How to Make a Guy Want You More – 3 Ways to Melt Him with Words | Podcast Ep. #25

Here’s how to make a guy want you more.

Do you want a deeper relationship and more intimacy with your man?

How about feeling more love and connection?

Tune in to hear about 3 communication skills that help you make a guy want you more:

Always be genuine

Before we dive in, I want to caution you to be genuine.

You don’t want to come across as dishonest or let your man have illusions.

Skill 1: Praise to build significance

Example: a girlfriend told me once that I was ripped.

I felt significant and associated that pleasant feeling with the girl.

And I fell more for her.

Her praise also reinforced my desire to stay ripped.

It was a recognition of the progress I’ve made.

Further tips

  1. Know what your man is proud of and compliment him on that even if you don’t think that’s a big deal. What matters is how important it is to him.
  2. Your man needs more praise from you if he doesn’t get significance from other sources such as his work.
  3. Because most people don’t praise enough, you might want to “overdo” it a little bit. This is when you’ll likely hit the sweet spot.

Further examples

  • “I just love how you made this decision quickly and confidently.”
  • “Thank you for hanging the blinders in our bedroom.”
  • “I love how you wake up at 4 am. I wish I were as disciplined as you.”

how to make a guy want you more skill 1 praise to build significance

Skill 2: Stand out to make a guy want you more

Example: I approached a group of men and women once and asked if I could talk to one of the women because I liked her.

One of the women said I was so brave to do that.

And I still remember that.

Things like that stand out and make your man feel appreciated and want you more as a result.

Focus on these aspects of what you say:


Be as specific as possible with your compliments or praise to make a guy want you more.

Being too general might come across as a sign of insincerity or flattery.

When my emotional intelligence was low, I’d give general compliments to people.

For example, I’d tell my university professor how great she was out of the blue.

Now I realize I was insincere but back then, I didn’t know any better.

Another reason to be specific is to avoid saying what the other person heard many times before.

When you meet his parents, don’t say,

“I like your mother”.

Say instead:

“Your mom has incredible attention to detail. I loved how she had arranged the dinner table.”


Most people are so preoccupied with themselves that they either don’t acknowledge what you’re saying or say something too general.

It’s similar to liking him on social media.

It doesn’t mean anything.

People crave meaningful and specific comments that add depth to the relationship.

Say things that show you are paying attention.

Suppose your man is playing a soccer game.

Come watch him and say:

“I loved how you ran back to defend your net while others just stood watching.”


Another way to stand out with what you say is to be creative.

There was this girl who liked me and wrote a poem to me.

I didn’t like her but I did appreciate her creativity.

And I still remember that.

Because hardly anyone takes the time to be creative, the effect of creativity is so powerful.

Example: When your man returns after a trip, sing him a 4-line song about how much you missed him.

how to make a guy want you more skill 2 stand out

Skill 3: Be intimate

Example: You can refer to your man’s body as yours.

He: “My hands are cold”.

You: “These are actually my hands. And let me make them warm.”

True appreciation

Most relationship problems arise from differences that couples have.

If you can communicate that you choose to appreciate those differences, that’s extremely intimate.

It shows true care without judgment and is the ultimate expression of love.

Suppose, you don’t like that your man watches sports instead of spending time with you.

But you sit down to watch a game with him and ask a lot of questions anyway.

Intimacy itself

Say something to create the feeling that the two of you are one.

Men might seem less romantic than women in general but they love intimate things, too.

For example, compliment him on what he does to you sexually:

“I’ve been thinking about what you did to me last night.”

Say more things that create intimacy because we don’t voice them enough in our busy lives.

When you say that, make sure you feel it in your body.

Ideally, it should give you goosebumps.

how to make a guy want you more skill 3 be intimate

Actionable tip

Say something that you learned from this episode to your man today.

Make sure it has one of these characteristics: praise, stand out, be intimate.

And really feel it in you so that your man hears not just the words but also your emotion.

Help with making a guy want you more

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