How Long Does It Take for a Brain to Heal from Pornography

In this post, I am going to answer a common question about NoFap: How long does it take a brain to heal from chronically watching pornography?

And I’ll also give you 3 simple tips to do it more easily and quickly. In fact, I used these strategies to help dozens of clients and followers to rewire their brains.

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As a coach, I help people beat porn for good. I haven’t watched porn for years.

I feel so much better now. That place was hell. I never want to go back.

PMO was hell - Heal Brain From Pornography - NoFap Coach Toronto Roman Mironov - Self-Help Video

Now I love, live, and respect life. I wish I knew this earlier.

And if you don’t want pornography to rob you of your potential, you’ll love this video. Without further ado, let’s start with tip 1.

TIP 1: See how addicted you are

So how long does it take to heal a brain from pornography?

Firstly, your time to recover depends on how addicted you are.

Many men don’t even realize this is happening to them.

I didn’t, for sure.

In the meantime, my relationship with my ex-wife deteriorated.

my relationship with my ex-wife deteriorated - Heal Brain From Pornography - NoFap Coach Toronto Roman Mironov

And it gave me an excuse to keep replacing it with porn and masturbation again and again.

No one told me I had developed an addiction.

I became a sponge that always wanted to suck in more intense porn.

Some people start enjoying violence, fetishes, or even things that cross their moral boundaries.

And then they watch more of it per day and week.

That’s when the addiction becomes hardwired and dangerous.

So it depends on:

  • how long you’ve been watching porn
  • how often
  • how intense it is
  • how much you watch per session

These things will impact your time to recover from pornography addiction or sex addiction.

And now’s the time for tip 2.

TIP 2: Have the right strategy

Secondly, the time to heal your brain depends on having the right strategy.

I had watched pornography for about 15 years before I realized it was a problem.

I was coasting through life, unmotivated and unhappy.

I would come home to my 1-year-old son and have little energy or desire to play with him.

I wanted to start NoFap but I didn’t know how.

would this work for me? - Heal Brain From Pornography - NoFap Coach Toronto Roman Mironov - Self-Help Video

And I didn’t know how long it would take a brain to heal after chronic pornography consumption and whether this would work for me.

But I started anyway and did my porn reboot by trial and error.

And I kept relapsing until I found the right solution.

So my advice to you is to have the right “No PMO” strategy in place.

Otherwise, you might waste months and years, relapsing and then restarting all over again.

And now let’s look at tip 3.

TIP 3: Deal with the root cause

Your rewiring time depends on whether you need pornography to escape some sort of pain.

The most common types of pain are:

  • unhappiness
  • boredom
  • loneliness

For me, those were unhappiness and boredom.

First, I was depressed because my dog had died tragically.

I loved that dog.

Second, I felt bored and burnt out in my business.

So I used porn as a pain reliever that was like an opiate to my brain.

And I would forget about the pain for some time.

But it was a band-aid that never dealt with the root cause.

pleasure from porn is a band-aid - Heal Brain From Pornography - NoFap Coach Toronto Roman Mironov

No matter how frequently I watched pornography, it didn’t resolve anything for the long term.

In fact, I was getting even more depressed, because of shame and guilt.

So I worked on those two root causes instead.

And I stopped craving porn.

I worked on these two root causes and stopped craving porn - Heal Brain From Pornography - NoFap Coach Toronto Roman Mironov - Self-Help Video

So do this to cut your rewiring time as well.

With that said, let’s answer our question.

ANSWER: How long does it take for a brain to heal from pornography?

So how does porn reboot happen and how long can it take?

With the right strategy in place, you can stop watching pornography within 30 days.

It’s completely doable as long as you replace the old, negative pattern with a new, positive one.

Do it consistently for a month, and you will feel differently.

Things will start changing in your brain quickly.

  1. You’re not hardwiring in that unhealthy pattern anymore.
  2. You’re hardwiring in a new, healthy pattern instead.
  3. Your dopamine receptors upregulate → your overall happiness with life goes up.
  4. You feel proud of living a good life.

That’s how you rewire your brain to quit porn once and for all.

How to rewire your brain from porn using the SP concept

SP is a simple strategy that I came up with in the process of rewiring my brain from porn back in 2014 when I felt depressed.

Selfish Pleasure

What did I do about my depression❓Reach out for help ❓Get therapy ❓Find the root cause ❓

I did PMO.

I traded pleasure now for pain later. The pain of regretting the wasted time and potential.
And not just pain but also no motivation. I didn’t want to work hard. All I wanted was more and more PMO.
And also no results. No results in my business. No results in my marriage.
Oh wait. Actually, there was a result. My wife divorced me.

That pleasure from PMO was what I call Selfish Pleasure.

Sustainable Pleasure

My first step out of depression was upgrading Selfish Pleasure to Sustainable pleasure.

I replaced PMO with listening to my favorite music. I looked forward to it and felt better.

That’s how I rewired my brain from porn initially. It was still pleasure but now with no pain later.
But again, no motivation. After relaxing to music, I didn’t want to return to hard work.
And no results. Oh wait, it did help me rewire my brain from porn indirectly.
But normally, Sustainable Pleasures are there to give us comfort. They don’t aim for any specific result.

Stoic Pleasure

Finally, I discovered a totally different kind of pleasure. Stoic Pleasure.

I challenged myself on purpose. I wanted a girlfriend. And I worked hard to find her.

That was difficult because I did cold approach. I faced a lot of rejection and made many mistakes I regretted.

I traded pain now for pleasure later. The cleanest of all pleasures

  • Porn-free
  • Regret-free
  • Waste-free

And motivation ❓ Yes, I felt motivated because I saw progress in social skills.

And results ❓ Hmm. Oh wait, I got a girlfriend 🙂

Okay, that’s quite a challenge. But take a simpler Stoic Pleasure such as cold shower.

Yes, you are feeling tons of pain in the now but you trade it for pleasure later. It just feels great to return to your normal, non-shower state.

You feel proud. And you feel motivated because your testosterone goes up.

Get your balance of pleasure right

Do this to rewire your brain from porn just like I did. Get your balance of pleasure right.

  • Stoic Pleasure: 80 to 90%
  • Sustainable Pleasure: 10 to 20%
  • Selfish Pleasure: 0%

Do the hard work at school, work, or dating. Feel the pain. And throw in some cold showers for some extra stoic pain.

And then reap the rewards of that pain. Enjoy the Stoic Pleasure of results, and pride, and motivation.

And then watch an episode of your favorite TV show at the end of the day for some Sustainable Pleasure.


NoFap before vs after: my transformation

Before NoFap, I was an instinct-driven animal. I was prone to jerking off compulsively.

I would feel unhappy, lonely, or bored. And I would automatically reach out for you know what as my free dopamine fix.

After NoFap, I realized I didn’t want to behave like an animal. I began to value my consciousness much more.

I said to myself, “Maybe I will jerk off once in a while, but I will do it consciously. For a physical release that I feel my body craves”

And after that, I went NoFap forever. I realized that masturbation hurts my consciousness regardless of the reason.

There you go, my NoFap before vs after transformation.

Do I have PMO addiction?

Here are the symptoms of PMO addiction:

  1. You can’t control your urges to watch porn
  2. You watch porn excessively
  3. Porn steals your time and energy away from important relationships
  4. Porn makes you feel unmotivated

What is NoFap brain damage?

Brain damage comes with watching porn and excessive masturbation. NoFap is a self-care protocol that helps reverse that brain damage.

While on NoFap, you quit porn and jerking off. And your brain heals.

Can your brain recover from porn addiction?

Yes, our brain is incredibly plastic. The younger you are, the easier it is to stop watching porn and undo all the damage.

Let’s say you are 17 and have been consuming porn for 5 years. It will probably take you about 30 days to heal from porn.

Now if you are 40 and have been addicted to porn for 20 years, it might take you longer. Let’s say, 30 to 90 days.

The good news is that our brain has neuroplasticity. You can rewire your synaptic pathways, including the habitual ways of thinking about PMO.

The best news is that even if you are older, you can still trigger your neuroplasticity with a hack. It’s vulnerability.

When you open up about your porn addiction to someone, it makes you feel vulnerable and activates your neuroplasticity. Plus, you don’t feel alone in this battle any longer. Plus, you feel accountable before the other person.

If you are wondering how to heal from porn, I’d say you need a solid NoFap strategy. Being vulnerable is definitely part of that kind of strategy.

How to heal brain from porn addiction?

There are a lot of tools for stopping porn addiction. Let’s focus on three basic ones to get you started:

  1. Create a punishment for watching porn. For example, after watching porn, you get up immediately and clean your room. You punish yourself long enough and your brain will hate porn.
  2. Find your Life Purpose. You got addicted to porn because your brain wanted something to focus on. And you couldn’t provide it with anything better. Now it’s time to find your Life Purpose. This is the calling that gets you out of bed early. You focus on it passionately, and there’s no headspace for porn left.
  3. Be patient. When you watch porn, it makes you feel happy immediately. When you don’t watch porn, you don’t get the same hit of happiness. But what you feel is contentment with making the right choice. Now, that contentment doesn’t come quickly. You have to persevere until it kicks in.

How long does it take to break porn addiction?

When I was quitting porn, I got very good results after 30 days. I felt confident and content with NoFap.

With that momentum, it was easy to make it to Day 60. At that point, I started actually seeing porn for what it was: a total fake and a waste of time.

Should I count days on NoFap?

Some say, “Don’t count days on NoFap.” Meanwhile, others say counting days helps. What do you make of it ❓

Back in 2014, I started with small steps in my NoFap transformation. I started with one day as my first NoFap goal.

It gave me a measurable target to focus on, reducing my anxiety. I also had something to look forward to, even though that something was a relapse.

When I hit my target, I also felt proud immediately. I felt I developed tiny momentum from that first streak.

Then I set two days as my next NoFap goal. The momentum I had made two days a little bit easier.

That’s how I went from one small goal to another.

After 8+ years, I don’t track NoFap days anymore but I am still the counting guy in many other things.

I do it to see my progress and stay motivated. I also use this as a reminder of my goals. I hate the idea of resetting my streak in any kind of good habit that I am building over time.

Another benefit is building awareness of how much time you waste on PMO. Until you sit down and track your relapses, you might not realize that you are wasting 10 or 20 hours per week.

One example is tracking my weights at the gym. I make sure that I push myself to hit a personal best each time. I keep a piece of paper with my best results in the kitchen. That’s how I remind myself of how important it is to me.

Another example is tracking my food. I am hungry all the time and tend to overeat. Tracking my food weight helps me stay in decent shape.

Yet another example is my sleep. As I track my sleep quality with the Oura ring, I can see my REM and deep sleep times. It’s become a game for me to improve these numbers over time. Very motivating.

Well, that’s me, anyway. Clearly, I am a tracking guy. But, maybe, you are like my younger brother Egor. He is less organized and more spontaneous. He doesn’t track pretty much anything.

For example, he doesn’t control his food almost at all. He believes that whatever extra calories he gets, he can always lose by working harder at the gym.

I also don’t think he tracks his weights at the gym. He goes by the feel on a particular workout day.

So think about who you resonate with more: myself or Egor. And then make a decision about counting No PMO based on that.

Now, I also need to say that not counting days can become an excuse to continue watching porn and excessive fapping. You keep telling yourself that it’s okay to relapse as long as you rebound and keep fighting. But you might not notice that your life is really getting worse over time, not better.

I find counting, or tracking, very motivating and helpful. In the same way, I like to work in 25-minute periods. I focus just on the next 25 minutes, reducing my anxiety.

With that said, many people are against this approach. They say counting days doesn’t work for them. Instead, they adopt NoFap as a new lifestyle—something that they embrace instead of struggling with jerking off.

I recognize the lifestyle approach works for many. But not for me. I feel tempted to relapse when I have no end in sight.

Now if you feel that counting days is holding you back, experiment with not counting days. Instead, make days count by adopting a lifestyle of making the right choice every time. 

Make a promise to yourself that fapping is in the past. You are carving a new identity that is so good that porn or excessive fapping is simply out of the question.

This is what haters critique me for

Some people criticize me for being against PMO. I want to address those common critiques in this walking podcast episode. I will explain why I to curing your brain from porn helps with self-improvement.

Critique # 1: I am not addicted. I watch it recreationally

Indeed, some people can do PMO recreationally just like I can drink a glass of wine once in a few years and not become an alcoholic.

My goal is not to convert those people. My first goal is to increase awareness of the dangers of PMO among those who don’t recognize them. Especially kids. Here’s an example from someone reaching out to me for help:

“I’m 18 and I have been masturbating since 16 and I realized that it affected my grades and life negatively. I will sit for a bachelor’s exam in 3 months but I want my mind and soul to be clearer. Is a month enough time to recover and regain the clever brain I once had?”

My second goal is to use my stories and strategies to motivate people who are seriously addicted to PMO and need help.

Critique # 2:  You are selling unscientific cr*p.

There’s actually pretty convincing scientific evidence about the problems with PMO. For example, a 2022 study from Switzerland looked at how porn influences men and women. Here’s what they found for men: “A higher frequency of porn use (wave 1) and increased porn use over time (waves 1–3) were associated with lower levels of sexual self-competence, impaired sexual functioning, and decreased partner-reported sexual satisfaction.”

Critique # 3:  Counting days doesn’t work. You should make NoFap a lifestyle instead.

Look, if you have the willpower to go NoFap Cold Turkey, I applaud for me.

For me, counting days was very useful. It helped me admit that I was an addict and needed to work hard to get rid of the addiction. Plus, tracking my progress motivated me to keep going.

Critique # 4: Why do you say masturbation is bad ❓

I don’t think masturbation is bad. In fact, it’s healthy. It only becomes a problem when used excessively, compulsively, and in conjunction with porn.

I actually believe that having a regular controlled release is a good thing as long as you don’t use it as an excuse not to look for a romantic partner. 

Critique # 5: Why do you propose extreme semen retention ❓

I actually don’t. I don’t think it’s healthy. When I was quitting PMO, I reduced my bad habit to masturbating once a week with no porn.

I believe whenever we don’t use any part of our body, it atrophies. And so does the reproductive system. I am not a doctor, though, and I am not giving medical advice.

Critique # 6: Stop moralizing.

I actually agree with this. Sometimes, I might fall into moralizing. But I think there is enough stigma in the NoFap community already. By moralizing, we might make people feel unnecessarily guilty and worthless. The alternative is humor—making fun of ourselves. After all, we are a bunch of evolved monkeys on a spinning rock. 

Critique # 7: You aren’t PMO-free.

It’s up to you to believe me or not. I will only say this: 

I’ve been PMO-free for almost 9 years now. And I regret that I hadn’t done it in my teenage years. I missed too many opportunities for having a loving relationship with a girl back then. 

Critique # 8: You never got laid. You are still a virgin. And you’ll always be.

Tell this to my son Denis 🙂

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142 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take for a Brain to Heal from Pornography”

      1. hello, so i was single and horny for a solid 2 years. MBed every day sometimes twice while watching porn or vids of women dancing, not naked though. got AGF, and couldn’t get hard , she left… is mine Repairable, and is it only porn or is it vids of women dancing too that affect the brain. I just to be able to have sex again. porn ruined me. any tips, thank u

        1. If you really have PIED, then stopping watching porn will help. I’d also see a doctor.

          The simplest definition of porn is any image, video, or audio that gets you aroused outside of a real sex setting. In this sense, those dancing videos might be problematic.

          I’d suggest taking my free course to jumpstart your recovery.

          Let me know how it goes 👍

    1. sir i am greatly streesed i have a interview in few months and my brain is almost not working …i have been admiring you .can you pls help me

          1. Thank you for your question ❗
            Masturbation in itself is normal. It becomes problematic when it’s compulsive, addictive, or excessive.
            My strategy was like this:
            1️⃣ Quit porn.
            2️⃣ When your brain healed, quit excessive masturbation. Do it once in a while as a strategic release.
            3️⃣Find a girlfriend.
            4️⃣Replace masturbation with real sex.

          1. Thank you for your question ❗

            To be honest, Cold Turkey is honorable but difficult.

            Many guys give themselves this promise and keep breaking it. This teaches your brain that you are weak.

            Instead, you could do the Small Wins approach. Start by quitting porn in small streaks. Begin with a 1 day streak. And then have a controlled relapse. Next, increase the streak to 2 days. That’s how you teach your brain that you are strong.

            When you quit porn this way, the next step is to reduce excessive masturbation to a “healthy” level.

            Let me know how it goes.

  1. I did this but now it has gained his own consciousness and it’s using internet to name himself as Slaprity on online forums

    1. I’m 29 and started masturbating ever since I entered my teenage years. Once I started noticing that I couldn’t have sex anymore with real women (I could barely get it up with sex, but while watching porn I was rock hard) I instantly quit.

      I’m now almost 30 days in and I’m really wondering if I can ever turn back to normal psychologically wise and boner wise?

      1. Thank you for your question ❗
        It might be PIED. If it is, it means you desensitized yourself to real sex. Then with time, your dopamine receptors will heal and your “real libido” will kick back.
        Are you in a relationship ❓

      1. Hey roman brother, Please help me. I have decided to quit my porn addiction and I’m already on count of 5 days and I really need more tips from your side to quit it once and for all.

  2. I am addicted to porn for 5 years, I really want to stop it, but I can’t every time I try I just end up doing it more. But I heard lately that it affects the brain badly so I decided to take a huge step and stop it once and for all. So how much till my mind take to recover and just to know do I need to have a doctor helping me to stop or not really necessarily, I heard because of the huge rise in dopamine due to watching porn it makes the addicted much happier, so when I will stop and I will(I hope) it will somehow end up with depression, so am I able to do that alone or not. Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Leonardo!
      I honor you for your willingness to work on this challenge.
      It usually takes about 30 days for the brain to rewire.
      Using any helps is good. Whether it’s a therapist, a coach, or just an understanding friend.
      Make sure to tell us how it goes.

  3. Aye man I been going though this too man and he’s right porn is the devil you got the devil in one ear and good in one ear the devil saying oh one more time won’t hurt or just a few minutes won’t but it has ruined my life my relationships how I see women now I am not even able to talk to anyone thinking there like judging me or some either every time I’d get a girl number withen minutes I’d get too attached meaning sence I was so into porn I’d be like aye your cute u send or some stupid shit i don’t know I can’t explain that’s all I thought about even when I tried not to bc that’s so wrong to think that I don’t know it ruined everything today is the day I stop I am telling u for all teens stop now bc if it gets worse u can end up child pornography and go to jail me as a teen still I almost did I been cought I am 17 now but once u turn 18 it’s legit how they catch ppl now they will literally phote shop anything to make it look real why I almost fell for it tell I know now us guys need to be smart we are men we lead we are not weak we need to stand up say today enough I bet u guys would not want to be someone bitch in prison anyway this guy right it ruins everything u have I am stopping no fap no porn everything whiten the best of my will god help me plz I am about to be a alpha male after I am done with this dam addiction I am over bye porn forever

  4. I’ve gone 34 days with no fap. Right now I touched the stage called “Flatline” and feel unmotivated towards anything. Is this normal?

      1. hey, roman
        I found out that I can’t get a strong erection from porn anymore I’m 21 years old do you think I have p.i.e.d
        and I don’t have any sexual feelings anymore do you know the problem

        1. Hi Arnie,

          Thank you for your question ❗ It’s hard for me to say whether you have PIED because you didn’t give enough information.

          One thing I would do right away is to see a doctor and do blood tests, especially your testosterone. Losing your libido at 21 is not normal 😞

          Let me know how it goes.

  5. It depends on why you do it and if you have resolved the matter. Sometimes we don’t have enough selfreflection to understand where its coming from. Then its a good idea to see a therapist and also talk about your youth etc. And don’t forget to learn to do other fun stuff to replace. Make a bucketlist and just try everything you can think of. Big things (bungeejumping), easy things (making a pussle, following a painting tutorial). You can do it!!! Keep on going!

  6. Sometimes we don’t have enough selfreflection to understand where its coming from. Then its a good idea to see a therapist and also talk about your youth etc.

    And don’t forget to learn to do other fun stuff to replace. Make a bucketlist and just try everything you can think of. Big things (bungeejumping), easy things (making a pussle, following a painting tutorial).

    You can do it!!!

  7. I heard some are permanent damaged its jan 2022,im still going through the horrible withdrawal of brain fog.Lower back pain ,frequent urination,weight gain,pain in my testicals aka,death grip,headaches ,increased acne,weight gain,moodiness,lethargy,andenha,fatigue,man boobs,weight gain ,social isolation,spinal chord pain,memory and concetration issues ,depression,loss of gf ,semen in urine,less motavation to even do simple tasks ,hold a job,everything urks me,my mom isnt helping bc she nags at me from little things,which normally Wouldn’t bother me.Even taking a shower or cooking takes too much effort .

  8. Its 2022 im still in a dreaed flatlin e im thinking about doing deep tms therapy for depression ,it uses magenetic coils to help stimulate the prefrontel cortex ,left and right ,as reg.Tms therapy only targets certain areas and only goes 1cm deep tms goes deeper targeting both the left and right and the striatum ,thoughts please

  9. I’ve been doing porn since grade 8 and it’s a really dirty impact on my life. While assessing myself I noticed it was due to unhappiness, boredom, and loneliness. I’m currently in grade 9 and my mom had breast cancer since 2014 she passed away during the holidays. I think there’s no hope for me fucking escaping it, I’m just sick of it but I can’t stop. I researched on the internet and they said it was like crack, I never took drug in my life even when I was gave I ran from it I could never imagine that watching pornography and masturbating was a drug.

  10. My experience started 7 years ago , i started with masturbating only , but after the second year I unfortunately watched porn , i managed to stop porn and masturbating for a month now , but i feel so worried about my sexual health because I feel I don’t have any pleasure now with or without masturbating or watching porn , surly i feel better but i am so concerned that my brain is the problem , and so afraid that I can’t have a recovery or fee

  11. My time has come to say goodbye to porn.
    I have erectile issues. Thought for the longest time it was physical. Im convinced that its a mental state.
    All started with my divorce going very south. Now with every new girlfriend it has gotten worse. Im done feeling this way. I need help.

  12. I used sofyware to bloxk adult sites , hidden the password somewhere extremely fqraway so there is no way of changing the settings in the sofyware. It helped

  13. No stratgety,my brain refuses to heal,dont even want to celebrate my bday ,could care less ,ive wasted hundreds on supplemnts ,ltyrosine,shilijit,mucunea,ldopa plus several others,was told wellbutrin works on dopamine,very week.Seriously starting to panic and understand suicde,currently doing deep tms therpy ,its 44 treatments ,started in march.On ssi disabilty ,feel tired no energy .

  14. I spent many years viewing porn until all the big cases became public, like the MSU gymnastics Dr, Jared the Subway guy, and the former Yankee molesting HS girls. I thought is that who I was becoming. I certainly did not want that so I cut back and sometimes go long periods without and then suddenly a thought would pop into my head and I had to see. I stopped beating myself up and stopped trying harder. I turned to God and told him I needed his help. Finally the craving and binging stopped. I was am still single and realized that if I wanted a meaningful relationship there could not be any porn period. It has been several months now and it feels great not wasting time looking at the garbage.

  15. Stephen Carpenter

    I sure appreciate your comment it has helped me. Would you mind to email me personally at i really need a friend. I’ve watched porn 7 times in 14 years and I want to stop . I need to I have to. I also have 3 young boys and a little girl and I don’t want them to do it. I need to be the father God wants me to be as well as the husband God wants me to be.

  16. Stephen Carpenter

    Thats great Jeff! I need a friend and a accountability partner. Would you be willing to help me? I’ve watched porn off and on 7 times in 14 years and I really want to do better and not go down that road again. My email is

  17. Currently working doing a 30 day nofap, I’m curious if having regular intercourse would accidentally put you back at square 1? I already went through my reflection period, installed a porn blocker and currently avoiding ig girls and I’m actually talking to more women and I think my mind is ready to start dating again. I’m just worried if I have sex if it will trigger a relapse.

  18. Off topic here… but is that screenshot of the skull from the skull in the bowling ball from Mystery Men?

  19. I’ve been watching porn most of my life and frequent masterbation it’s been affecting me big time im 23 it seems I can only finish with porn, do you think it’s able to be cured?

    1. Thank you for asking!
      It will help for sure.
      To what extent—we cannot know.
      There might be an underlying medical condition after all.
      Good luck and let us know how it goes.

  20. My brain wont heal,its summer 2022,on disabilty,no motavation for anything,tried multiple sipplemnts,nero star tms,and brainsway deep tms therpy for depression prefrontel cortex,50 no job on disabilty ,fatigued,lethargic,frequent urination,dried semen etc,headache,lower back pain,destized junk,aka death grip.

  21. Apparently my brain is damaged permanent,almost 4th of july 2022,could give 2 shits,still no motavation for anything ,no job ,no gf,miss my xg ,i Haven’t seen any doc.Latley ,refuse to see any useless doc,bc they are cluless ,just as much like idiot david ley ,they think dopamine has nothing to do with it .Tms therpy i thought would help,but apparently not ,

    1. Thank you for sharing honestly, Todd
      When I felt depressed and unmotivated, I started pulling myself out with super small steps
      Small successes created confidence and willpower to go on

      Let me know how it goes

  22. I have been watching a lot for 3 months, I am 20 years old, I have lost interest in girls, if
    If I don’t watch for a long time, will everything be okay? I have to get married,

  23. I started watching porn at around 10yrs cos my uncle had some saved on his phone
    After some time I started watching it secretly
    I then stopped for like a year
    But lately, I cant resist it sometimes
    Pls give me some advice cos am still 13

  24. Is weight gain a withdrawl?I heard people can lose weight from this,ordering weight loss supplemnts ,im a supplemt junkie,i heard it took teery crews along time to recovery,the 90 day reboot is a lie,crews went to rehab in 2010 ,in 2016 he made sev.Videos on the topic,he def.Didnt fit the sterotype bc he is musclear and fit ,i guess it effects people diiferntly,some gain weight ,apparently wellbutrin is week on dopamine and weight loss

  25. I have been grabbing myself down there compulsively for years now, every since I was 11 or so, even in class, now never in public but still compulsive. I am 23 now and since I was 15 I’ve been watching porn and for the last few years I would go a few days without it and the horniness would just build up just for me to relapse.
    I have been watching more porn everyday now sometimes 3x a day. I want to end the compulsion I have for porn and the need to touch myself and glad I found your site. There is a girl I want to be in a relationship with and who actually seems interested in me; she will sometimes call and try to talk but I have to often pretend to be busy just so she won’t think of me as a loser. Additionally, everytime I do let a girl in she gets bored of me after she realizes I’m not the thug or bad boy she thinks I am. I’m afraid that even if we do enter into a relationship I will not have the energy to be with her (sexually or mentally) because of porn. And since one of my reasons is loneliness and boredom, it perpetuates itself.
    I want to try a solution that will help me with these struggles that will be fruitful to some degree in less than 30 days. I know I brought up other stuff but I think the root cause is porn and compulsive masturbation. What would be your detailed advice? This hurts man.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story, Thaddman 🙏 It’s sad but it’s also inspiring. I love when people have the awareness and resolve to work on this challenging habit 👍 This motivates all of us NoFappers.

      Now, why aren’t you talking to that girl ❓❗ I understand that porn holds you back and I’d hate if you lose this opportunity. I am sure that looking back at this moment 10 years later, you will regret being passive and finding solace in porn. I found my first love at 21 and that was easily one of the best moments of my life.

      And back to your question. Honestly, I believe that you could benefit from my taking my online course. It has all my best strategies and motivation that kept me porn-free for 8 years now. Check it out here and get back to me with any questions by email.


  26. Almost 2023 still no change,on disabilty,feel like my life is passing me by ,no job ,no gf,everyone i know getting married,or getting new jobs,having kids ,here i am tired ,lethargic,bed ritten ,destized ,frequent urination,could carless about anything

  27. I am on the path to recovery and am trying to stop for good. I used to stop for a few weeks and then “reward” myself with a fap session but am really wanting to stop for good. I find myself with crazy urges after a week or so. For me the first days are the easiest, as if I get it out of my system then it starts to build and build. I enjoy working on cars and have lots of projects to keep my hands and mind busy but it doesn’t always help.
    I’ve heard hot and cold shock therapy is helpful with over coming addictions. For example being in a sauna for 15 minutes then immediately taking a cold shower or vice versa, I forget. Have you heard about this or had any success with this?

    1. Thank you for sharing honestly, Michael 🙂 That takes courage.

      Look, the hot and cold shock therapy definitely makes sense. Even if I take just a 1-min shower, I already feel more motivated (more testosterone). Most importantly, it’s not too expensive. I always say that it’s best to try for 30 days instead of wondering = mental masturbation.

      That said, I am curious — what’s your definition of fapping addiction ❓ I mean, you can stop for a few weeks — that sounds like you are strong 💪

  28. I’ve also been consuming porn for 15 years, now starting my journey. I recognized it as a problem a few years ago, but I’m just now realizing how bad it really is. Until now I’ve made excuses or just pretended it isn’t a problem even though I knew the truth.

    I’m totally lethargic and demotivated. And now after a couple days of nofap the withdrawal is hitting me hard. I’m depressed, anxious, and I can’t sleep. I understand this is part of the process and I have to just push through, but do you have any tips on going to sleep and regulating my sleep pattern without porn? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    1. Thank you for your question, Dorian❗ Your resolve is inspiring 💪

      One thing that helps with sleep naturally is really exhausting yourself throughout. A sedentary lifestyle is the opposite of that.

  29. Guys, you can do this. I am the worst. I started when I was 16 and didn’t even see it as an issue until I tried to stop for religious reasons when I was 27. That was 31 years ago, I’m now 58 and I’m literally in the middle of my brain rewire. Today is day 20 and I’m feeling so much better. Longest I have gone without PMO in a LONG TIME! The temptation still comes but its not “overwhelming” and I shake it off and can resist. Even though I’m married I’m not having sex until my rewire is at least 30 days. One piece of advice, I removed TikTok from my phone. Though it wasn’t “porn”, it was enough girly content to plant lust in my mind so I deleted it about a week ago. If there’s anything planting little seeds of lust, I chose to remove it. You can make your own choice on that.

    Blessings to you all and I thank the author for his inspiring story and being so transparent with his battle.

  30. Thank you for sharing, i have in worst condition.. I have great willpower to stop when my gun is empty, and it all gone after like 5 days of no fap.

    I want to ask, does reducing from fap-to-porn to only-fap will help little by little?
    It’s like “ok just release it in 3 mins” without having me to overly-enjoy it with visual drug.. Thanks once again 🙂

  31. 6 months into my nodal journey and I will continue to work on my physical health now that my mental is better glad to see others doing better as well

  32. 12 days no THC or porn

    this overwhelming sense of impending doom is becoming stronger by the day, hope it goes away

    the urge to watch porn is essentially zero, the only time i feel better in any sense is when I work out

  33. Hi, Thanks for your post. I watched porn and jerk off about 30yrs now I am 53.
    I quit porn/masturbation 40days ago.
    But, I cant regain confidence, enjoyment still bored ..not energetic..
    Do I need more time? How do I know dophamin receptor upregulate?
    I am still depressed and bored.

    1. Thank you for your question ❗

      No PMO is not a fix for depression and boredom. Can it help ❓ Yes. But in your case, it doesn’t seem to help much.

      You now need to deal with depression and boredom directly.

      How does your work look like ❓ How is your love life ❓ Are you on any medications ❓ What’s your testosterone level ❓

  34. Friend asked about me on fb ,mom told him im depressed and dont leave the house ,he also has depression and anxiety ,been denied disabilty income 4 times ,mom told him to get a disabilty lawyer ,thats what i did .Seriously still no change its 2023 march,withdrawls are horrible .Feel tired lethargic,my goal is January 2024 .To find job even ifs tending bar or doing what my crush does.I think im permtlity damanged ,still in a ficken flatline peeing ever two minutes ,currentl taking mucuna supplemnts ,deep tms didnt help,last treatment was may 2022.Also taking one a day vitamins 5htpt .I slept through the new yr.Dont want to be around anyone especially couples ,was invited to bar stayed home ,still not over my break up from 2017 ,it sux bc of our history ,i feel moody ,little things urk me .

  35. Red a story on reditt that two yrs old 33 yr guy killd himsel over this was addcted for 18 yrs.Which is crazy ,gabe was aadctedfrom till highschool and cooledge how he recovered in 9 monhs?Plus he said it didnt effect him right away,seems pretty fishy

  36. I know sexual objectification of women plays a major part in the negative effects of porn watching and I want to stop that. Is porn the one that plays the biggest role in sexual objectification? Is it porn and masturbation? Or is it just masturbation?

    1. Thank you for your question ❗

      My recommended sequence:
      1. Quit porn. I believe that porn fries your dopamine receptors and distorts a healthy perception of sex as an act of love.
      2. When your brain healed, quit excessive masturbation. Do it once in a while as a strategic release, without porn. Let’s say, once a week.
      3. Find a girlfriend and replace what’s left of my masturbation with real sex.

  37. Hello, Roman!
    I’m 30 years old and have been excessively watching porn for over 10 years now. I tried to quit countless times but my porn addiction is as strong as it can get. I learned last year that I have PIED and it gave me more motivation to quit porn but I still keep getting back to it.
    Right now, I’m at my 28th day without porn, but I keep getting fantasies. Do you think it’s possible to recover even though I keep imagining it?
    It’s easy to stay away from porn during Ramadan as I keep myself busy, but it ends in two days and I’m afraid I’ll relapse as soon as I get back to my old lifestyle. Can I get some tips? I reached out because you lived through a similar problem to mine, and I see that you’re very attentive to the comments 🙂

    1. Thank you for reaching out, Abdullah 🙏

      I understand how you feel. I’ve been there. And I also respect you for doing this transformation. I am absolutely positive that you can break free and get rid of fantasies — because you have proof not promises now: your 28-day streak.

      First, take my free porn detox course. It has the tools to make the recovery 10x faster:

      Second, join my YouTube live podcast this Sunday at 1 p.m. EST for motivations and asking any questions about quitting. Here is the most recent episode:

      Third, report your streak in the comments to the course videos daily for accountability.

      See you on the podcast or in the comments to the course videos 👍

  38. Today is my 51st bday and still in a dreaded flatline .Feel fat ,tired,no motavation,no morning wood,lower back pain,frequent urination ,pain in groin aka death grip,semen in urine .Memory issues,mood swings .

  39. My brain refuses to heal,Probably sleep in on 4th of july ,dont feel worthy ,no job no gf dont want to around anyone ,especially copules ,ex gf wont talk to me,it hurts bc of our history ,im way past the time frame,

  40. Time to check myself in a mental health complex or pyscward ,or Deep tms therpy again.Seriously 2023 still no change ,took 2 wellbutrins ,plus supplemnt for prostate,still in a dreaded flatline.Very moody .

  41. The problem is not just dopamine,but deayh grip ,so its not just the brain ,but the private,thats probably why nothing worked ,Pyrenees from it

    1. dude just stop nobody cares about your problems its your problems be a man and start taking care of yourself stop spamming here to have people feel sorry for you
      you where you are cause of you
      no change cause you dont want to change start working out!! and working on yourself

  42. Gary wilson said some are damaged permint and will never heal,seriously summer 2023 still no libido,no morning wood ,destized juNk aka death grip,headache,low energy ,its been over a yr.Since deep tms.Wanna go on a trip in dec.Or 2024.Possibly Florida Santa s enchatend forest,

  43. Obama was Presdent went i quit this crap.Lost job bc of this garbage in 2014,i got into a debate or argument with someone on you tube in 2018,a guy in texas was across from a park,him and his friend,apparently in texas they have opened carry gun ,he was carrying a ar 15 ,which apparently is legal to carry in texax,that gun is illegal to carry or own in several states,anyway with all the shooting s ,some got nervous because even in texas with gun laws ,Its rediclious for someone with that type of gun.Im sure mostly used for military or police.And very rare for civilians just standing amliusly ,so cops were called ,two of them,they poltly asked whats going on ?What are you guys doing here,cops are to protect and serve,anyway the guy was a complete jerk to the officdr,swearing saying we are excersihg our rights,the cop took the rounds out and told him it just for saftey till we find out whats going on,the guy said give me back my bullets etc.Your invaiding my rights,my answer to that was you have to prove you have license or not a felon,bc not everyone has the right to carry,if im asked to show my fishing license im going to comlpy,and if im carrying a ar 15 assult weapon,i sure as hell wont give a officer any lip even if i feel like my rights were comprised,anyhow the cop asked his name and that when things went from zero to 100 really fast,cop didnt even ask for id or proof of license to carry etc.The guy said non of your f busisness,addmited to hating cops,called the cop a f ing faggot ,now im all for freedom of speech,but im pretty sure calling a cop a f fagoot isnt protected,thats causing a scene.Obsenty and disorderly conduct,the officer should of arrested him on the spot and been fined,the guyss could of been charged with lottery also.The guys obviously werent in a hurry to go anywhere anytime soon anway .He told the officer you have no right to denan me because i commited no crime,false you are being disorderly,which is a misdemeanor and a fine,people were being down right malecious to me saying i dont know what im talking about and you can say what ever you want to authority figures without punishment,my rebundle was go to your job and call your boss a fagoot and tell me if you still have a job,or have your kid calls his teacher a fing faggot and see if he gets kicked out ,theres a fine line with freedom of speech and certain things are not protected,it would be different if you said officer i think your being a jerk vs.Calling him deragory names in public.My other rebundle was rosanne getting fired from her own tv show because of racist like remarks on Obama s administration.Thats also not protected by freedom of speech ,i was fired from my job because of things i said to a supervisor for a right up .That was 2014 when i was 42 ,im 51 now and still in a dreaded flat line .Its like you cant walk into a crowded movie and yell fireand be protected by freedom of speech.Anyway the 90 day reboot is a lie

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