Can You Get Motivation for Success When You Have None? (Inspiring Interview) | Podcast Ep. #34

Here’s an example of how motivation leads to success.

Do you want to go from stuck to motivated to successful?

Tune in to hear (or read below) what Tomas Svitorka has to say about motivation.

Tomas is an inspirational life coach who overcame the lack of motivation early in his life.

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Listen to Tomas’ interview and model him to become just as successful as he is:

I became independent and developed self-responsibility early on

Moving out of my parents’ home at 18 was a big lesson.

(I’m originally from a small village in the Czech Republic, by the way.)

Although I worked and contributed money to the household, I felt quite restricted.

So, I thought that if I left and moved in with my girlfriend, I’d be better off.

But after I had done so and had lived with her for a year and a half, I realized life was expensive!

I even apologized to my mother.

I told her I hadn’t been appreciative enough when I had moved out.

But it helped me become independent and develop self-responsibility.

Overall, it was a great experience: very challenging but exactly what I needed to grow.

I felt suffocated without options and opportunities

My village didn’t offer much in terms of career opportunities.

And I had my ambitions and also wanted to learn English.

So, I went to Australia first.

But it was so expensive to live and study that I moved to the UK soon.

I wanted to move to a place where I’d have the opportunities to grow.

Without opportunities and options, I feel like I’m suffocating.

I always had this motivation but I still had a long way to go before it could lead me to success.


I pursued my opportunities despite having little money

I didn’t even have enough money to buy plane tickets to go to the UK from the Czech Republic!

I took a bus and the trip was 24 hours long.

I started as an au-pair in the family of a father and two boys.

That was a safe start but the job wasn’t too demanding and I was making just 50 pounds a week.

The next step for me was moving to London a year later.

I printed a bunch of CVs and went to restaurants in Central London.

This bold approach got me a job at the third restaurant already.

I realized I could be so much more

After a while, I found a job with a catering company within an investment bank.

And this is when things changed for me.

I was a trolley boy, pushing a trolley with drinks and sandwiches through the floors.

I sold them to bankers and analysts.

It was a very important experience for me:

  1. It was a kind of entrepreneurship.
  2. It forced me to interact with so many people.
  3. These interactions opened my mind to the world of success, wealth, and confidence.

At the time, I was making a thousand pounds a month.

And I thought that this was what people made.

But here’s what happened around Christmas that blew my mind.

One of my clients was upset about his Christmas bonus.

And when I asked him what he got, it wasn’t too far from six figures.

And he told me that a 6-figure bonus was nothing there.

I said to myself:


My Christmas bonus is 200 pounds.

And people are getting hundreds of thousands here?

That’s what got me thinking:

  1. With some of the people there, I felt that my English was better than theirs.
  2. I was also pretty intelligent but why did I have this stupid job?

Here’s what finally catapulted me out of my comfort zone

I was sitting in a café with a Polish friend.

And she started talking to a waiter who was also Polish.


It turned out he was 43 and shared a room with someone else.

I sat there dumbfounded: I was 23 or 24 at the time and I was a bit of a party boy.

I realized:

If I don’t change now, I could easily end up being a waiter at 43 like him.

(And there’s nothing wrong about waiters but it’s just not for me, in terms of my ambitions.)

I’ve got so terrified of the idea that I’d be financially struggling in 10 or 20 years.

I feared what I call “tolerable discomfort.”

It’s like my life sucks but not enough to do something about it.

How motivation led me from a party boy to success quickly

This fear drove me to find out how I could improve myself—I became obsessed with personal development.

I read self-help books, went to workshops and seminars, and feasted on podcasts and videos.

And it had a profound effect on my personal and professional life:

  1. I started to get promoted at work.
  2. My social skills and confidence improved massively.
  3. I started to be very intentional with how I spent my time. One of the first things that I did was throwing away my TV.


I can improve, and it’s fascinating

I had never thought I could improve.

But then and there, I realized I could, and it was so freeing.

It sounds silly now but many people hold a belief that we’re set in stone.

I embraced the growth mindset instead.

And I’m hungry to learn and improve to this day.

I find it fascinating and fulfilling.

It gives me the motivation that leads to success.

The strongest motivation possible

I can see beauty and opportunity in everything

Another crucial realization for me was that reality was subjective.

We’re in charge of how we interpret the world around us.

You can look at a flower and say, “Well, there’s nothing special.”

Or you can say, “Wow, it’s beautiful!”

That’s a great reframing example:

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

—Wayne Dyer

I became intentional with what I focused on and how I saw things.

We can find beauty, opportunity, and lessons in everything.

Just as we can find stress, sadness, and misery if we look for them.


  1. Develop self-responsibility as early as possible in life. Don’t be an adult child who won’t leave home.
  2. Keep looking for opportunities, and they will appear. That’s how motivation leads to success.
  3. You can improve. You’re not set in stone.
  4. Embrace a self-growth mindset. Feast on personal development content.
  5. You can see beauty and opportunity in everything just as you can see sadness. Train yourself to focus on what’s good.

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