life coach


I’ve always been an overachiever.
For example, founded my first business within
half a year of graduating from college.

And originally this was a problem.

I was very hard on myself, always pushing for
results and never allowing myself to relax.
Whenever I didn’t get the expected results,
I would belittle myself.

What’s worse I couldn’t stop judging other
people for their inefficiencies and lack of
motivation to develop.

But in 2010, I discovered the world
of self-help materials. It helped me
resolve some of the issues, but the
main benefit I saw in it was increasing
efficiency. which only drove me deeper
into focusing on results. The two painful
consequences were burning out in my
business—quite expectedly— and
divorcing my wife because of stalled
communication due to my constant

This was a turning point for me.

I took my self-improvement
to a whole new level.
Rather than hurry, hurry, hurry
and work, work, work,
I taught myself what life was
really about:
cherishing the process,
not the result, pursuing your
passion, adding value to
other peoples’ lives, and
appreciating every human
being and thing.


from being someone who criticizes
people for their inefficiencies to a person
who cherishes every person for their
uniqueness and, as a coach, seeks to
help them capitalize on their unique
strengths while working out issues.

I already knew this was my passion
and I now felt I could help other people
improve their lives.

That’s how I concentrated on my
coaching practice, gradually moving
out of my other businesses.



I believe that coaching is not about simply giving you techniques for improvement
because this is way too superficial.
Coaching is a more complicated intervention that brings you benefits on two
distinct levels compared to going through this process on your own.

  1. By talking to a coach, you get to the root of your challenges. A major part of that passion is the way I love to interact with people and listen to them deeply. You know how they say that no one truly listens or cares. Well, I do. When I see someone, I want to understand everything about them: why they are doing what they are doing. This is the centerpiece of my coaching practice. First,I make you comfortable sharing these things with me. And thenI ask a lot of questions. Oftentimes, just by asking a lot of questions, I help you uncover core problems within your personality that trigger behaviors you want to change. You also feel the immediate therapeutic effect of being heard out.
  2. I gently guide you towards well-thought-out solutions. I’ve also always been an analytical guy. Not only does it mean that I understand you deeply, but it also helps you understand life principles and techniques for improvement on a very deep level. I guide you in a very organized and effective way rather than just throwing a bunch of unrelated techniques at you.

As a result, you’ll make long-lasting changes to your character rather than end up with a bunch of techniques that you only apply sporadically.


  • I’m a Tony Robbins-certified coach. 10+ years of involvement in self-help and self-development.
  • I speak three languages. I’ve been a founder or co-founder in 5 businesses.
  • I do live events and coaching sessionsin Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Moscow, Russia.
  • I’m also available for coaching sessions online through any app you prefer such as Skype, FaceTime, or Whatsapp.


  • I serve my clients by making their day-to-day lives happier, wealthier, and more fulfilling.
  • I appreciate every client for the privilege to be able to touch their lives.
  • I make sure each client feels better after interacting with me.
  • I give my 100% to each client because it’s better to serve one human being very well than serve 100 people poorly.
  • I work with you until you get results.
  • I love what I do because this is my calling.