How to Please a Man in Bed – 6 Principles to Help You Get Insanely Better at Sex

Here’s how to please a man in bed so that he’s all yours.

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How to please a man in bed for a healthy relationship

As a woman, if you can keep your man happy in the bedroom, you make him loyal for years to come.

I’ll show you 4 principles for pleasing him in bed.

And to make them easy to remember, I’ll use 4 symbols.

Principle 1: Give love – Be like the sun

I know a couple where the wife wasn’t sure about her husband’s feelings and decided to withhold sex.

She stopped pleasing him in bed completely.

She thought she was teaching him a lesson but actually both were unhappy as a result.

And the husband ended up looking for sex outside of the relationship.

See, withholding sex doesn’t work.

Tony Robbins says:

All pain comes from withholding love.

What works is being abundant with your love like the sun.

Share your love unconditionally, in the same way that the sun shares the sunshine.

Sex is a chance for the two of you to connect in a most intimate and spiritual way.

Be like the sun

Principle 2: Be creative – Be like winter with snowflakes

Be creative in bed as winter is with snowflakes.

Each snowflake is a little bit different.

Creativity brings variety into your bedroom.

Which makes sex exciting and makes sure it doesn’t get stale.

  1. Have sex in different places in your home and in other locations.
  2. Try different poses.
  3. Dress up. Wear beautiful lingerie.

A relationship coach Kyle Benson said:

If you gain fifty pounds and shuffle around the house in baggy sweats and a stained t-shirt, he probably won’t get hard (and she probably won’t get wet).

Be like winter with snowflakes

Principle 3: Initiate sex occasionally – Be like a cheerleader

Women expect men to initiate sex and that’s normal.

But men want you to do that sometimes, too.

Imagine that men are soccer players that spend most of the time on the field during a match.

But they get tired and take a break.

That’s when cheerleaders step up to replace them for a few short moments.

So be a cheerleader occasionally.

Get out of your more passive role and take some serious seduction action.

No, seriously, it doesn’t have to be fancy!

  1. Say something basic and sexy. “I can’t stop thinking about what you did to me last night.”
  2. Put your leg on him playfully.

You do this once, and then your man is back on the field again.

And as a cheerleader, you step away and let him lead again.

That’s how you make your man want you more.

Be like a cheerleader to please a man in bed

Principle 4: Be horny – Be like Marilyn Monroe

What can be a better symbol for improving your sex than a top sex symbol?

Marilyn Monroe.

She always looked as if she knew how to please a man in bed.

And you’ll make your man want you more and fuel your own sexual drive.

If you are passive, you are missing out on so much.

What to do specifically:

  1. Talk dirty.
  2. Look at him and smile, imagining sex with him. He’ll feel that.
  3. And just in general,  infuse sexuality into your relationship. Leave a note saying you want him. Send a sexy photo of yourself.

Be like Marilyn Monroe to please a man in bed

Try it and the next day, you’ll be surprised by how much your man misses you.

Principle 5: Help him help you get more comfortable

I had a girlfriend a few years ago. We started having sex. But it wasn’t that exciting in the beginning.

She was self-conscious. She tensed up every time. The tension killed all the sex magic.

Especially because I saw that she was going out of her way to please her man (me). I wanted our sex to be effortless rather than effortful.

And that’s normal. I totally got that and waited patiently for her to get comfortable. And our sex got better.

She needed a reason to have sex. (I needed a place.) Arousal is way more complicated for women.

If you want to please a man in bed, explain to him that you need a reason. Show him how to make you comfortable.

Principle 6: Be different… and same

Wait… What?!

Yes, that’s how to please a man sexually.

They say partners need to be different for passion in a relationship

True? Yes! But also not true!

I was different than my ex-wife. We had different values.

I value self-development. She couldn’t care less about it.

But instead of passion, we got ourselves a divorce.

Okay, you need the same values. But what’s supposed to be different then?

The energies! Passion comes from different energies. Masculine energy vs feminine energy.

You embody your energy as a woman 100%. And that’s how to please a man sexually

(And a woman, too)


If you want to create a beautiful relationship, learn how to please a man in bed.

Use these symbols as visual guidance.

And your man will never want to leave.

And if he doesn’t appreciate that, you might be wasting your time dating him.

Help with understanding how to please a man in bed

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