myself. I became a darker person.

I started googling about it and found the NoFap community on Reddit. That’s when my journey to a lighter world began.

Not just time: you also lose money on porn

A subscriber shared this heartbreaking story of how he wasted all his money (and more) on made-to-order porn:

I started watching porn when I was about 14. Now I’m 23, and I’ve been addicted to buying custom porn for almost 3 years now.

It seems ridiculous because it’s so easy to find free porn online, but I get a high from watching videos knowing I can get that high. I have easily spent thousands on this addiction.

I usually buy it and feel terrible afterwards, so I delete everything. This month I spent most of my paycheck on porn, leaving myself without food for a month.

It gets so bad that I end up selling stuff to have money for porn. I don’t leave the house 24 hours a day because I sit around waiting for an answer about customs.

I know NoFap is real. I want to go on the NoFap journey, but it’s hard. How do I get started?

PMO and Bad Karma: Meaning

I believe that PMO creates bad karma. I’ve definitely felt this in my life.

I watched porn and jerked off for 17 years. At first I hid my porn from my parents and friends. Then I hid it from my ex-wife.

I realize now that I was creating bad karma. I was acting selfishly, focusing on carnal bodily pleasures. And selfishness equals bad karma. I was in my head instead of being present and happy.

And secondly, I always had a fear of being caught in the back of my mind. That’s the kind of bad karma I have.

So there you have it: bad karma, meaning for PMO. You can convert this insight into motivation and clear your karma like I did.

My PMO > No Fap Conversion

That’s what really helped me with the PMO > No Fap conversion.

I replaced my addiction to PMO with an “addiction” to improving myself as a person. And here’s how you can know if you are addicted. Ask yourself: “Does this make you a better person?”

Did PMO make me a better person? No way. So it was an addiction.

Does self-help make me a better person? Well, let’s see.

  1. I started waking up at 5 a.m.
  2. I am no longer a patron of McDonald’s.
  3. I like meditating more than watching a movie.

Hence, my “addiction” to self-help is not an addiction. If you want a PMO > No Fap conversion, you need to keep asking yourself this question about PMO. “Does this make me a better person?”

Will you get NoFap 1 Year superpowers?

NoFap 1 year is an amazing goal. When I achieved it, I felt proud.

At the same time, I didn’t get any superpowers that people expect of NoFap.

I didn’t become Batman to fight crime at night. I didn’t learn to fly. Girls didn’t line up at my door.

My NoFap 1 year came with other benefits. 

I enjoy reading books even though they put me to sleep.

I do cold approach when I see a girl I like.

I enjoy taking a walk.

These things might seem boring to you if you are addicted to PMO. But that’s the real point of NoFap 1 year. 

I lowered my reference point of pleasure. And I started enjoying simple things in life. I didn’t need the huge overstimulation of PMO to feel good.

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