Day ONE | NoFap Motivation | Watch This Everyday and Change Your Life

Keeping NoFap motivation high is hard from Day 1.

I know.

But there’s one not-so-obvious principle that makes it easier.

It helped thousands of people.

And this principle will help you.

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Focus on just this day

I used to be depressed and listless but with NoFap, I got my life together.

I became more confident and happy.

My business grew and I started a second one.

I got better with women.

My discipline and productivity sky-rocketed.

I got here by living each day like it’s Day 1.

And so will you.

“How do you shoot a 150-day movie? You shoot it one day at a time.”

—David Fincher

David Fincher quote - Day ONE NoFap Motivation

You don’t need to think about 30 or 90 or 150 days.

You need to focus just on today.

How do you climb Mt Everest?

You keep going up one step at a time.

NoFap is like that climb.

Do that and you will have a good week, a wonderful month, and the best year.

Focus on just this day - Day ONE NoFap Motivation

No past or future

Give your all to this one day.

This is all that matters.

Erase your past. It’s just facts. It doesn’t matter how many times you failed at NoFap. No regrets.

Forget about the future. Worrying about it doesn’t serve you. Know that as your discipline strengthens with NoFap, going gets easier.

No past or future - Day ONE NoFap Motivation

Make a choice

No matter how far you’re on NoFap, motivation is a daily challenge.

It’s always Day 1.

You can persevere or relapse.

What will you choose?

There’s a part of you that knows the right choice.

It’s the hero.

And it will never give up.

Let that hero lead the way, on this Day 1.

Make a choice - Day ONE NoFap Motivation

Give your all

Some days will be difficult.

Urges will inevitably come:

That porn site

That quick hit of raw pleasure

And you might even relapse.

But the scoreboard does not matter.

“What we give we keep forever. What we fail to give we lose for a lifetime.”

— Coach John Wooden

Coach John Wooden quote - Day ONE NoFap Motivation

What matters is that you know you gave every ounce of your soul today.

If you know that, you’ve won.

That is the highest victory.

So give your all today and make this day count.

Give your all - Day ONE NoFap Motivation

Send love

When going gets tough, do something positive instead of porn

  • Call a friend and offer a listening ear and help
  • Create something that makes this world a tiny bit better
  • Bring a smile to someone’s face

Send love - Day ONE NoFap Motivation

Feel great

Every time you fight through an urge, you get stronger.

And tomorrow gets easier.

So don’t overthink about how long it will take to heal brain from pornography.

Focus on today.

That’s what heroes do.

Face today as Day 1 and be the hero you’re born to be.

A hero right here!
Feel great - Day ONE NoFap Motivation

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