How to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back – 3 Principles Shown on a Girl

She dumped you and now you wonder how to get your ex-girlfriend back.

Well, you can do what your intuition tells you to:

  • Beg her to come back.
  • Shower her with gifts.
  • Сall her one more time because she probably missed your 18 previous calls.

But it will only drive her further away.

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That’s how to get your ex-girlfriend back

If she dumped you, there is nothing you can do in relation to her.

I repeat: nothing.

All you can and should do is working on yourself.

And that’s how you might re-attract your ex-girlfriend.

Man wearing blue suit and ready to work on himself

Principle #1: Let her come to you

You can’t get your ex-girlfriend back with your own actions.

She has to re-attract herself to you.

You don’t contact her but wait for her move.

And then you mirror her move:

When she dumped you, you walked away.

If she calls you, have a normal conversation. But don’t ask her out or anything.

If she asks you out, say, “Okay.”

Your main tools are waiting and patience: it’s called the No Contact rule.

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Principle #2: Override scarcity with abundance

Your subconscious mind doesn’t like losses.

It tells you that you will die alone unless you re-attract your ex-girlfriend.

But it is totally BS you.

You can override that scarcity mindset it with abundance.

Start dating or at least flirting with other girls.

First, it makes your self-esteem go up.

You feel better and are in a better position to re-attract your ex or attract another girl.

Second, it makes your ex want you more.

Because girls are competitive, more girls in your life make you more attractive in her eyes.

Two competitive women walking on pathway

Principle #3: Be a well-rounded man

When you improve yourself after a breakup, you increase the chances of getting your ex-girlfriend back.

But what’s more important is that you become more attractive to other women.

Brad Browning, a relationship coach, said:

We don’t want to trick anyone into anything. It does not work. But we want to become such personalities that naturally and effortlessly attract the right people.

Tip 1: Focus on your passion

As a man, you need to be doing professionally what you are passionate about.

When you are on a mission in your career, you feel excited.

And it’s the sexiest thing about a man for a woman.

Tip 2: Be detached

Don’t get up hung up on your ex.

Don’t make her the center of your life.

Always have options but never chase that woman.

Think of her as a sweet addition to an already well-rounded life.

If she doesn’t want to be part of that life, that’s her loss.

Tip 3: Develop humor and playfulness

I’ve seen men succeed with women thanks to humor even though their life was a mess otherwise.

Think of it this way: if you can make your woman laugh, she loses self-control and she’s all yours.

If you are playful with her, she feels like a little girl who wants to please her daddy.

Couple lying on the grass and laughing

How to get your ex-girlfriend back with coaching

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