Improving Family Relationships – 6 Ways Music Builds Family Unity

A family is increasingly difficult to start.

The number of Americans married in 2017 is down 8 percentage points since 1990.

This means families are becoming rare and you want to protect yours.

That’s why improving family relationships is crucial.

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Improving relationships in my family

Today, I’ll explain how to keep your family happy with music.

I love playing the guitar.

And it’s been instrumental (no pun intended) in strengthening relationships in my family.

These are the lessons that I’ve learned.

Tip 1: Build traditions.

Make it a family tradition to perform a couple of songs every day.

It’s like a family dinner.

If you have a dinner tradition in your family, that’s great.

Now add singing after it.

It will also create a space for your family members to talk, improving communication.

Tip 2: Leverage your family member’s musical skills.

It’s good to have someone in your family who already plays a musical instrument as I do.

This person is like the glue that holds this family-strengthening activity together.

Especially if that’s a kid because as parents, we want to encourage their hobby.

But if no one does, karaoke singing is a good place to start.

Tip 3: Create music traditions around holidays.

Sing birthday and Christmas songs.

And pick a theme song for all other holidays.

With each holiday, you’ll bond more.

I know this too well because I’ve seen the opposite in my parents.

They don’t celebrate holidays at all, to the detriment of their relationship.

Tip 4: Create music microrituals.

Think of microrituals around music that will improve family relationships.

For example, I noticed that playing the tune from Come as You Are by Nirvana makes my son fall asleep.

Come as You Are Nirvana

So I made it his lullaby.

Pick a picnic song.

Or a hiking song.

Yeah, it’s hard to hike with a guitar but it’s worth trying!

Tip 5: Take advantage of other benefits of music.

By making music a family tradition, you’ll set an example for each other.

And the next thing you know, your husband might pick up an instrument.

Or your daughter might take singing lessons.

Here’s why it’s such a great thing.

First, you become well-rounded as a person.

Second, you might end up performing in front of an audience which will improve your family relationships even further.

I have this dream that my son will pick up an instrument someday and we’ll perform together at his school.

Third, it might be good for your brain health.

playing music health benefits

A researcher Brenda Hanna-Pladdy with the University of Kansas Medical Center said:

Since studying a musical instrument requires years of practice and learning, it may create alternate connections in the brain that could compensate for cognitive declines as we get older.

Tip 6: Use music to bond.

You’ll come to like the same music which also helps to bond.

For example, I like a Russian hip hop artist Noize MC.

Noize MC

And by playing his music, I made my son like it as well.

Now we listen to it together and sing along.

Singing together like this is especially bonding.

And we discuss what he’s singing about, too.

Such conversations improve family relationships.

Improving family relationships with coaching

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