How to Make a Man Miss You – 3 Principles My Girlfriends Taught Me | Podcast Ep. #26

Here’s how to make a man miss you.

I’ve boiled it down to three simple principles.

They are simple but make you enjoy a much better relationship with your man.

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Be honest

These three principles for getting him to miss you are about being honest.

Pretending and being manipulative works only in the short term.

Later, it will backfire.

But if you follow these principles, you’ll make him loyal for years to come.

Principle 1: Have your life together

When you are a well-rounded person, you are more attractive and easy to be missed.

It also helps you not get hung up on him because you have other interests in life.

Otherwise, you might get clingy which can repel him.

Take two examples of the girls that I dated.

One girl, Anastasia, used to tell me she had a lot of free time.

To the point that she felt bored in the evening.

And it showed because I felt bored with her at times as well.

And we parted ways after a few months.

Take a more positive example of another girl who I dated, Anna:

  • She was a sales manager with good standing in her company.
  • She exercised a lot and tried different forms of exercise all the time.
  • She was an avid reader.

This made her an interesting person to talk to and I never felt bored with her.

Because she was attractive in so many respects, guys were hitting on her all the time.

It kept me a little bit jealous—a healthy thing for making a man miss you.

Principle 2: Make a man miss you by spending time apart

Spending time apart gives him the space to miss you.

During the day

About fifteen years ago, I lived with a girlfriend.

We were both translators and worked from home.

And that was our worst year.

But after we had moved into an office, things got better.

We went from being together 24 × 7 to having these long periods when we didn’t see each other.

That allowed me to miss her.

I also noticed that staying at my parents’ house made me miss her, too.

After sleeping alone, I enjoyed sleeping with my girlfriend more.

What else can you do?

  • Go shopping separately.
  • See friends separately (and have different friends).
  • Have different hobbies.

The idea is to use the power of contrast.

When you are away from your man, he misses you.

And when he finally sees you, he feels great.

Long-distance trips

Another way to make him miss you is to go on long-distance trips separately.

It has always worked very well for me.

Anna went on a trip to see her girlfriend in Georgia.

I was on a trip to Spain myself.

She missed me and I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

Another time I remember was my ex-wife going to Moscow for about a week.

Staying at home with my little son made me miss her a lot.

Everything had this feeling of newness to it, even just talking to each other over the phone.

When she came back, I went to pick her up at the bus terminal and it felt like heaven.

Principle 3: Be creative to introduce newness in your relationship

When you do something unexpected and fun for your man, it has a huge positive impact.

I came home to my ex-wife once and found that she had taken our son to her mother so that we could have a romantic date.

We had a lot of fun on this surprise date!

And the next day, I kept thinking about her and missed her.

It’s good for a couple to have its rituals but it also helps to break them in this kind of positive way.

It feels exciting.

When a woman does things differently, it also makes her look more mysterious.

It’s a good way to make your partner wonder about you.

Actionable tip for making a man miss you

Think about one thing that you could differently today to spark his interest.

This could be as simple as sleeping on a couch.

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