How to Get Rid of Fear | Simple Reframe That Wipes Out Fear

Here’s how to get rid of fear: embrace it as an opportunity to grow.

Watch this video to learn about my simple, yet powerful strategy to overcome almost any fear.

Fear is a blessing in disguise.

I’m talking about the type of fear that your subconscious mind creates around something that you know you need to do but would rather avoid.

Every time you have fear such as fear of the future, view it as a positive challenge.

A life coach Jennie explains that fear is actually a good thing:

“When you feel it, it’s your brain’s way of saying, ‘Yo! This matters to you! Pay attention!’ Fear keeps you on your toes, makes you aware of the circumstances and shows you the obstacles that must be tackled.”

If you rise up to the challenge, you grow.

You build your decision, patience, or discipline muscles.

But if you don’t tackle the challenge, your muscles atrophy.

You feel bad about yourself.

The idea is to see any fear as an opportunity for growth.

How to get rid of fear See fear as an opportunity for growth

Here’s how to get rid of fear.

I’m passionate about learning new languages.

Right now, I work on improving my German.

One reason is that I love traveling to German-speaking countries: Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

So whenever I hear someone speaking German, I made it a habit to come up to them for a quick chat.

That’s difficult.

First, as an introvert, I have to break through my natural reluctance to talk to other people.

Second, I have to overcome the fear of being imperfect.

See, I feel uncomfortable when I have to keep asking the other person to repeat what they said.

I also have a fear of stumbling and making errors when I speak myself.

I don’t want to do that!

But each time, I push myself through that fear anyway.


Because the benefits are huge!

First and foremost, I feel like a champion every time I do it.

This feeling of victory alone is worth it, not to mention other benefits.

  • I develop my decisiveness, confidence, and patience muscles.
  • I work out my perfectionism issues as I put myself in a situation where I just can’t be perfect.
  • I get a chance to practice my German.
  • Finally, I get a boost of energy because I love talking to people and that always energizes me.

Feel victorious by conquering fear

Reframe for overcoming fear

Fear is a part of life.

Don’t fight it or run from it.

Coach Corey Wayne said:

“If you feel you don’t want to do something, it’s especially important that you do it.”

Take advantage of your fear by giving it a bigger meaning.

Whenever you feel any fear, use this reframe:

I embrace fear thankfully because it helps me grow.

Keep saying it and do the thing you fear.

You’ll feel great and your mental muscles will grow stronger.

I embrace fear thankfully because it helps me grow

Resolve life issues

If you need help overcoming fear, it’ll be my pleasure to offer you a free initial coaching session.

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