How to Stop Jerking Off Addiction (Motivation + Solution)

Looking for reasons and ways how to stop jerking off addiction?

Let me take you through the journey of looking into yourself. You start by asking this question:

#1 Should I stop jerking off? 

You have an intuition that jacking off too much might be not good for you. You do your research and then you have this next realization:

#2 I need to stop jerking off so much

Now that you realize you need to stop jacking off every day, your next question is:

#3 What happens when I stop jerking off?

You do your research and find out about NoFap benefits. You get excited and the next question is:

#4 How do I stop jerking off exactly?

Let me motivate you and get you started on this Hero’s Journey with a few stories and ways to stop jacking off.

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Find a girlfriend now—don’t wait

I know this 37-year-old woman: Ms. Hope Lost

She wants to get married

But she feels that with age, her options with guys got limited

She just doesn’t have the same choices she had in her twenties

Now she gets about 10% of the attention she used to get ‍♂️

And she keeps thinking about it…

Where did all that time go ❓

Did she waste her best years ❓

A scary thought, right ❓

Are you wasting your best years just like she did?

What’s your favorite flavor of waste?

Is it porn?

What happens when you stop jerking off to porn is that you free tons of energy and time

And you can invest those right back into finding love

Stop feeling like a pervert who can’t stop jacking off

Gene is 59 years old.

He got addicted to porn at 14 years old.

And had been using it for 45+ years

In November 2021, he finally got to the point where he couldn’t be two separate people anymore:

  • To people around him: A respected and loving husband, father, and grandfather
  • In his room alone: A degenerate pervert.

And his turning point was when he noticed PIED (porn-induced erectile dysfunction)

He would get hard with porn but not without it.

His streak

He made it to 124 days of porn-free after making the decision

He felt so authentically him that now knows that the porn-free style is the only way to go for him

Tools that helped him quit jerking off

  1. Keeping himself busy. He tries to stay busy as much as possible.
  2. Mental diet. He spends time reading about sexual addiction every day.
  3. Reminders. He is frequently on NoFap-related Internet forums. That’s how he reminds himself of why he should stop jerking off. And he also helps others.
  4. Accountability. He has a few accountability partners that truly push him to stay committed to his Hero’s Journey.
  5. Support network. He attends weekly online meetings with other recovering sex addicts. His wife is also very understanding and supportive, cheering him on through this Hero’s Journey

Benefits of stopping jerking off every day

His top benefit is feeling authentically himself now ❗

He has a much closer relationship with his wife now. Since he’s free from the desires related to fetishes, he no longer is frustrated about his wife not wanting to participate in most of those fetishes. Now he’s happy simply making love to his wife ❤️

He can now look at women not as sex objects but as amazing human beings

He stopped PIED

Stop hating yourself


A follower Ziil thought NoFap was a hoax until he came to a very difficult point in his life

  • Ziil realized he had a porn addiction
  • He felt unmotivated
  • Ziil suffered from self-hatred
  • He lost several intimate relationships because his woman wasn’t enough for him

And then Ziil worked on himself to heal the addiction:

  1. The first step for Ziil was realizing he had a problem
  2. Then, he studied dopamine receptor response to the addiction and how the brain works
  3. Ziil cross-examined those responses with his own behavior and realized that he had trashed his intimate relationships in the past. He used to think that his women were not attractive enough for him and dump them quickly. But now he knew that the addiction made him incompatible with them. Moreover, Ziil’s “porn-full” brain porn wasn’t capable of real intimacy at all

That pushed Ziil to find how to stop jerking off. He realized these benefits eventually:

  • The porn-free state is natural for the mind and body
  • Ziil needs to be porn-free to have a meaningful and satisfying relationship
  • Not jacking off also improves motivation, thanks to increased energy and better hormonal balance

That’s what Ziil concluded:

I always laughed at NoFap. But now I’m thinking you guys are onto something good.

Stop murdering your intimate relationship

my relationship with my ex-wife deteriorated - Heal Brain From Pornography - NoFap Coach Toronto Roman Mironov

Here’s how my PMO ruined my marriage

Bad experience, right❓

But I turned it into motivation and was interested in how to stop jerking off from that point on…

And I’ve been able to stay clean so far

Anyway, my biggest urges come about 40 minutes after falling asleep

I wake up briefly and have this sexual urge

And it’s a problem because it’s hard to control myself in that state

So this is what happened to me 10 years ago

When I was married to my first wife, I’d wake up and start having sex in this semi-conscious state

But at some point, our sex got boring for me

I didn’t like the foreplay — I wanted to go straight to the action

So I’d get that sort of urge at night

I’d wake up with my ex-wife sleeping next to me

And I’d sneak into the living room and look at porn

Finding the “perfect scene” to jerk off to

But every time I did this I was feeling bad about myself

And the next day, I would be a jerk to my ex-wife

Eventually, she got fed up with that and divorced me

I had to learn to control my urges the hard way …

Stop contributing to the porn industry

Here’s an inspiring story from someone I know:

He went porn-free when he realized he was indirectly contributing to the porn business

Even though he didn’t contribute to them financially directly

But somehow watching porn was helping the industry

And he realized that beyond all of this sexy facade, the porn industry is evil:

  • Full of abuse and manipulation
  • Preying on kids
  • Affecting adult actors/actresses
  • And all other messed-up issues

In the final analysis, he felt guilty watching porn

And here’s the kicker:

He felt as if he was the one abusing these porn actors/actresses.

Like he was part of the demand forcing them to entertain us.

That awareness was a huge motivation for him, making him research reasons and ways how to stop jerking off

And he has been porn-free ever since

Now he feels amazing, knowing he’s no longer part of the demand for the porn industry

Porn can make you a perverted degenerate

Let me share a story of Scott who got literally scared by porn

Scott was addicted to porn for years and wanted to quit jerking off badly

But whenever he stopped watching porn, he would usually relapse in a few days

He got so tired of this neverending cycle… and desperate

But one day, he found something that would work—after talking to a stranger.

A convict who had been in prison for possession of child porn

That guy suffered from a severe porn addiction which brought him into illegal territory on the dark web

He did not fit the clinical diagnosis of a pedophile so he was incarcerated

This literally scared the hell out of Scott

And gave him very strong motivation to keep looking for how-tos for not jerking off

He realized that it would be just too easy for him to go down the same road of increasing porn intensity over time

With that awareness and motivation, he was able to quit pornography

How to stop jerking off: Get through today—that’s good enough

When you give up a bad habit—which porn-watching is—it really helps to focus just on today.

Instead of thinking that you will have to fight it forever.

Focus on small positive steps to get you through today:

  • How can I help myself to make the right choice today?
  • Which nutritious food can I eat today to support myself?
  • Who can I talk to who will raise my spirits?
  • Which podcast can I listen to that will remind me of ways how to stop jacking off?

When today’s over:

  1. You will have more willpower
  2. You will believe in yourself more
  3. You will have a few tools that you know work for you
  4. And tomorrow will be easier

No Nut November: A great opportunity to start NoFap transformation

Every year November is a great last chance for us NoFappers. You still have time left to make this year great even if you struggled with porn and jerking off this whole year,

Start NoFap in November, stay strong, and you will feel proud about this year’s progress.

Join other guys all over the world doing NNN (No Nut November) on the journey to becoming NoFap heroes. Connect to this powerful shared energy for strength and also contribute your own commitment to this movement.

If you don’t start NoFap now, it means you’ll still be battling porn addiction next year. Why postpone feeling alive and in charge of your life again ❓

Life is calling you. Be a NoFap hero. No Nut November is calling you.

What’s the ultimate solution for not jerking off?

You—the true you—don’t want jerking off. Jerking off goes against your ideals and long-term goals.

But who wants it then? It’s your ego—that protection mechanism that keeps looking for problems and temporary solutions. Break free from your ego grip.

So here’s how to quit fap more easily.

Let’s say you are bad at maths. What do you do ❓

You hire a tutor. They give you the right strategy for learning.

Now that you paid money, you feel committed to learning.

And they also push you, making you accountable for learning.

Same thing with NoFap. If you get coaching, you get a NoFap Battle Plan, commitment, and accountability.

That’s how you make a NoFap transformation 10 times faster. Let’s say, you quit fap in three months now instead of three years.

And now your ego doesn’t stand in the way anymore.

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